Liposuction Results: Realistic Reshaping Expectations

liposuction results realistic expectations

Each year, when statistics of plastic or cosmetic surgery are surveyed across Australia, Liposuction remains one of the most popular procedures for men and women (followed by Breast Augmentation/Breast Implant procedures and Facial Procedures).  Liposuction can be undertaken on it’s own for selected patients to reduce fat stores in certain areas of the body. Liposuction results can be heart-warming to patients who have done all they can to shape an area of their body, but find the area is resistant to exercise and good nutrition alone. So if you’re a suitable patient with good skin tone and you readily maintain a steady weight and ideal BMI, liposuction surgery may be a great solution for you.

However, as people tend to have loose skin as well as excess fat, liposuction is also commonly combined with other skin reduction or skin tightening surgeries to address both stubborn fat and skin redundancy issues (skin folds).


Liposuction surgery can help improve the contours on your abdomen (waistline), hips, thighs, arms and several other areas of the body.

Whilst Liposuction Results can get you a better shape, it’s not a substitute for a healthy lifestyle by any means. It’s serious surgery even though it’s considered a minimally invasive one as doesn’t involve skin excisions.

Considering Liposuction?

What liposuction results can you expect (realistically speaking)?

To know what you can realistically expect from Liposuction requires a personal consultation with a Liposuction Surgeon.  It also helps to understand that Liposuction results can vary significantly from person to person.  That’s due to a number of key factors:

  1. body shape or physique type (body fat distribution)
  2. skin resiliency and skin health
  3. lifestyle and how this impacts your hormones and your BMI (Body Mass Index)
  4. prior life events such as pregnancy, weight change or diastasis recti (damaged abdominal muscles)
  5. adherence to surgery advice

In terms of Item 5 above, getting good liposuction results also depends on how precisely YOU follow your pre-surgery and post-surgery instructions. This includes allowing adequate time for healing, using the Rapid Recovery products we suggest, and wearing the recommended compression garments for the required amount of time

Do you need to lose weight before you Liposuction?

Liposuction is not a replacement for weight loss or healthy lifestyle habits.  Yes, many people DO need to get to a stable weight and stable, healthy BMI (Body Mass Index) before they are suitable candidates for liposuction.

liposuction results in terms of weight loss or losing weight before surgery

The diagram below shows a general overview of what body types might be suitable for liposuction and what body shapes might need additional weight loss.

If your body torso or abdomen area generally resembles a “C” diagram in the illustration below or if your thighs and abdomen resemble the “D” diagram in the illustration below, you may be a candidate for either liposuction of the abdomen and/or hips and thighs; so long as you meet other suitability requirements and have good skin health/skin resiliency.  However, if you are a “D-E” or an “E” body shape, you may actually require a Tummy Tuck/Abdominoplasty procedure or more intensive skin tightening procedure and possibly additional weight loss before being suitable for surgery.  That’s because if you reduce fat via liposuction surgery, your liposuction results will not look as good as they can because of redundant skin (skin folds).  And if you’re an E body shape, you may need assistance to lose excess body weight before body contouring surgery – perhaps even Bariatric surgery such as a gastric sleeve or bypass surgery, or gastric balloon (if so, visit or ask us about seeing Dr Arun Dhir about his unique weight management programs).


Liposuction Results: Stay Realistic

Please remember that liposuction can be a great help for the right patient; however, is NOT a miracle cure for excess weight.  It is simply a surgical body contouring tool for shaping certain parts of the body or for combining with a Tummy Tuck or Breast Reduction procedure to get a smoother result.

Body shapes differ and your height, torso length, rib cage or hip width may all have an impact on how YOUR body will appear after liposuction.

Realistic expectations and following pre-surgery and post-surgery advice are the key parts of having a successful liposuction surgery.

Plus, surgery has risks, and should not be taken lightly – so be sure you’ve tried nearly everything before you decide to have liposuction surgery or other body contouring procedures. 

But if you’ve done all you can and you know the bulge won’t budge, Liposuction surgery might be your body contouring solution.  Send an enquiry or phone (03) 8849 1444 to request your copy. You can also schedule a personal consultation in Hawthorn East, to find out if YOU are a great candidate for liposuction and what liposuction results you can realistically expect.

We look forward to hearing from you.


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