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FAQs about Lip Injections:

When Lip Fillers Go Wrong and How to Get a Better Smile

Along with your eyes and nose, your mouth is one of the key focal points on of your face. If you suffer from an uneven smile, thin lips (or a very thin upper lip) or a ‘gummy’ smile (where too much gum shows between your teeth and lips), lip injections and dermal fillers will meet your needs. But there are many different types of fillers for lips, and you’ll want to discuss your options with an experienced, qualified Lip Enhancement Injector.  Because the last thing you want is to end up with a ‘trout pout‘ that looks like your lips have been stung by a thousand bees! Unfortunately, a lot of people have experienced Lip injections that have gone wrong.

Fortunately, at Coco Ruby, our Top Injectors are experts in getting natural-looking long-lasting lip enhancements.

Fuller lips are popular and sensuous and can help balance out other facial features.

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For best Lip Injection results, you’ll want strategically-planned lip injections and quality lip fillers (fillers are not all the same).

So if you believe your lip shape or size is holding you back from having a balanced face or sizzling smile, our Injecting Team in Hawthorn (Melbourne) can help.

What are lip injections and what can they do for your smile?

Lip injections use temporary fillers – which are solutions to help adjust the volume and size of the mouth by enhancing the lip area.

Lip fillers are injected with micro-fine needles or cannulas (most as thin as an eyelash in diameter).

The procedure typically takes only minutes (typically under 15 minutes not excluding your pre-treatment Assessment, which can take up to an hour if it’s your first Injectables visit).

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What if you have tender lips? Do lip injections hurt?

  • Everyone has different levels of skin sensitivity when it comes to injections.
  • Fortunately, our Injectables experts are experienced in strategic injecting strategies that greatly minimise any potential discomfort.
  • Plus, they use needles and micro-cannulae that are ultra-fine in terms of size.

Our Injectors can also help you minimise any potential injecting discomfort using their special techniques.

Every patient is different, of course, and pain sensitivity can relate to genetics as well as how much caffeine you’ve had on the day or how much sleep you had (or hadn’t) the night before.  However, Our Clinicians at Coco Ruby Skin & Anti-Ageing are adept at customising treatments for maximal comfort to meet the needs of individual patients.

If you’re concerned about pain when getting your lips injected:

  • Our Top Clinicians can provide you with medical-grade numbing cream before your lip injections.
  • They can also advise you to use lip-cooling-ice-packs in our Clinic rooms, just before and immediately after your Injectables Treatment for more luscious lips.
  • These tips of our Top Lip Injecting Clinicians goes a long way in ensuring you get the BEST lip outcomes with the least amount of discomfort.

Lip treatments for better lips - plumper lips!

In addition to balancing out or reducing a ‘gummy’ smile, lip enhancements are not only a beautiful solution – they have the longevity to keep you feeling confident in your looks.  Whilst we only use quality, temporary fillers, we can help you to achieve natural-looking but long-lasting results.

Besides, whilst eyebrow shaping trends and eyebrow makeup tends to change every few years, luscious lips are always in!

What do lip injections contain?

The most popular temporary injection solutions for lips contain a temporary-filler-solution (HA). This is a substance that is also naturally found within your body.

Our Clinicians use an approved temporary-filler-solution based products specifically because they can give natural-looking yet long lasting results, without the headaches of permanent fillers (ask our Clinician’s why they feel these are best avoided for the face and lips).


In fact, the use of an approved temporary-filler-solution fillers and other types of Injectables has become so popular that it is now one of the TOP non-invasive services performed in cosmetic procedure and plastic surgery Clinics.

The use of an approved temporary-filler-solution products has the power to help restore shape and volume to your facial features AND your lips, as well as treat wrinkles, lines and crows feet.

How have Fillers and Injectables treatments changed over the years?

(And why you should AVOID cheap fillers or diluted products and see only highly experienced Clinicians).

