Natural Looking Filler Injections: The SKILL of your Injecting Clinician is EVERYTHING

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Injectable cosmetics and HOW TO GET Natural Looking Filler Injections.

Why Natural Looking Fillers are So Elusive and Why Celebrity Fillers Go Wrong at times

People sometimes fall in love with their filler injection treatments. The ‘love of fillers’ sentiments exists primarily because of how well fillers can reshape a face or refine a feature to improve one’s appearance. But over-filling is a common syndrome that’s more commonly known as “dermal filler fatigue.”

  • Too much dermal filler is technically called “over-volumisation” of the face
  • It typically occurs in the area of the lips or cheeks and sometimes the brow or temples
  • Great filler strategies can reduce ageing and improve the face, but too much filler can leave people looking grotesquely out of balance and even older than they were to begin with

A great cosmetic injector will go slowly, use a little at a time, and educate you about their injecting strategy.

A bit of volume can go a long way to subtly enhance the face and reduce one’s signs of ageing.  

So a bit of dermal filler injections is a good thing for patients with specific feature concerns, eye bags or uneven features. And toxins are also a good way to relax frown lines and reduce a gummy smile.

Yet why do so many celebrities and others get it wrong and end up being over volumised in their lips or cheeks or temples?

natural looking filler injections, celebrity fillers gone wrong, over filling lips with dermal fillers or cheeks

Conservative is Best for Cosmetic Injections and a Natural Looking Enhancement

If you or your injector isn’t conservative with cosmetic facial fillers, it’s easy to think ‘more is more.’ You can readily end up looking ‘over filled’ and – well – unnatural – and out of facial balance. It’s a medical substance, not a fashion purchase – but having too much filler is far more visible socially than buying far too many shoes!  That’s why choosing your cosmetic injector carefully is SO important. You really DON’T want to fall for cheap, inexperienced or over zealous injecting clinicians.  Be careful who you choose and discuss strategy and injecting substances at every session to avoid a swap-a-roo of good filler for something less quality.

Instead of searching for cheap injections, our blog team believes you need to choose an experienced, conservative cosmetic injector.  You’ll definitely want a Cosmetic Injector who has an artistic eye for balance and facial harmony, as well as a thorough understanding of anatomy and patient safety. It’s also wise to choose a safety-conscious Cosmetic Injecting Clinician who takes pride in offering a sterile procedure AND pride in getting you a result that LOOKS great but doesn’t look ‘over done’ or ‘over volumised.’

natural looking fillers vs fake looking fillers, dermal fillers

Un-Natural Looking Fillers are too Common and give Fillers a bad rap, unnecessarily.

A bit of filler in the right place can work magic for your facial features.  But a lot, or in the wrong place, and your face can become unnatural and noticeably out of balance.  Too much cheek filler or lip filler or filler in the wrong places, and some people end up looking quite distorted or even grotesque.

Celebrity’s who Over-Love Their Filler Injections

Recently in an article in Elle Magazine, actress Courteney Cox admitted she had fallen prey to the ‘too much filler syndrome.”  So she eventually opted to have her fillers dissolved. This is not the simplest of processes. However, it is a key reason our injectors ONLY use temporary fillers and it’s a benefit of these injections that temporary fillers may be more reversible than permanent fillers.  And temporary doesn’t mean short lived – some last as long as 6 to 12 months or even longer, if the right product is used in the right place by the right injector.

The article also noted that one or more of Courteney’s friends had commented that she’d ‘perhaps gone a bit too far‘ with cosmetic injections (not an easy thing to tell a friend, is it?!).

But the question we should really be asking, is NOT how much better she looks after the treatment or in the photo in the right referenced below (if sequential), but HOW she ended up having “filler fatigue” in the first place? And how much does the angle, hair style, camera lens and lighting impact what a person looks like in a photo? 

Over Filled Cheeks – When Cheek Enhancement Goes a BIT too far, a face gets out of balance.

Too much cheek filler? Or in the wrong place? Your face may appear puffy and over-volumised in the cheek area, where proportion and balance really matter.

celebrity-filler-fatigue courteney-cox-dermal-fillers

Courteney is beautiful, with or without filler, as shown above in the photo from Elle and Pinterest.

But if the photo above is an accurate portrait of her enhancements per the article, then the balance and apex of the cheeks is not exactly right nor in proper proportion.  There are ratios to be honoured when it comes to injecting strategies and beauty, yet above all, the injector needs to consider the individual face that sits before her. And that means dynamic facial analysis as well as structure and anatomy and the patient’s concerns.

And re the photos shown in magazines, we can never be sure about photographs these days, as so many photo editing systems abound.

Beauty and Cheek Projection

High, defined cheekbones with nice curvature lines DO enhance the entire face, reducing eye bags and bringing attention to the eyes. But sadly, over-filling cheeks or lips – or injecting volume in the wrong places leads to to an unnatural apex or cheek/eyelid juncture.   This can results in the ‘filler fatigue’ type of puffy face or fish lips appearances that scare a lot of people off of fillers (unnecessarily as it’s likely up to 80% of fillers are done so subtly you can’t tell someone has had them done). Yet subtle volume improvements can take an average looking face or an uneven face and make it more attractive or symmetrical by slight adjustments of curvatures and shadows.

The over filled look in the photo on the left, however, does indicate that her cheeks are a bit over volumised but at the same time, she has a different expression in the photo on the right, and her hair is covering more of her cheeks. 

