Liposuction Surgery: 7 Things to Look for in a Surgeon


What to Look for in a Liposuction Surgeon

7 Tips that might help you choose your Liposuction Surgeon

Liposuction is a common procedure added to many cosmetic procedures, from Tummy Tucks to Breast Reductions to certain Neck Lifts. However, it is also a specialty focus for some people who perform cosmetic procedures.  Not all Surgeons are greatly proficient in all procedures, and to become proficient, a Surgeon needs very specific training in liposuction along with experience using the technique in patients.

What to Look For in A Liposuction Plastic Surgeon

Below is a short list of some questions you may wish to ASK YOURSELF as a way to help screen potential Surgeons for the position of becoming your Liposuction Surgeon.

1. The Surgeon has a vested interest in your results over time.

Find out if the Surgeon is working full-time or part-time for the clinic and how long they have been with that particular clinic. It may be the case that Surgeons who work FULL-TIME or long-term in one clinic (or who owns their own Clinic) will often tend to go the extra mile for patients; because they want to keep you happy & satisfied with your results over the longer term of time. Even a good part-time Surgeon will be devoted to precision and advanced liposuction techniques, focusing on overall body balance as well as telling you how to sustain your results over time.

You’ll know YOUR Liposuction Surgeon has a vested interest in your long term results if their advise is comprehensive AND includes specific advice about:

  • what YOU will need to do to best prepare for liposuction surgery AND
  • how to maintain your liposuction body shaping results over 5, 10 or even 20 years

Your Surgeon’s suggestions should be practical and in plain language (easily understandable). They will usually include the warning that Liposuction is NOT a replacement for a healthy lifestyle and that you’ll need to maintain a stable weight, eat healthily AND continue to exercise, for long term results.

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Your Liposuction Surgeon should also tell you what specific life change events may impact on your overall LIPO contouring results – including weight changes (weight gain or weight loss), pregnancy, menopause or andropause.

Take away messages about Liposuction Surgery

  • Your body can change a lot over time, so you will need to maintain a healthy lifestyle – otherwise you are unlikely to be satisfied with the longer-term results of liposuction.
  • Good health habits and proper weight management (sustaining a stable weight) can help you sustain good long-term body contour results after liposuction.
  • Liposuction Surgery is NEVER a replacement for exercise or for choosing reasonable portion sizes/good nutrition.

A good Liposuction Surgeon will give you CLEAR advice about what YOU’LL need to do to maintain your body contouring results that you attain from liposuction contouring surgery.

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2. Your Liposuction Surgeon has clear-cut artistic ability and an ‘aesthetic eye.’

One thing that is NOT taught in medical schools and surgery courses is artistic ability. Either your Surgeon has this, or they don’t.  You can sometimes tell if your Surgeon is artistic by conversing; and noting how aesthetically-oriented they appear to be about their results. Do they talk a lot about shaping refinements? Do they take pride in their work? Do they explain the difference between Liposuction (broad fat removal) and Liposculpture or refinement liposuction?

An Artistic Surgeon will have undertaken extensive training in cosmetic procedures, both surgical and non-surgical. Thee may include other procedures that enhance the body, face or skin.  Your Surgeon should ideally be nearly pedantic about getting BALANCES ‘just right’ – taking great pride in their work and taking great pains to measure and plan BEFORE they operate on your body using liposuction methods.

Take away message for patient’s considering Liposuction Surgery

  • Ask your Surgeon to show you Before & After photographs of their patients
  • Get your Surgeon to talk about what ‘look’ he or she will be aiming for using Liposuction surgery.
  • Some other clues to potential artistic ability might include the ability to play different musical instruments, the ability to invent new devices or solve problems with out-of-the-box thinking, the ability to draw, paint or sculpt, or a very fine eye for cosmetic injections to enhance the lips, cheeks, chin or nose or temples of an individual’s face.

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3. The Surgeon has obvious hand-eye coordination.

Perhaps it’s good to consider whether or not your Lipo Surgeon has good hand-eye coordination and a great sense of physical balance as well as an artistic eye.  Ideally choose a Surgeon who takes pride in his or her health regimes and stays healthy and fit.

Take away message for people considering Liposuction Surgery

  • Look for a sense of balance, coordination and poise in your Surgeon.
  • Ask what they think is their best quality as a Liposuction Surgery professional – and why you should choose them for your liposuction surgery procedure.

4. Cosmetic Surgery or Plastic Surgery is their primary passion in life – and their passion for getting long-lasting, satisfactory results shows through everything they say or do.

Choose someone that is obviously passionate about their profession as a Surgeon. In particular, choose a Surgeon who is also passionate about the liposuction procedure itself and has made it a primary surgical focus.

If your Surgeon is very passionate about the procedure and his or her profession as a Surgeon, then he or she will often voluntarily attend extra conferences and get additional high-level training on the procedure to stay abreast of the latest evolution of new techniques.  They may even be involved in liposuction research or training for instructing other Surgeons. That noted, you don’t want someone who rushes out to be the ‘first Surgeon’ to try a new technology that isn’t quite proven to be any more effective – or safer – than the current gold standard methods of Liposuction (one of which is Tumescent or “wet” liposuction, which is widely used by many Surgeons around the world).

Take away message for people considering Liposuction Surgery

  • Passion about a profession or surgery procedure means the Surgeon is highly focused on that procedure and likely to keep abreast of advanced methods and new technologies
  • Passion about patient safety means they will use gold standard methods and NOT rush into using the latest techniques until they are shown to be AS SAFE AS, and MORE effective than, traditional methods that with demonstrated safety and efficacy measurements.

