Liquid Facelifts: How Good Are Cosmetic Filler Injections for People in their 50s?

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Liquid Facelifts: How Good Are Cosmetic Filler Injections for People in their 50s?

My First Anti-Wrinkle Injections Treatment Experience: What it’s like to get a Liquid Facelift

Here I was, at 53, and still a virgin.  An Injectables virgin, that is.  I’d heard of “Liquid Facelifts” but initially wasn’t really sure what they actually were or if they really worked.

Gravity, however, was working against my anti-ageing regimes in my 50s in a way I hadn’t anticipated when I first began to look after my skin at the age of 23. I’d used all the best in skin care products and gave myself regular masques and topical facial peels, but apparently these only go so far when your skin ages.  That’s because your face starts losing volume – the skin sags due to lost collagen fibres and strength, and even the bones of the face atrophy.

Lost volume in the face (temples, mouth and cheek areas in particular) along with sagging facial skin is extremely ageing to the overall appearance.

And what ageing skin often means is this: you look perennially tired, unhappy or concerned. It’s just what happens when time etches temporary facial expressions into the ever-deepening crevices of your skin.

But it was only a matter of time before the right Injecting Clinicians came along, one I felt comfortable enough with to risk injections (as I normally hate needles and the thought of voluntarily subjecting myself to needles in the face felt daunting). The Injector helped me to recover some of what I was losing with every passing year (primarily a definable jawline, elevated cheekbones and wrinkle-free skin).

Yes, time does age us no matter what our experiences.

So click below to read about my first-time injectables experience on the website, where leading Plastic Surgeons work in conjunction with a stellar Melbourne Injecting Clinician team – to provide you with head-to-toe rejuvenation options INCLUDING facial rejuvenation using Cosmetic Dermal Filler Injectables.

Click on the image link below to read Part I of the 2 Part Liquid Facelift Blog including Before and After Filler Injection photos.

UPDATE on Anti-Ageing Treatments as of early October 2016

With the facial volume restored and the forehead wrinkles increasingly kept at bay with injectables, 3.5 months after my Virgin Injectables Session I decided it was time to deal with the textural issues of having ageing skin. I wanted something to reduce the visible pores, fine lines and generally lack-luster looking skin that was starting to sag (okay, it was genuinely sagging now and needed help).

Read about the DOT Therapy blog to see what using fractional laser (CO2 LASER) technology is like with a DOT THERAPY treatment.  And stay tuned by subscribing to our newsletters (Send an Enquiry below) as I journey through an early 50s rejuvenation plan that MIGHT end up including an eyelid lift (Blepharoplasty), a facelift, a neck lift and Dermapen Microneedling treatments to firm up and tighten the skin.

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