Should you have a 15-Minute Non-Surgical Nose Job? What you need to know.

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Many people seem unhappy with the appearance of their noses.  For some people, it’s the size of the nose or nostrils that bothers them. For others, its the length, shape, tilt or direction – or the ‘bumps.’  So the non-surgical nose job (known as a liquid Rhinoplasty OR non-surgical Rhinoplasty) is a fairly frequent request from patients these days.  Yet cosmetic injections may NOT be able to address all nose concerns. This leaves Rhinoplasty nose surgery as one the most popular cosmetic surgery procedures requested in Australia.

But what if the reason you want a better nose is relatively minor….or you’re not quite sure you want a Rhinoplasty surgery procedure that is relatively permanent? Or what if  there’s still noticeable asymmetry after surgical nose reshaping?


Non-Surgical Nose Job: Liquid Rhinoplasty using Dermal Filler Cosmetic Injections

The liquid rhinoplasty is an option for some patients, and involves dermal filler injections and other cosmetic injections to enhance or slightly reshape the nose appearance. It remains an alternative to Rhinoplasty surgery although it may not be suitable for every patient’s nose.

  • With a skilled injector, a liquid rhinoplasty using cosmetic filler injections can possibly help improve the nose appearance.
  • However, some nose reshaping requests cannot be remedied through cosmetic injections to the nasal area.
  • But as with any serious medical treatment or injecting procedure, there are risks involved.
  • With a liquid rhinoplasty, the risks include the vascularity near the eye area.


That’s why it’s so important to choose a talented and experienced Non-Surgical Rhinoplasty professional. Call us on (03) 8849 1444 to find out more.

  • A senior injecting doctor and/or a senior injecting clinician are likely to have more experience than a fairly new injector.
  • Senior level injecting status typically means having 15 or more years experience, and regularly attending cosmetic injecting training at an advanced level.  New injectors lack this necessary experience and should never be chosen for cosmetic injections, because even for relatively safe procedures, you want to be sure you’re in the right hands.
  • A good injector who focuses on sterility and patient selection can help minimise, but not fully mitigate, your injecting risks.  So be sure you understand them before consenting.

A junior injector is NOT recommended for cosmetic facial injections, especially for this procedure. Go for QUALITY over PRICE or you could be risking your safety.

So DO your research and only choose a seasoned Injecting Clinician for your non-surgical nose job; as there are risks of injecting near the nose bridge area as it’s so close to the eyes.

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For some people, considering the latest NON SURGICAL Nose Job using Injectables (Dermal Fillers or Volumisers) might be an option instead of a Rhinoplasty (or to enhance the results after surgery).



Non-Surgical Rhinoplasty: What is a 15 -Minute Nose Job?

A nose job without surgery is a potential option for some patients who want a non-surgical procedure with little down time, but it primarily suitable for only a SMALL percentage of patients who are dissatisfied with the shape, length, size, width or tip of their nose.

Nose reshaping is serious business, whether surgical or otherwise. That’s because the nose is a very complex structure and central to the appearance of the face and even eyes (the nose bridge impacts the overall appearance of the upper face). If you want to meet with one of our team’s top injectors with decades of experience in using dermal filler or anti-wrinkle solutions for feature enhancement, phone (03) 8849 1444 or send an enquiry form.

Cosmetic enhancements to the nose must aim to avoid interfering with nasal functions.

  • So whilst a Liquid Rhinoplasty using injections sounds great and may suit some patients, it’s really important to know the pros and cons of this technique.
  • These include the limits of a non-surgical nose job or Liquid Rhinoplasty, the risks involved, and the importance of choosing only a highly-experienced Injecting Clinician/Injecting Doctor or a FRACS Plastic Surgeon for your surgical nose reshaping procedure.


If you are keen to shop for discounted cosmetic injection treatments, especially for nose reshaping using filler injections, you could be putting yourself at high risk.  

This is because injecting the nose area is an even more complex procedure than many other injectable treatments. This is due to the anatomy of the face and nose and the blood flow near the eyes.

So whilst “liquid’ nose reshaping might suit some patients, many patients who are unhappy with their noses may still require a surgical procedure – rather than an injectables approach or a “15 minute liquid nose job” – to attain the results they are wanting to accomplish.

Plus, if you look at longevity of the procedures, you’ll get longer lasting results from a surgical Rhinoplasty than you will a non-surgical Rhinoplasty that might need to be repeated every few years or even potentially more frequently.

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Rhinoplasty Surgeries & Liquid Nose Jobs: Why they are popular.

Noses vary quite naturally from person to person in terms of their relative shape and size. But sometimes a person’s nose is enough to drive them to distraction. If your nose is seriously bothering you or interfering with your confidence levels, or leads you to being teased, call us to see how we can help: (03) 8849 1444.