Celebrity Filler Fatigue less is more with dermal filler Courtney Cox in Elle magazine photo from PINTEREST


Less is DEFINITELY More when it comes to fillers.

A minor filler injection can go a long way to getting a good result, but too much looks fake or distorted

What had her looking over-injected in the first place was, according to our blogging experts, likely the tendency that both injectors and patients have in falling prey to the ‘more is more’ philosophy rather than the ‘less is more’ promise. And “less is more” has never been more applicable to cosmetic treatments than to injectable cosmetics and related beauty strategies.

Whether she insisted on additional filler beyond where she looked good, or whether her injector simply used too much, the wrong type of filler or injected too often, is something our blogging team can only guess about.

But clearly she does look better with less, only she probably would have looked great with JUST THE RIGHT amount of filler.

How to get natural looking lip or cheek enhancements with injections:


  • Start with choosing the BEST injector who takes a conservative approach
  • Longevity and quality results should be a priority over a ‘bargain’ – after all, this is medical cosmetic therapy and you’ll face your face in the mirror and in selfies every day
  • Choose an injector and clinic where sterilisation, on-brand injecting specs and other safety measures are a priority over cutting costs to offer discounts
  • You DO get what you pay for if you choose a good cosmetic injecting clinician and cheap injections are often at the expense of cutting corners at some process of the treatment procedure)
  • Ask questions to be sure your Injector knows their anatomy inside and out!

Natural Looking Cheek Filler Or Lip Augmentation Cosmetic Injection TIPS:

In addition to choosing your injector carefully:

  • Always insist on temporary fillers
  • Aim for a little bit of enhancement at a time until you and your injector feel you have the right enhancement
  • Ask to see the packaging of what you’re having injected and do your homework on the quality of the brand
  • Going back to a Cosmetic Clinic to adjust the volume of a feature, whether lips, cheeks or chin, is easier than going backwards with dilution approaches, which can sometimes be risky for some patients.

It’s far better to get an Injector who is focused on getting natural looking filler enhancements – and to ask for photos to ascertain their work BEFORE you trust them with your injections.  And again, insist on looking at the package of what they are injecting you with to be sure it’s a great quality filler and not something you’ll have trouble with down the line.

At Coco Ruby Skin & Anti-Ageing, our Injectors all pride themselves on subtle enhancements that improve the appearance but avoid looking ‘over filled’ or ‘over volumised.’ We also use only reputable, high quality brand dermal fillers for injections, but with a range of products to suit the specific area to get a natural looking, natural feeling result.

natural looking filler injections and blepharoplasty surgery

Photos sometimes LIE (Lighting, Contrast, Resolution, Angles and Expressions will all take their toll in the outcome of a photograph AND in comparison photos).

IF These are real photos and not retouched, and IF these are sequential, then indeed, she does look better in the second photo on the right in the comparison photos.

But one must also see where the hair is resting on her face (covering more of her cheek area in the photo on the right) and one must know for a fact that the photo on the LEFT was not distorted by an edit or resizing in a photo editing program. And often, that cannot be ascertained.  Also, she’s smiling closed-mouth in one photo and open-mouthed in the other.  This is known as ‘dynamic facial changes’ relating to expressions, and it WILL impact your facial filler outcomes (and your facial filler outcomes WILL be impacted by your natural expression).

natural looking fillers lip filler cheek filler augmentation natural vs fake

The key message about Filler Fatigue and the trend of Celebrities to use too much at times?

Choosing a great cosmetic injector who will be conservative, balanced, and strategic, is imperative to get a good enhancement or wrinkle reduction solution.

Fortunately our Senior Injectors at Coco Ruby are ALL about getting patients a natural look. They have tips and techniques to provide strategic enhancements using dermal filler in the right amounts and right locations to get a lovely natural-looking result and improvement in your appearance.

They are careful to avoid the exaggerated look that so many people fall prey to when they insist on ‘more’ of a good thing.

Dermal Filler is BEST used minimally in just the right places, in just the right amounts for a natural-looking enhancement or feature correction.

And that includes the Cheeks and Lips, where over-filling mistakes are readily on display.

  • Individual results do vary, and fillers can only do so much – but less is more when it comes to dermal filler injections.
  • Go slowly and get a bit of filler in one to three places, then a bit more a few weeks later after the filler injection effects become more settled or visible, than to demand a lot of enhancement in a single injecting session.
  • It requires some patience, but patience will pay off in giving you a better appearance with fewer risks of needing a revision or dissolution.

Don’t fall prey to wanting MORE MORE MORE when it comes to filler injections for your lips or cheeks.

  • Have you been the victim of wanting TOO MUCH filler (or to an injector who has over-done your dermal fillers (lips or cheeks)?
  • Do you want an honest opinion about your best corrective approach or filler options?
  • Your Injector’s skill and dermal filler injecting strategy for lips and cheeks can make the world of difference for your results, which ideally take into account your full anatomy AND expressions.

If you’re considering filler injections and want a PRO injector with decades of experience, someone who you can trust to get a natural looking outcome – schedule a no-obligation cosmetic injecting consultation with the Coco Ruby Team.

Just send in an enquiry form today or phone us on (03) 8849 1444.  And remember, a little bit of filler goes a long way – and less is more with filler injections.  

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