5 Lip Filler Trends: What’s Hot with Lip Filler


5 Top Lip Filler Trends and Predictions – What’s Hot!

Lip Augmentation is now a must-have for many people – especially the social media savvy. It’s because the power of slightly fuller-looking lips is more appealing. Having a fuller lip shape not only enhances your entire face, it may even help reduce vertical lines above your lips and leave you looking younger. So if you’ve fallen in love with the idea of having slightly fuller lips, you’ll want to read on to discover the latest lip filler trends and lip beauty predictions. Before we discuss the top 5 lip filler trends and related beauty predictions, it’s helpful to know that lip augmentation is anything but new.


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History of Lip Augmentation and Lip Filler Injections

    • Even during tribal days, people found bigger lips attractive and tried all sorts of methods to ensure their lips protruded.
  • Tribes around the globe used various materials in their “early lip augmentation” attempts (many still do).
  • They put bones, sticks and other materials through their upper and lower lips. Lip augmentation also wasn’t limited to any particular gender; men and women alike were wanting bigger lips.

It seems that for many centuries, having bigger, luscious or even noticeably protruding lips was seen as enhancing beauty and attractiveness.


That noted, like other trends in facial enhancements or body art, the perceived “ideal size” of a person’s lips has varied over the decades and amongst different cultures.

  • Earlier lip augmentation, once surgery became a ‘more common option’ in the 1900s, tried injecting paraffin substances into the lips. This wasn’t overly successful.
  • Later, in the sixties, silicone substances were tried.
  • This approach to lip augmentation was later abandoned, primarily due to inconsistent long-term results and concerns about the substances in the facial area (remember, unlike breast areas, lips are simply not large enough to create a contained capsule for holding silicone).
  • Surgical lip augmentation was tried, but didn’t remain a lasting cosmetic trend; it was an uncomfortable procedure, which could lead to a lack of sensation or nerve damage, inconsistent lip shapes and other problems.

best lip filler injection techniques for older aged lips

Bigger Lips are better, but less is more.

In the 80s, big lips – and BIG HAIR – were “IN”.  So were exaggerated shoulder pads, come to think of it.  And this started more women on the path to early lip augmentation – but with variable results, the ‘bigger is better’ mentality of filler injections is about to change to bring about more BALANCE.

  • But before we look at the trends, let’s examine where we were with augmentation in the past.
  • It seems that injectable lip augmentation first became a more serious endeavour sometime in the 80s and early 90s.
  • This was shortly after cosmetic trend-setters decided that wearing LIP LINER above and around the lips to make them look larger, ended up looking more clown-like than attractive.

Temporary lip plumping cosmetic products would come and go, but the search for a lasting solution to fuller lips was on every person’s radar.


It was around this time that doctors began experimenting with injectable bovine collagen as a form of injectables lip augmentation.

  • This was, temporarily, all the rage for bigger lips. But these injected substances didn’t last as long as hoped and allergies were a big concern.
  • Allergy tests needed to be conducted and many individuals had concerns or objections to using animal-originated products.
  • All of which meant a long delay in a person’s desire for lip augmentation and being approved for actual treatment.
  • Uptake was inconsistent, meaning that repeated lip injection treatments were needed before any results might be seen if any results were seen at all (contrast this approach with today’s injectables, where you can get instantaneous lip plumping with lip fillers and lip shaping injections).

best-lip-filler-techniques - ageing lips vs younger lips

Synthetic or Animal-based Substances?  People want their own or a synthetic version that mimics a substance in their body.

Even today, it seems that many people prefer a synthetic substance that may mimic a naturally-produced substance in the human body, rather than relying on an “organic” substance that originates from animals.

It’s easy to understand why.

  • In terms of other options such as fat transfer to lips, it isn’t quite where it needs to be yet in terms of consistency or stability.  Lips are not the same as breasts!
  • Plus, fat transfer to the face involves liposuction to harvest the fat; so even it was suitable, it’s a far more complex surgical procedure than getting cosmetic injections (non-surgical lip augmentation).

Top 5 Lip Filler Trends and Cosmetic Injection Predictions

Lip Filler Trend #1: Balance Over Big

Cosmetic injections are ALL ABOUT creating facial balance – including lips that match your face rather than leading your way into a room.

