After Care Guide for Lip Injections and Lip Filler


Best Tips for Lip Filler After Care – How to Care for your Lips after Lip Injections

If you’re wanting to get cosmetic injections or lip filler augmentation (such as lip filler or a “liquid facelift‘) to refresh your look, here’s a helpful list of after-care instructions.

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After Lip Injections: Lip Care Guidelines

  • Whilst we give you some general care guidelines about caring for your lips after getting lip filler injections, remember, individual lip injecting experiences can vary from person to person.
  • So, too, can your Injector’s tips for caring for lips after having filler injections.
  • So DO ask your injector for his or her special tips for lip filler aftercare.

Lip Augmentation after treatment guidelines: Caring for your lips

Disclaimer: This lip-injections aftercare information is general in nature.  It is not a substitute for medical or clinical advice; nor does it replace information you’ll be given from your personal Cosmetic Injector.


Lip Injections and Filler Injections Aftercare Guidelines

1. for Lip Filler: Planning in Advance

It’s best to plan ahead when you’re getting non-surgical treatments such as cosmetic injections to the face or lips.

  • That’s because although cosmetic injections typically have minimal downtime for most patients, it can take time to see the full treatment effects.
  • Plus, you might have a bit of bruising, tenderness or swelling to contend with, depending on how your body responds and the injecting strategy used for your lip augmentation.

Cosmetic Injections before a big event – how long do you need to plan in advance?

Typically, 3 weeks is sufficient for most cosmetic injection treatments, but we offer BIG EVENT timing tips below.

TIP: Allow enough time to heal and for any swelling or potential bruising to resolve before a BIG party or event. If you’re about to get married, be sure you avoid suddenly changing your looks – give it plenty of time to see what degree of lip augmentation suits your overall features best.  (Our Injectors and Dermal Clinicians are very adept at helping people get their skin, eyes and smiles looking radiant before a wedding! Phone (03) 8849 1400 for an appointment).

2: Don’t Expect the Initial Fullness to stay the same – and follow the lip massage instructions provided by your Injector

Not all cosmetic injectors recommend massaging lips after lip injections, but many do.

  • It can vary depending on the type or brand of filler – and on your anatomy.
  • But some of the initial lip augmentation results will dissipate in a few days, and that’s because of two reasons: there is usually minor swelling and some of the lip filler is expected to dissolve.

3: Stay well hydrated and drink plenty of plain water after having filler injections – and don’t exercise strenuously or visit a steam room for a few days after your injections!

Why is staying hydrated so important? What’s helpful to understand about dermal fillers and lip fillers:

  • Full lip augmentation treatment results often do not show up for several weeks or more after your injecting session. That’s because the temporary filler needs to bind with existing tissues.
  • Sure, you’ll see SOME results immediately after the treatment – but typically a few days or even weeks is needed before you can visualise the filler’s full results (and remember, these results can last from 4 to up to 10 months or more, depending on numerous factors.)
  • Hydration is crucial to getting a good result – because dehydration can detrimentally impact any dermal filler treatment, including lip injection results.
  • So DO drink plenty of water after having treatments.
    • Remember, dermal filler relies on drawing water to the treated cells; so stay hydrated.
    • This helps you get the full filler augmentation effects.
  • And hold off on strenuous exercises and very heated environments including steam rooms.


Swelling considerations:

  • Initial swelling will dissipate so don’t get too attached to the initial lip augmentation results.
  • The usual bit of swelling after lip filler injections may not always be distinguishable from the dermal filler results in the early days of having cosmetic injections, but ultimately you’ll see an enhancement – and especially with filler, LESS IS MORE. Subtle enhancements look better than the dreaded over-filled or over-volumised appearance (think puffer-fish lips or trout pout mouth and gerbil-style cheeks when someone goes overboard with dermal filler injections).

4: Expect a bit of soreness or tenderness which can last for several days.

Expect a gradual or minor loss of lip volume in the first few days as the initial swelling resolves, and expect a bit of soreness.

  • You might even have a few red dots (marks) that will also fade/disappear over a few days (entry points for the cannula or filler injecting needle).
  • But if you have any serious concerns – a lot of redness, swelling heat or other symptoms – contact your Clinician immediately.


5: Don’t Fly Too Soon After Getting Dermal Filler Injections

Don’t FLY too soon after getting cosmetic injections including lip filler.

Here’s why you shouldn’t fly too soon (nor exercise) just after getting cosmetic injections including lip augmentation or other facial filler injections:

  • Exercising right after cosmetic injections can impede and/or complicate your results
  • This relates partially to the movement or body temperature/body heat
  • And partially to the impact of exercise on your hydration levels (dehydration is a no-no after getting cosmetic injections).
  • Sweating on the filler or wrinkle-relaxing needle entry points – or where the cannula was used – isn’t good as it could lead to bacterial problems on the injecting site.

