Liposuction: Can I move Fat from My Buttocks to my Breasts?

Fat transfer lipo butt to breast move fat

Liposuction: Can I move Fat from My Buttocks to my Breasts?

Buttocks to Breasts: How Fat Transfer can increase the size of your Breasts by up to a cup size

You may or may not have heard of Fat Grafting to Breasts or the possibility of transferring fat from your abdomen, thighs or buttocks to other parts of your body or face – including breasts.  But fat transfer injections to the breast area, where fat is removed from buttocks or belly or outer thighs using liposuction and re-injecting technology, may be the answer for some women who want just a little more up top. In other words, fat grafting – whilst in no way a minor procedure – can potentially move excess fat cells from your Buttocks to your Breasts.

What you need to know about the basics of Liposuction and Fat Transfer to Breasts (Fat Grafting from Butt to Breasts)

By Dr Rebecca Wyten, Plastic Surgeon who offers Liposuction Fat Transfer procedures and consultations in Melbourne, Victoria.

Liposuction Fat Transfer consultations are available with Plastic Surgeon Dr Wyten at our Hawthorn Clinic.


Dr Rebecca Wyten, who studied the latest fat transfer and fat grafting methods using Liposuction and re-injecting of body fat from one area of the body to another area of the body, is available to see patients at Hawthorn East in Melbourne.

In general, if you’re thinking about a fat transfer process, the key considerations to know before you book a consultation are:

  1. The surgery DOES require general anaesthetic.  Our Melbourne Breast Surgeons perform cosmetic surgery procedures and plastic surgery procedures in accredited Hospital facilities in Victoria.
  2. Not all of the fat injected remains in the treated area, so many patients may need more than one procedure depending on how MUCH fat they want transferred to their breasts.
  3. The Fat Grafting/Fat Transfer from Buttocks to Breasts MAY not suit every patient or body type.
  4. Fat grafting using liposuction and fat injections is best for candidates who want only a small enhancement or breast enlargement – a half-cup size increase to a cup size increase.
  5. Weight changes WILL change your result – just as with most other surgeries that involve body contouring or breast enhancement or breast lift surgery.
  6. Fat Grafting may not cost less than implants and for some procedures may be about the same or more.


The key Benefits of Liposuction and Fat Transfer to Breasts are as follows:

  • For small cup size increases or breast volume increases, a small enhancement may be all that’s needed.
  • The procedure uses your own body fat and not an implant, meaning there will not be a future need to remove and replace the breast implant.
  • If you are allergic to implants, then fat transfer may be an option for you.
  • You can shape BOTH your buttocks or abdomen AND your breasts during the same surgery session (*may vary between patients) – you can reduce buttock fat and increase your bust size, for example, using your own body cells once they are processed after liposuction.fat tramsfer tp breasts. move fat from butt to breasts

To find out more about the pros, cons and procedure risks of Fat Grafting to Breasts or of Liposuction (with Fat Grafting or as a stand-alone body contouring procedure), send a confidential enquiry form, below.

Read our upcoming blog about HOW LONG recovery from Fat Transfer and Liposuction takes or send an enquiry today (or phone 03 8849 1444).

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Our Fat Grafting to Breast Plastic Surgeon is Dr Rebecca Wyten.

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Dr Wyten performs Liposuction Fat Grafting procedures including fat transfer from buttocks to breasts for minor volume increases, or as an alternative to breast implants and breast augmentation using traditional surgery methods.

You’ll love Dr Rebecca Wyten’s caring manner and her expertise in breast augmentation and abdominal contouring procedures including Tummy Tuck Surgery.


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