New strategies, new lip filler solutions that give more natural-feeling results when injected properly

Our Senior Nurse Injector and our Facial Enhancement Cosmetic Physician are pleased to say that today’s strategies for injectables are more refined AND more effective than they were in their earliest decades of use (injectable treatments have been around for a LOT longer than you probably think)!

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Firstly, an experienced Clinician will have decades of facial injectables and lip filler injections experience.

They are also dedicated to upskilling (ongoing training) and staying up-to-date with the latest techniques and filler solution advances.

And they won’t over-do your lips and leave you with a ‘trout pout’!  (Read our other blog on how to avoid “Filler Over-Use Syndrome“).

A great Clinician Injecting Nurse or Aesthetic Physician will also be adamant about using only high-quality, non-diluted TEMPORARY fillers (not permanent fillers, not cheap injectables solutions and not diluted products or discount brands).

Secondly, they will be CONSERVATIVE as they start off with lip enhancements.  They will pay close attention to your entire facial structure and facial anatomy, and what you’re wanting to achieve. This helps give your face a better balance and a pleasing look – one you’ll feel great about when you see it in the mirror!  You can always add volume, but even with temporary fillers, removing volume is more challenging than having a second ‘top-up’ session for your lips.

Another change is that, in the past, cosmetic preparations mostly used collagen.  Or they used permanent filler substances or lip augmentation surgery (with substantially more down time, intense swelling and less predictable results).  But today, the use of dermal volumisers and subtle enhancements with injections containing HA or other muscle-relaxing ingredients are the standard in beauty care.

Injections for Lips: Enhancements to correct your smile and add shape, evenness or volume to your lips.

Follow along for insider tips and why lip enhancements are quickly becoming on the most requested beauty services.

Lip Filler: Top Injector tips from our Melbourne Team

The most requested lip enhancement procedure is slightly fuller lips, or more evenness in the lips.

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Correcting a ‘Gummy’ Smile

Beyond adding fullness to the lips, correcting a Gummy smile is the second most requested services.

Correcting a gummy smile involves using a muscle stabilizing injection above the lip area, in between your top lip and nose.  For some patients, to fill the lip shape, your Clinician will use lip injections to create shape to the cupids bow for a more attractive shape.

Gummy smiles are with the upper area of the gum showing or a wide horizontal exposure of gum tissue is corrected again, with certain techniques such as muscle suppressing injections to the upper lip, into the vertical columns located under your nose (philtrum), this prevents the upper lip from moving to high.

How do I know how much volume I need – and where?

  • Top injectors consider the whole person.
  • A great injector will take into consideration the philtral column or its dimple – and assess how reshaping that slightly can give you the illusion of a fuller mouth, cupids bow, vermillion and lip edges.
  • The rise of the columnella should ideally be in line with philtral column
  • The space between the lip and nasal base needs consideration and assessment from the all angles.
  • A desired shape can be achieved by manipulating the tissues around the mouth as well as the lips.

Lip injections are paired and complemented by other services, such as facial enhancement injections and wrinkle relaxers or line fillers

Injections and fillers can also be used for many other areas of the face.


  • Around the nasal folds (nasio-labial area)
  • Smoothing out lip lines and marionette lines
  • Corrective injections for shaping the chin and jowls

For a smile that looks more of a frown than an actual upturned smile, injections can also help!

  • A great injector can correct a turned-down smile by use of muscle stabilizing injections and lip fillers for added lift
  • Down-turned lip corners can occur from making repeated facial expressions during times of concentration or contemplation, or from ageing and gravity as facial collagen and facial muscles atrophy

Lip Injections gone wrong  – what to avoid with lip fillers

When lip injections go wrong, you may find yourself feeling disappointed and wondering just what happened – and how you could have avoided the undesired result.

You’ll likely also be reminded of the cruel social media comments made about Celebrity ‘lip enhancements’ that have left them with a ‘trout pout’  or ‘fish lips.’