Why should you wait at least 2 weeks before flying after getting Lip Fillers or other Dermal Fillers?

  • Flying after muscle relaxing injections (wrinkle treatments that work by reducing muscle movement) is typically fine, but if you’ve also had dermal fillers – the best advice is to wait for a few weeks.
  • That’s because flying not only tends to dehydrate you, it often alters the pressure on your skin and other tissues.
  • Because dermal fillers attract the water in your body to help them merge with your existing tissues, to create VOLUMETRIC INCREASES (augmentation) – different atmospheric pressures – such as on planes – might lead to adverse reactions for some patients.

So DON’T FLY for at least 2 weeks after getting dermal fillers/facial fillers.

lip filler after care - lip augmentation

More Lip filler tips

How much time should I allow between cosmetic injections and a big event, such as a wedding?

  • It’s never a good idea to start a new treatment close to a big event, especially if you’re the bride.
  • Plan as far in advance as possible.  And remember, even cosmetic injection treatment results can vary from treatment to treatment.
  • Allow 3 Weeks after getting fillers for everything to settle into place.
  • But while 3 weeks is the absolute recommended MINIMUM time allowance, if it’s your first time getting treatment, or it’s for a wedding, you’re typically better off with 4 weeks or more.
  • If you are wanting to reduce wrinkles AND enhance facial features using cosmetic injection techniques, it’s best to allow at least 3 to 5 weeks of time BEFORE you want to see results.
  • Also, when it comes to feature augmentation using dermal filler, it’s better to have two rounds of cosmetic injecting sessions, to tweak the results, than doing too much at once.

Reasons to have two rounds of cosmetic injection sessions:

  • People tend to love having more shapely, voluminous lips.
  • But you don’t want to go overboard.
  • So you might be better off getting your first lip augmentation injections in two treatment rounds, not just one.
  • A secondary follow-up LIP FILLER TOP-UP injection appointment would typically occur at the 2 to 3-week mark, so then allow extra time after that.
  • An extra 2 to 3 weeks to heal from that session is typically adequate for most patients, but let your Clinician assess your risks (your first injecting sessions may give you an indication of your reaction, but reactions CAN change, also, over time and depending on a number of factors).

Remember to allow extra time before attending any big events

You’ll want to wait 5-6 weeks before attending big events to allow time for both injecting sessions and healing.

You may not need this cosmetic injection booster session (a secondary treatment), but it may enhance your results.


How to get the best results:

Remember, again, that every patient is unique, and results can vary significantly.

That’s the case with results between patients and even from one injecting session to another. But if you’ve tried a really experienced and artistic Injector, like Sandra Wallace (RN) and Jessie Anderson (RN) you’ll know that not all Cosmetic Injectors in Melbourne are equal.

  • The skill of your injector counts a lot – so, too, does the variety of fillers they have access to.
  • With a good injecting strategy and skilled injector, you’ll typically find you’ll have consistency in your augmentation results, rather than highly different results (depending on what you have done).
  • In other words, some of the cheap or discount injecting clinics may use less trained Clinicians than we insist upon at Coco Ruby.
  • The cheap clinics may also use overly-diluted muscle relaxers to offer discount injections, or cheap off-brand or counterfeit solutions. These may impede your results.
  • Also, be sure you are aware of the risks of dermal fillers before you book a session.

cosmetic injections hawthorn dermal-filler-skin-boosters-cosmetic-injections.

Lips Aftercare and Touch-Ups with Filler Injections: More helpful tips

  • Lips aren’t usually even to start, and they may not be perfectly even after filler. But,  it can help reduce some asymmetry.
  • If it’s your very first lip injecting treatment, a minor follow up “touch up” of the lips in a few weeks time, may help remedy any noticeable lip asymmetry still visible after your first injecting treatment. Again, don’t expect perfection. The sides of the face and lips are never perfectly symmetrical. Even on the world’s top-rated ‘beauty icons’.
  • Lip filler touch-ups can also plump your lips up just a tad bit more – yet still look natural.
  • Be sure you go slowly on volume increases rather than risk looking ‘over-filled’ or ‘puffer trout’ like after having lip augmentation.


Read our blog on Lip Filler Disasters and Lip Augmentation Tips.

Why don’t you get instant results after having dermal filler or lip filler injections?

  • As mentioned above, some of the lip volume increases WILL be visible immediately after cosmetic filler injections.
  • But it often takes time for the temporary facial fillers or lip fillers to integrate with your own tissues.

The more water in your body, the better the potential result. So, as mentioned earlier, stay well hydrated with water. You’ll notice the most optimal results in just a few weeks, up to a few months time depending on what non-surgical or cosmetic injecting treatments you had done.  Some results have a lovely cumulative impact, such as relaxing deep wrinkles and lines and resurfacing skin with laser or light-based treatments and facial masques.

