Is Liposuction Surgery My Best Option?


Is Liposuction Right for Me?

“Is Liposuction Surgery my Best Option?”

Liposuction surgery (known as Lipo) is a common performed procedure for women and men who are seeking to reshape their bodies and remove unsightly bulges.  But as with all cosmetic surgery procedures, you’ll want to explore the benefits and risks in detail before you decide it’s your absolute best option for body contouring, thigh reduction or belly-bulge taming.


Is Lipo the best operation for reducing stubborn fat stores?

is lipo the best option for fat

People often ask me if liposuction is the correct operation to achieve their desired body shape.

  • there are non-surgical and surgery-based options for fat reduction & body contouring
  • results from liposuction can vary from patient to patient (so can healing)
  • not everyone is a great candidate for liposuction surgery

So I have three simple questions I always ask when consulting to help guide my patients as to whether they should consider liposuction surgery as one of their best solutions.

What makes a good liposuction candidate?

Here are the questions that I ask patients during a patient consultation for Tumescent Liposuction (body contouring) procedures.

remove fat with liposuction best option surgery lipo

Liposuction Surgery Question #1

Do you have areas of fatty tissue that seem to never budge regardless of lifestyle, exercise and nutrition?

The patients who are most thrilled with their results have liposuction surgery on stubborn areas of fat around the torso, upper arms and thighs.

To assess if YOU’RE a potentially good candidate for liposuction body contouring surgery, ask yourself these questions:

  • Do you live a generally healthy lifestyle?
  • Are you a non-smoker?
  • Do you maintain a stable weight and consistent BMI?
  • Is fitness part of your life, but you find you just can’t beat those bulges?

If you answer YES to these questions, liposuction surgery may be a great solution to help you get the body contours you’ve not been able to attain at the gym or walking trail.

What do I mean by the term  “stubborn areas” or “stubborn pockets of fat”?

Stubborn fatty deposits are those regions which do not seem to slim down regardless of how hard you train, or how much weight you lose.

  • In women, stubborn ares of fat are most typically around the thighs or abdomen
  • In men, stubborn areas of fat tend to accumulate on the abdomen and/or chest.


Liposuction can help to permanently reduce the fat from these stubborn areas.

Further, should you gain weight in the future, it sometimes tends to be more evenly distributed across the body rather than more prominent in your ‘fat-prone’ areas.

Liposuction Surgery Question #2

Are you within a few kilograms of your “happy” weight?

What do I mean by happy weight?  It’s a weight that your body tends to stabilise at.

We live in a social environment where the pressure to look a certain way is higher than ever.  Glossy magazines, Hollywood, TV and, most of all, social media are constantly presenting us with images of beautiful people, often scantily clad.  This can give people incredibly unrealistic expectations of what their body shape and weight should be. For the moment, put all that aside.  Forget the airbrushed images of impossibly beautiful, unblemished bodies in exotic locations. Let’s get real.

Are you close to a healthy weight that you would want to be, realistically, for the rest of your adult life? Are you within, say, 5kg, of that weight?

liposuction and body weight and BMI

Liposuction surgery is designed for creating beautiful contours and removing relatively small amounts of fat from stubborn areas.

That is, it is a surgery for shaping the body. It is not good for debulking large fatty deposits. For this reason, I often prefer to call it liposculpture. Thus, you will only be happy with the result if you are pretty close to the size, weight and Body Mass Index (BMI) that you want to be.

At this point, it should be emphasised that maintaining a healthy diet and lifestyle is of paramount importance.

  • In my opinion, you should never “go on a diet”.
  • You should instead seek to create an enduring lifestyle where you eat foods that promote well being (and limit naughty things).
  • We all need a little dessert or crave a cheeky cocktail now and then, but you have to sensible. These are all high in calories and sugar, and low in nutrients. So keep these limited to very special occasions only (and no, finishing for the day on Monday does NOT qualify as a special occasion).
  • It is also essential to keep active.
  • Find activities that you love so it’s not a chore to do them; go for long walks along a track you like, have a gym buddy, join a regular group at the local tennis club – whatever keeps you going back.

All that said, if you are eating well and keeping fit but are unhappy with certain aspects of your body, then liposculpture using tumescent liposuction can often help get you to where you want to be.

lipo to remove fat with liposuction best option surgery lipo

Again, Liposuction Surgery is NOT a way to drop kilograms or to compensate for bad lifestyle choices or lack of fitness.  To get the best results, you also need to have a healthy lifestyle AND healthy, resilient skin.

Liposuction Surgery Question #3

Has your weight been relatively stable for at least 6 months?

This question is very important. Liposuction is for patients who weight is pretty consistent over a considerable length of time.

We all have periods where our weight goes up and down. My last relationship break-up, I gained over 15 kilograms from giving up regular exercise and eating way too much comfort food, so I totally understand how easy it can be to gain weight and how hard it can be to fight your way back to being healthy.

So, if you are in a period where you are gaining weight, or losing weight, then liposuction surgery is not a good idea. You need to get to your happy weight, or close to it, and maintain that for a long period of time.


Why is having a stable weight important?

Because liposuction works by carefully removing fat from the areas where your body has a tendency to hold onto fatty deposits.  If these areas are changing (that is, if these areas are growing or shrinking), then Lipo cannot possibly give you a predictable result.

My suggestion:  Get to a point where your weight is always around a number you are pretty happy with, then we can work on the areas that bother you and you have the best chance of getting a shape with which you’re thrilled.

Liposuction may NOT be the solution for excess skin after weight loss or bariatric surgery

Lipo is also not the best option for post-weight loss patients who have lost a lot of weight (such as after Bariatric Surgery), and who have an abundance of excess skin. Stretched, redundant skin after significant weight loss requires a surgical reduction, with or without liposuction, for contouring.

Ready to start on your LIPOSUCTION exploration in person? We are happy to help you assess your suitability for this procedure.

If you feel good about answering these questions and you’re ready to begin your body contouring surgery using proven LIPO body contouring methods, give us a call today or send in an enquiry form.

If you answered “YES” to the above questions, it’s definitely worth coming in to meet our Surgery team and let us help you get to a place where you feel more confident with your body as a whole.

Whilst surgery can’t guarantee an increase in your confidence, having LIPOSUCTION reduce those pesky body bulges can help you to feel and look trimmer, fitter and smoother in clothing as well as in swimsuits or at the gym.




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