5. Your Liposuction Surgeon is a perfectionist.

You can generally tell who’s a perfectionist – and who’s not – by what their office looks like. Is every paper in its appropriate place on his desk (or are all papers neatly filed away, showing organizational skills)?   That noted, some people are pedantic about everything else, but because they are so busy (sought after) their desk might be less organised than someone who’s less in demand. The best thing you can do is ask his or her Staff to rate him on three scales:

Ask their staff to rate the Surgeon on:

  • perfectionist scale 
  • pedantic scale
  • dedication to aesthetic outcomes

Try a 0 to 10 scale. Note how high their rating is AND how quickly they respond. Question anyone that has to ponder the question for too long; you need a born perfectionist who is pedantic and dedicated to quality aesthetic outcomes – and who makes it widely known he is.  The other thing you want to look for is CUSTOMISATION and pre-surgery planning.

Take away message for people considering Liposuction Surgery

  • Don’t be afraid to ask a number of the Surgeon’s staff if the Surgeon is a perfectionist or dedicated to great aesthetic outcomes
  • Note how the Surgeon goes about measurements and pre-surgery planning. Is it customised for your body and taking into account your entire physique? Or does it sound like a ‘cookie cutter’ approach to lipo?  Choose the Surgeon who places a high value on procedure CUSTOMISATION.

6. The BEFORE & AFTER LIPOSUCTION SURGERY photos give you a good visual understanding of your Surgeon’s Liposuction skills.

Every great plastic surgeon that does excellent liposuction work will have photos to prove his work.  Not everyone wants a Surgeon to show their before and afters to future patients, but your Surgeon should have at least 2 to 3 great photos that are taken from the same distance and same angles. They should also be able to connect you with a prior patient if you want to ask the patient what the experience was like, or how it was to work with that particular Surgeon.

Take away message for people considering Liposuction Surgery

  • Are there clear photos taken from the same distance and same angles of his patients, BEFORE and AFTER Surgery?
  • Are there different body types – even torso lengths – to look at in the patient photos?
  • Are there any photo’s of the results after 3 months? Or even longer?  (Bear in mind some patients lead busy lives and don’t always return for Annual Photos after surgery, as 6 month to 12 month photos are usually best to see results once surgical swelling subsides).

7. You LIKE the Surgeon and your intuition says YES.

Intuition goes a long way to giving you the best insight for choosing your Cosmetic or Plastic Surgeon for liposuction.  Surely, you will still use logic and research to make sure he is qualified and has a positive reputation that helps show his or her surgical experience. But after this, you’re going to need some right-brain techniques to make your final choice.  And your GUT is usually a great place to start.

Using intuition is that right brain technique that bridges the gap between confusion and sheer logic. How can you tell what intuition is telling you?

If you’re really torn between two Surgeons, ask yourself which one you’d prefer if you were told you didn’t have a choice – e.g., if you’re told it’s Surgeon A – What is your immediate gut response? Are the words that come out of your mouth, “Yay! That’s who I wanted!”? Or are the words you suddenly speak, “I’m not sure…”, There’s a significant difference in these two responses, and sometimes you’ll want to go for another consultation with each of your top 2 Surgeon’s before deciding.

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Take away message for people considering Liposuction Surgery:

  • First, do your research and ask to speak with prior patients
  • Consider the communication levels and mutual respect between YOU the patient and YOUR Liposuction Cosmetic Surgeon or Plastic Surgeon
  • Ask yourself if this is someone you relate well to and feel respected by – because communication and mutual respect are key aspects of a satisfactory surgery experience
  • Trust your gut instincts on whether that person’s the right surgeon for you – but don’t ignore facts and don’t ignore anything that sounds ‘too good to be true’ – if you’re promised miraculous results, choose a different Surgeon.
  • Keep your expectations realistic no matter HOW good you think the Liposuction Surgeon is at body contouring (every patient is different).

It helps to pay attention to the pre-Liposuction surgery preparation and post-surgery liposuction healing advice – and follow it.

The process of going through surgery is often more of an emotional roller coaster ride than most people realise in advance.  The advice that your Liposuction Surgeon gives you to help you to prepare for – undergo – and recover from – the Liposuction procedure, is critical for a successful, satisfactory result.  Even then, there are risks you need to take into consideration and you’ll want to fully understand those before you proceed.  So be sure your Surgeon is forthcoming about the procedure, recovery and potential risks of having liposuction surgery.

Take away message for people considering Liposuction Surgery

  • Follow all guidelines for preparing for your surgery
  • READ all of the materials and get your mind around the procedure, risks and recovery time – including bruising, swelling and time off work – BEFORE you sign a consent
  • Maintain a stable weight
  • Get as fit and healthy as you can before you choose surgery – and adopt a healthy lifestyle for the longer term
  • Be sure you follow ALL post-op recovery instructions, including wearing support garments (Compression garments)
  • DON’T Smoke (ever) – smoking will nearly always result in increased complication rate risks and increase your changes of a getting an undesirable result

Make the process of choosing a Liposuction procedure Surgeon a fun and informative one.

And whatever you do, don’t ignore any part of the entire process of choosing the correct Surgeon for your Liposuction procedure. Whatever part you avoid could be the exact reason why your choice could go wrong.

If you are looking for a Liposuction Surgeon, send an enquiry.  We’ll help you through the process of learning more about the preparation, surgery procedure and recovery time frames. We are happy to schedule a consultation for you with one of our Melbourne Liposuction procedure Surgeons.

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