Again, DO NOT FLY right after getting dermal filler injections. DRINK a lot of plain water in the days after getting lip augmentation filler injections.

And remember, everyone is different. Do FOLLOW your Injector’s specific aftercare instructions. Ask them any questions you have about your treatment aftercare or lip augmentation results.

The Benefits of Planning for Lip Filler Injections and other Cheek Augmentation using Dermal Fillers

We know many people leave cosmetic injections a bit too late for their big events. Sometimes, if you have a week or more, you’ll still be okay to get dermal fillers if you’re a suitable candidate for the treatment and if your Injector has assessed the likelihood of your responses.  Be sure you understand the process and potential risks. Be an educated and informed client. If in doubt, hold off until AFTER the big event has passed (makeup alone can also work wonders for some patients. But there’s little as alluring as luscious, balanced lips or perfectly prominent cheeks that aren’t over-volumised).

WHY is it good to plan ahead for Cosmetic Injections and Lip Filler BEFORE big events?

  • As mentioned above, the typical downtime after dermal filler or cosmetic lip injections is minimal, but the suggested time frames may still be a good rule of thumb.
  • Every person reacts uniquely. YOU might be fine, with no swelling or bruising at all. Or,  you might just be one of the unlucky ones who has an adverse reaction such as a lot of bruising or swelling. Be sure you are familiar with filler injecting risks.

It’s always good to allow a bit of extra time, especially if it’s your first time. And most people in the cosmetic industry agree that enhancing your looks gradually is fine. But it’s often best NOT to change your looks too drastically before a big event.

Less is more in terms of filler injection volumes, but more is more when it comes to having enough healing time before a big event.

In general, a minimum of 3 weeks to 5 weeks of healing time after lip filler and other cosmetic injections is a good suggestion for most events.

But allow longer healing time frames if it’s a one-off event such as a wedding or speaking engagement. This is especially true if you’re the bride or the featured keynote speaker!

DO have sensitive skin or bruise easily? Allow longer.

Other reasons why it’s good to have a few weeks between your Cosmetic Injections and a big event.

  • Dermal fillers take time to show their full effects. Most cosmetic injections effects start to look their best a few weeks AFTER the injecting session.
  • Muscle relaxing injections to remove lip area wrinkles or forehead wrinkles or crow’s feet, for example, take up to 14 days or longer to relax the muscles.
  • You’ll need at least 2 to 4 weeks, and longer if your wrinkles and lines are very ingrained and if it’s your first injecting session.
  • Lip Augmentation can also take a few weeks to ‘fully settle’. They may feel different or even firmer to you for the first few weeks, but they soften and feel more natural after a few weeks.

Will the cosmetic injecting results wear off before the wedding or big event?

How long do anti-wrinkle injections or dermal filler last?


Allow 6 weeks after lip augmentation injections before attending events, with a second session 2-4 weeks after the first session

  • Especially with lip augmentation and cheek enhancement, it’s better to be conservative at first rather than risk having overfilled syndrome.
  • You can always add more filler but it’s difficult to reduce filler after it’s been injected.
  • Plus there are sometimes minor complications, such as mild bruising or swelling. You’ll ideally want to have resolved before an important event or photography session.

Summary: You can’t get a cosmetic injection and expect to see the full enhancements or wrinkle reductions immediately. It takes time.

What you might expect after a cosmetic Lip Filler injection session:

  • Possible swelling and bruising
  • Allergic reactions (excessive swelling)

What to alert your Clinician about if occurs after injections:

  • Areas that become very dark or that doesn’t appear as “normal” bruising
  • Anything you’re concerned about after your injections

Is it okay to drink alcohol after getting cosmetic injections?

Partying after lip augmentation? Best not to consume alcohol for a few days before & after your lip injections

Sandra advises clients who want cosmetic injections to avoid alcohol.

“Alcohol can increase your chance of bruising,” notes Sandra. “You should also avoid wearing makeup around the lip area and forgo lipstick just afterwards, ideally until Day 3. It’s also good to avoid touching the area or at least sanitise your hands well before you do.”

Another Lip Augmentation AFTERCARE TIP from Sandra:

“Avoid hot drinks, as lip sensation may be impaired due to local anaesthetic.”

On Day 2, she notes, you can use a product such as Bepanthen antiseptic cream if your lips feel dry.


Day 3:

  • Can use lipstick /makeup but ideally fresh makeup (avoid bacteria).
  • Mineral makeup might be best as is usually low allergen.  Be sure whatever makeup you use is bacteria resistant and fresh.
  • You can still use Bepanthen if needed.
  • Then it’s your normal lip routine when all is well/settled and less tender.