Common reasons people want to reshape their nose through a Liquid Rhinoplasty or Surgical Approach: 

  • Some noses are naturally bumpy or large and some become crooked or bumpy due to injury
  • Other noses simply don’t complement the rest of the face
  • Sometimes noses are so identifiable – in terms of heredity – that some of us feel we want more individuality
  • And for some of us, our noses are so distinguishing a feature that the other features – eyes, smile or cheeks – get overlooked
  • Some of our noses are so distinguishable they leave us vulnerable to other’s rude comments or even bullying

liquid rhinoplasty - cosmetic dermal filler injections nose reshaping without surgery

Noses: One of your most prominent Facial Features

Because the nose is such a prominent feature, it’s one of the key features people seek to change – surgically – when their noses are seen as NOT complementing their appearance or as NOT being in balance with their other features.

Your nose often defines your face from at least three angles – front, side and three-quarters view.

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What is a non-surgical Rhinoplasty (nose job)?

Non-surgical nose job (non-surgical Rhinoplasty) is performed using Injectables and muscle relaxants to shape and contour the nose. It can sometimes be a useful procedure to help smooth out a nose bump, reduce asymmetry or change the appearance of the nostrils, slightly. Find out what a liquid nose procedure can do for you by asking to meet with one of our Injecting Team members who performs non-surgical rhinoplasty (the liquid nose job) by phoning (03) 8849 1444.

The Injection Rhinoplasty: What you need to know

A non-surgical nose job, also known as Injection Rhinoplasty or a “15 minute nose job” (it actually takes longer) is primarily a cosmetic procedure. It’s non-surgical but it’s still serious, and there are risks you’ll want to understand before proceeding.

  • Because of the risks of a “Liquid Rhinoplasty” procedure using injections, it is NOT something you want done by a less experienced injector.
  • It is best performed by a qualified Injecting Clinician/Doctor or Surgeon who has extensive facial injection experience.

The nose is SUCH an important facial feature, and the risks of injecting are such, that we believe you should NOT risk choosing an Injector based primarily on cost or discounted pricing. It’s just not worth it!

  • Be sure to ask about risks and complications before undertaking this procedure
  • Avoid discount injectors as they may lack adequate experience in these complex facial procedures (very often, you’ll get what you pay for)

A ‘liquid Rhinoplasty’ uses Injectables or Fillers to correct for some nuances but is not suitable for significant changes and there are numerous risks

A liquid Rhinoplasty may be suitable for some patients in order to correct functional problems with the nose, such as minor breathing difficulties or to balance out the features of a face.

injections to the nose to reshape the nose - liquid rhinoplasty

How long does the Liquid Rhinoplasty (Non-Surgical Nose Job) last?

The results of a liquid Rhinoplasty can sometimes last longer than other types of filler treatments.

  • Some patients may keep their results as long as 2 to 3 years.
  • This is because unlike other areas that are commonly injected, the area where the nose shaping fillers are injected doesn’t typically move as much as other areas of the face – and it often has less blood flow.

A Liquid Rhinoplasty may even be a good trial procedure to see what your face would like like with a different nose shape, prior to undertaking the longer-term solution of a Surgical Rhinoplasty by a Plastic Surgeon.


Risks of a Liquid Rhinoplasty (Injectables Nose Job)

Despite it’s many positives (less down time than a surgical Rhinoplasty and usually less expensive at the start), there are numerous serious risks associated with LIQUID RHINOPLASTY procedures. These risks are likely heightened if this complex procedure is performed by an inexperienced injector.

 Risks of the Liquid Approach to a Nose Job include but are not limited to:

  • blindness
  • necrosis (skin dies due to a blocked artery)
  • brain injury (injecting into an artery)
  • skin problemsnose job melbourne

That’s why it’s so important to choose your Injecting Doctor (and Rhinoplasty Surgeon) very carefully.

In addition, not all patients are suitable for a injectables-only approach to Nose Reshaping.

Most people who are unhappy with their noses require Rhinoplasty Surgery or a Rhinoplasty Revision Surgery to get the nose they’re wanting.

Non-Surgical Rhinoplasty by the right Surgeon may sometimes help the following types of nose concerns

resting bitch face - what does it mean

  • Small Bumps on the Bridge of the nose and a more refined nasal tip
  • Remedying a nasal tip that droops, protrudes or is very large
  • Breathing problems due to irregularities within the internal nose structure (such as a deviated septum)
  • There are dents, depressions or grooves that you wish to improve
  • To augment the bridge or help fill depression areas in the side wall of the nose

Non-Surgical Rhinoplasty can NOT help with the following types of noses:

  • Noses with large humps
  • Large noses where nose size reduction is wanted
  • Noses with significant asymmetry
  • Noses that need a tip reduction

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Are Non-Surgical Nose Job painful?

