Lip Plumping – Micro-enhancements of Your Smile

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Lip Plumping – Subtle Lip Enhancements using Lip Filler

Nature doesn’t always give you fantastic-looking lips.

Yet luscious lips can look amazing — so long as they’re not ‘overdone.’ One person’s ‘perfect pout’ is another’s person’s ‘puffer-fish’ kiss – so you’re wise to choose a highly-skilled injector who knows exactly what type of injectable to use, how much to use — and where to place it – to get the subtle lip enhancements YOU are seeking.


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That’s where our Coco Ruby Injectors Team (Sandra & Dr Tina) can really help. Subtle lip volume changes using injections can give you beautiful lips and enhance your overall appearance. And our stellar Injecting Team know JUST the right amount and injecting strategies to use to suit your facial features and pout preferences.

Subtle changes in lip volume using micro-injections can boost your appearance and give you luscious lips – yet still, look very natural


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Microfine Lip Injections to help plump lips are one of the most popular non-surgical facial enhancement procedures requested today.

In the hands of the right injector, you’ll end up with natural-looking, subtly fuller lips. Lips that blend well with your other facial features whilst improving the radiance of your smile (read our other Blog articles on choosing a good injector).

What’s involved in lip enhancement treatments using temporary lip fillers?

The Injection Treatment Product:

Microfine lip injection treatments by our highly experienced Injectors involves the use of long-lasting, yet temporary, fillers (created with a temporary-filler-solution, a substance that is naturally found in your body). Our injectors have several options of high quality temporary injecting brands – they will choose the one that best meets your needs. And best of all, they’ll feel like YOUR lips – not foreign (a problem with less quality fillers is they can feel ‘fake’ – but our quality injectables are soft and natural-feeling).

The Injection Treatment method:

Strategically placed, ultra-fine injections to the lips are used to help add volume to lip areas that are either (a) very thin or (b) out of balanced or asymmetrical.

Subtle lip enhancements can greatly enhance the entire facial appearance – all with no downtime and minimal pain (cooling methods or numbing cream are sometimes used pre-treatment).

  • In addition to the consultation (skin history and full facial assessment), the procedure itself typically takes under 20 to 25 minutes on average.
  • Results are nearly instantaneous – and most patients can go about the rest of their day (or evening) with zero downtime and newly luscious lips

Done properly, lip-plumping can last for 9 to 12 months and sometimes longer.

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