Our Team at Coco Ruby is adamant that QUALITY brand injectables  – rather than discount brands – and CONSERVATIVE rather than OVER-AMBITIOUS,  Injecting professionals – are mandatory to get the best results and avoid the ‘lip disasters.’

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Why are top filler brands and experienced Injectors so important for best lip results?

Firstly, a QUALITY injector uses the right products and high-quality brands; and secondly, they will start conservatively.

  • It’s easier to add volume at a later time than it is remove it, even if temporary fillers are used.
  • You can always get your top Injector to build up the volume for a perfect pout – but you don’t want to end up stuck with ‘fish lips’ or other problems from an inexperienced injector or an overly-ambitious one who puts in too much (or in the wrong places).

Common prior lip injecting mishaps that new clients ask our leading Injectors to help them with include the following common lip injecting errors. 

  • Often times we see NEW clients who have had prior products and lip injections that have gone wrong with either the filler being injected too heavily, or unevenly spaced.
  • We also see clients who come in with lips that look too large or too flat, which over time will the illusion of a “synthetic” or “plastic” look.
  • Lip injections go wrong when a Clinician over fills one area, either the top or bottom lip, resulting in an awkward balance.
  • The top lip is meant to be slightly smaller than the bottom lip on most faces; but there are different preferences so be sure you discuss this in detail with your Injector.

Some professionals inject right into the soft areas of the mouth and the vermillion only, while others work their way around the entire lip.  Often, Injectors will inject into the vermillion, which gives a two part lip injection but can look synthetic over time.

Lip Injections and Fillers – Quality and Volume DO count for good results – but TOO much filler can be a very bad thing

Lip injections can also wrong if the practitioner is NOT licensed or certified and sufficiently trained in injections; and injections can go very wrong when a practitioner uses substances that are NOT approved for these types of treatments.

  • Amazing results can help prevent wrinkles and adjust lip movements to correct gummy or turned down smiles, but too much filling and injecting will make the patient look stiff and unnatural.
  • Anyone who is going to Inject these products should be highly familiar with the Aesthetic portions of the face, facial shapes and muscle structure as well as proper lip sections and product placement (strategic injecting strategies).

On other areas of the face are not immune to common injecting errors – and we see a lot of non-Injector Nurses entering the field with relatively little training. So be cautious who you choose!

  • If fillers are over-used, the result looks ‘fake’ and ‘unnatural.’
  • There is a growing trend for filler injections in the brow area to be done in a way that leaves people looking older than they are (rather than younger).
  • Any Injector who misjudges the volume or strategic placement can leave a poor injecting result or even cause permanent damage (read our other recent blogs including INJECTING DANGER ZONES).

Should you find yourself in a situation where too much an approved temporary-filler-solution filler products have been used, an approved temporary-filler-solution can be reversed with solutions containing hyaluronidase. This is an enzyme that can break down an approved temporary-filler-solution when a lump or nodule forms over an area that has been over injected or has responded unevenly to the treatment.

Like all of us, you probably WANT to look your best, or you wouldn’t be investigating lip injections or dermal fillers.

Here at Coco Ruby, we want you to feel fully comfortable with our Team and our injecting strategies – before you engage in any form of injectables treatment. Our Clinicians pride themselves on giving you honest opinions and full treatment information so that you understand what’s involved and how long the injections will last.

Our leading Injectors have over two decades of injecting experience. They also regularly upskill to keep abreast of the latest injecting techniques and product line information so they can help you get your lips right – the FIRST time (adding top-ups to increase your lip volume after you’ve had a chance to see how your new lips look). They can also help you overcome issues with previous lip injections that have gone wrong.

So schedule your consultation, bring along some photos of lip styles you prefer as a discussion starting point – and our leading injectors will assist you in developing an injectables plan to get you the lips – and facial enhancements – that will leave you smiling!

We will work together to create a lasting lip shape or size that will compliment your lifestyle and features.

Get started today.

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