Lip Filler AFTERCARE: TWO Weeks AFTER Lip Augmentation Injections

  • It can take 2 weeks for the product to soften and settle
  • You should see the ‘final’ results then. This can last for several months. About every 4 to 6 months, you’ll likely want to replenish the lip filler if you are keen to keep the plumper lip look.
  • If after 2 weeks you’ve massaged out any small unevenness and still have lip asymmetry, call your cosmetic injector. You can ask them to assess whether or not it’s a good idea to have more lip filler.

LIP AUGMENTATION tips for AFTERCARE from our Injecting Experts at Coco Ruby

  • It’s important to know your lips may be sensitive for a few days. Some patients have sensitivity for up to a week.
  • Sometimes you’ll have minor swelling or small lumps – these DO tend to even out in just a few days, and massaging can help.
  • Massaging the lips with clean, sanitised hands can be good to help the lip filler distribute well with your natural lip tissues.
  • Avoid hot drinks, spicy foods and avoid alcohol for several days as you heal, if you can.
  • If you are prone to getting cold sores (Herpes/Type 1) or other lip sores, ask your injector about prescription anti-viral medication. Take it as prescribed. It’s often several days before and after your session, as you might for  DOT Therapy.
  • Bepanthen, as Sandra mentioned also, is still a great idea.
  • Avoid wearing makeup in that area – no lipstick or lip gloss for several days after injections is typically a great idea.
  • Use a gentle, non-perfumed cleanser or sterile alcohol wipe to remove any grime (it might sting).
  • Avoid ANY perfumed cleansing products on the area. Also, don’t use old makeup around or on the lips (this is a good time to refresh your makeup kit).
  • Within about 3 days, but sometimes longer, most injection-related tenderness should have resolved and your swelling should have subsided.

Another Lip Filler/Lip Augmentation Aftercare tip:

“Sometimes people LOVE the look of the more-swollen lips and hate to see the swelling go,” our senior injector notes. “In which case, a small top-up might give you the fuller look you want.”

  • If your lips need a bit more inflation, schedule in a session again in 2 to 4 weeks and we can enhance the look.
  • But remember, less is more, and it’s better to start off conservatively than to end up looking FAKE or OVERFILLED.

Does a lip augmentation injection hurt?

We asked Cosmetic Injecting Nurse Sandra in Melbourne for her advice.

Here’s the synopsis of what he said about Lip Filler/Lip Augmentation Aftercare:

  • It really DOES depend on the patient, as well as how sensitive their skin or lips are on the day.
  • This may fluctuate for the patient due to hormonal changes, nerve stimulation, substance use or lack of sleep.
  • But we DO have numbing cream. Arrive an hour early for this and let your Injector know in advance that you’d like to do this.
  • Plus, there’s also ice packs you can use during the session to relieve discomfort.
  • Some patients find it painful, but most find it easily tolerable. The good thing about lip filler injections is they are relatively quick!
  • You may want to NOT use very active products just before and just after your lip augmentation injections.
  • Be sure you follow all instructions we give you afterwards (and beforehand).

A word about overfilling…

All of our Injecting Team at Coco Ruby note that the OVERFILLED LIP look is OUT!

They suggest getting an initial session well in advance of any big event (but not more than 2 months out). Further treatment should be scheduled 2-4 weeks after your first treatment to achieve optimal results.

Yes, maintenance lip filler injection sessions WILL be necessary if you want to keep a plumper pout. But AVOID permanent fillers no matter what.

  • “Permanent fillers give you permanent problems,” notes our Cosmetic Injecting Practitioners.
  • “They are best avoided. With temporary lip filler injections so affordable – and generally long-lasting – temporary dermal fillers are definitely the way to go.”
  • That advice isn’t limited to lip augmentation filler injections . It also works for other injections like jawline fillers, cheek augmentation fillers and tear trough fillers, and more.

Aren’t all lip filler products and lip injection treatments alike?

  • No, there are numerous brands of dermal fillers.
  • They have very different properties. Some fillers last longer, or look more soft and natural, in the lips than other types of dermal fillers.
  • Some lip fillers may feel ‘fake’ or unnatural, whereas quality fillers are known to feel softer and more natural.  Plus, you need to know HOW MUCH is TOO MUCH when it comes to lip filler injections.

Who should you choose for Facial Filler and Cosmetic Lip Injections in Melbourne?

  • There are discount injecting places everywhere, but gullible patients are finding out they’re not always what they’re advertised to be.
  • Some discount injection places use dubious injection methods in order to offer discount pricing. These include using counterfeit injectables, inferior injecting solutions and overly diluting anti-wrinkle solutions.
  • You want a lasting result, even though injections are temporary – so choose wisely.
  • Do choose a reputable firm that has genuine Registered Nurse Injectors as well as Cosmetic Doctors and/or Surgeons on hand. Don’t choose a simple beauty clinic or pharmacy.

Further Reading about Lip Filler Aftercare

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