Natural looking fuller lips versus puffer-pout – flattering not fattening

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Flattering not fattening

You’ve all seen the puffer-face look of someone who’s had just a bit too much enhancement with injectables, implants or fillers.

And despite the Kardashian’s loving a fuller pout, you’ve probably seen some celebrities getting harassed online about going ‘a bit too far’ (or a lot too far) with their lip augmentation — e.g., having “a duck face” look.

Puffer fish lips versus natural looking lips

Most BAD LOOKING “lip jobs” are the result of over-zealous injectors, or clients who want a larger pout than suits their faces.

How can you avoid that?

According to Coco Ruby Skin & Anti-Ageing Injecting Nurse Sandra & Dr Tina Purdon (Hawthorn), it all comes down to selecting an experienced Injector who (a) only uses quality products and (b) insists on a custom yet slightly-conservative injection strategy.

“You can always add more, to a point,” says Sandra Wallace, “but it’s difficult to go backwards.”

In our Senior Injecting Nurse’s recent blog on using a “light touch for natural looking results,” she states the same. “Injections can end up making younger people look older than they are,” she said. “Most patients really just want a natural-looking enhancement, maybe just a bit of balance added. But every patient’s different. But if someone gets a pleasing result, they can think ‘oh a bit more next time’ – sometimes that’s appropriate, but other times it can leave them looking ‘over-enhanced’.

Senior Injector Nurse Sandra also agrees.

“Some people might look great with fuller lips,” she notes, “but it’s definitely not for everyone. I always aim to get my patient the best result for what they’re wanting; and find that often, a slightly-conservative approach, means they’ll get subtle yet pleasing, result.”

So Subtle You’ll Look Twice, but Noticeable enough that You’ll Notice You Look Better

A good lip augmentation or shaping treatment can even be enhanced by makeup, but it should look nice make-up-less as well. It can really help boost the facial appearance or create more balance between the upper and lower lips (some patients have great variance or very thin lips).

If you look at this image of a patient who wanted — and came away with — a natural looking enhancement result, at first glance, an untrained eye will have to look twice to notice the enhancement.

It’s subtle (as it should be) but will look even better with make up on. And in the whole-face view, which we’ve not publishing here as she prefers we keep her identity private, the overall effect is very pleasing. (Note that individual patient results vary and that lip augmentation is not a permanent result.)

What lip fillers do we use?

Dermal fillers used to plump the lips are usually the same fillers that are used in other areas of the face to increase volume or fill in deep lines and creases.

We are not permitted to name actual brands, but we only use high quality fillers as well as trusted quality brand muscle-relaxant injectables.

Fillers (“dermal volumisers”) consist of a thick hydrating fluid that is naturally found in our connective tissues of the body. This is a non-animal, scientifically stabilised product, which also contains a local anaesthetic to reduce discomfort and inflammation during the injecting process.

PLUS, we apply a numbing cream to your lips approximately one hour before your treatment.

What can lip fillers do for your appearance?*

Thin lips can leave a person looking angry, terse or tired.

Lip fillers, used properly, can slightly plump your lips. This increases them in size or helps slightly adjust their shape.

Slightly fuller lips often give a more youthful and pleasing result to the overall facial appearance. *But this always depends on the individual, and plumper lips may not suit every single client. One size (one injecting strategy) does not fit all.

Lip fillers are often used to correct lip asymmetry, or to help define the lip border — or differentiate the size and shape of the top and bottom lips.

Existing lip contours MUST be taken into account by our Injector to get a natural looking facial enhancement.

Lip plumping isn’t permanent – but how long do lip fillers last?

*Every patient is different, but in general, the results from lip plumping using fillers usually lasts between 9-12 months.

If a high quality product is used in the right way (by a highly trained practitioner), then typically  you should only need your lips injected once a year.

Muscle Relaxants for Lips are also sometimes used

Some people have a smile that they simply don’t like – it might be lopsided, or slightly turned down or showing a lot of upper gum. Injection treatments can sometimes help.

If your UPPER lip curls under when you smile:

A small injection of a muscle relaxant injectable along your upper lip can help stop your upper lip from curling under when you smile. This is an alternative to lip fillers for patients who have substantial lip volume and shape in a non-smiling expression, but who’s top lip disappears whenever they smile.

What makes for a quality injectable experience and a natural looking outcome?

Read our Blogs including our Senior Injectors blog on “Why Less is More (How Injectable Overuse Can Leave People Looking Older): and “Five Things to Know about Injectables and Makeup” and “Five Fibs About Fillers”  and Senior Injector Sandra’s blog on “A Faster Facelift: The Liquid Alternative.”

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