With the right Injecting Surgeon, Non-Surgical nose jobs are typically not extremely painful.

In fact, one of the reasons why non-surgical nose jobs are becoming trendy is because – in the hands of a highly skilled Injector Surgeon – they have minimal pain for most patients.  The liquid rhinoplasty is often performed using a combination of numbing cream or numbing injections first, so you’ll feel very little, if anything, as the injections are administered by a highly skilled Injector Surgeon.

How is the non-surgical nose shaping procedure actually done?

Liquid Rhinoplasty: There are four key steps for this surgery:

  1.  The nose is numbed with local anesthesia and/or numbing cream
  2.  A temporary-filler-solution ‘filler’ solution and/or anti-wrinkle injectables solution is prepared by an Injecting Surgeon
  3. The filler or muscle-relaxant is strategically injected in certain areas of the nose – some massage the filler as soon as it has been injected, so as to mold the shape of the nose – but this depends on the techniques used
  4. Your Injecting Surgeon may use a different strategy

The filler is in injected in different areas of the nose to achieve a desired shape enhancement result.

It can help hide a small bump on the nose bridge, or help raise (augment) the nose bridge height – or even change the shape of the nose tip.

The procedure gives results faster than a nose job surgery, but may not suit patients with extensively large or misshapen noses.

non-surgical rhinoplasty liquid nose job

Do Non-Surgical Nose Fillers have any risks and side effects?

The choice of filler (or multiple types of fillers) for this procedure is extremely important in terms of outcomes and patient safety.

Fillers have been used for decades to correct minor nasal deformities; as well as off-label use of dermal filler products or as approved for nasal injections.

Some physicians promote the use of permanent injectable fillers like silicone, but our Team believes these create too much risk and that temporary fillers are better. So injectors will use the fillers with a temporary-filler-solution bases which are quickly and safely adjusted or removed.

Complications that might occur after a non-surgical rhinoplasty include:

  • Redness (usually disappears after a few days)
  • Swelling and bruising sometimes occur – this slowly subsides over time
  • Tenderness
  • Nasal skin damage is a possibility but a great injector can assist
  • A lumpy or asymmetrical appearance or unsatisfactory outcome

These problems are sometimes associated with inexperienced or unqualified injectors, or the injection of large quantities at one time.

Your choice of injector is paramount for a great result from a non-surgical nose job (injection Rhinoplasty).

Why is it a good idea to go for do a 15 -Minute Non-Surgical Nose Job instead of Rhinoplasty?

  • A non-surgical nose job is not always suitable for some patients, but may be a great alternative for patients who want to change their nose look in a minor way
  • It’s often less expensive than a surgical procedure but unlike a surgical procedure, needs to be redone after 9 to 15 months
  • Non-surgical nose job have noticeable results that improve both your appearance and your self-esteem
  • These results, however, will be far more subtle when compared to results produced by nose surgery

non surgical rhinoplasty liquid nose job safety

The 15 -Minute Non-Surgical Nose Job – Summary

  • Nose fillers are temporary and sometimes reversible
  • Less time consuming and less down time compared to a “Nose Job” Rhinoplasty Surgery
  • Slightly more affordable but less effective for major nose size and shape problems

When are you NOT necessarily a good candidate for a 15 minute Rhinoplasty?

  • If you want to significantly alter the size, shape, length or tip of your nose
  • When you want a more long-lasting result (liquid Rhinoplasty procedures are temporary)
  • When you have a significantly large or crooked nose
  • If you have more than one area of concern regarding your nose or your breathing
  • If you want extensive Revisional work done on your previous nose surgery
  • When you have a medical condition that would not be conducive to using injectables, such as an allergy
  • If you’re afraid of the potential risks of a non-surgical nose job
    • If you choose the wrong injector or something goes wrong with a Liquid Nose Job, the consequences are quite serious
    • With the wrong injecting strategy or if something goes wrong, because of the facial anatomy, there is even a risk of potential blindness
    • Always choose a highly experienced injector who has extensive experience performing these newer, complex and high-risk procedures

If you want to investigate reshaping or resizing your nose, visit one of our Rhinoplasty SPlastic Surgeons and have a thorough consultation. You can even ask for VECTRA 3D imaging (ask the Patient Care Coordinator for more details) or attend one of our FREE events.

Book your Initial Consultation to see if you’re better off with a Rhinoplasty or Injections. Send an Enquiry form today or phone the Patient Enquiries Team on (03) 8849 1444.

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