  • We learned that bigger isn’t always better after the 1980s.
  • Bigger is OUT, and BALANCE is IN.
  • But many cosmetic injectors forgot those lessons when we saw far too many over-filled faces and ducky-looking lip augmentations from over-zealous colleagues.
  • The phenomenon of the ‘over-filled’ syndrome became a GO TO message for helping clients avoid injecting disasters around the globe.

The lip filler trends and predictions are that both consumers and injectors alike will be extremely wary of having too much dermal filler, the type of over-filling that leaving individuals looking grotesque rather than desirably enhanced in terms of lip shape or fullness.


Lip Filler Trend #2: Injectable Substances will be selected for their unique properties. Multiple substances may be used in different areas of the face for an overall effect.

  • Injection treatments are becoming increasingly sophisticated.
  • Plus, there’s new technology to evaluate the anatomy of the face and how enhancements can improve facial balance and ‘golden ratios’.
  • Injecting will become a highly refined skill set, meaning top injectors with extensive experience will end up with superior knowledge and injecting skills, compared to new injectors and less trained GPs

New injecting strategies and variable product choices means a good Cosmetic Injector needs to be both an artist and a scientist.

  • Individuals will become more choosy about who injects them as they realise NOT ALL INJECTORS – or products – are alike.
  • Consumers will research brands and insist on knowing what their injectors are actually using (smart patients will ask to see the box and container the products came in).
  • More precision in terms of volume and dermal filler placement WILL become the GOLD STANDARD of cosmetic injecting techniques.

Lip Filler Trend #3: Consumers will become more educated about the differences in lip filler products and facial injecting strategies; as well as more aware of the DANGERS of cheap injections.

  • Quality brand synthetic versions of naturally occurring substances found in the body will continue to be the GO TO treatment for lip augmentation.
  • The top brands will become more visible in the consumer’s mind, even though Australian law prevents clinics from advertising prescription brands of cosmetic medicines.
  • Consumer demand for top brands won’t change, but consumers WILL become more aware of the fact that better results may be attained by a highly-skilled clinician who understands how to choose the best products within any given product ranges – and those who have more ranges at their disposal have more options for refining their ‘injecting art’.
  • Consumers will also become better informed about the dangers of cheap counterfeit injection solutions or of permanent (vs temporary) fillers.

natural-looking fillers vs fake looking fillers, dermal fillers

Lip Filler Trend #4: Clinic Sterility, cosmetic injecting professionals and cosmetic injecting equipment/protocols will all become better monitored to help improve Patient-Safety.

Synthetic lip fillers have been generally well-tolerated in numerous patients, when applied by a skilled and highly trained injector who also understands injecting danger zones and differences in facial anatomy. Sanitation, sterilisation and other best practices for injectable treatments are becoming more important than ever to consumers, insurance companies, medical boards and injecting clinicians.

But in pop-up clinics that aren’t well-monitored or run by seasoned medical professionals, inadequate screening and sterilisation problems have led to complications from injections. This is the type of thing you read about in the news.

  • Medical boards will work harder to ensure that Clinicians who perform injecting treatments understand the need for proper sterilisation.
  • Beauty Clinics offering cosmetic treatments will become increasingly monitored.
  • Patients will become more savvy in knowing what to ask their clinicians about in terms of training, qualifications, sterilisation and product brands.  Patient selection techniques will also become more refined.

Lip Filler Trend #5: Natural Looking Lip Augmentation will Overcome the Over-Filled Lip Syndrome

  • Culturally and in celebrity-land, the oversized lip Augmentation will become a thing of the past (that’s our prediction, anyway).
  • Shaping of the lips will become more refined, leading to innovative facial rejuvenation or asymmetry correction techniques.
  • Dentists will start to refer patients to injectors so they can correct ‘overly gummy’ looking smiles.

And it just so happens that our Coco Ruby Cosmetic Injecting Team are highly sought in Melbourne for their natural-looking lip enhancement skills. They are highly regarded for their dedication to patient selection, precision filler placement and quality results.

Trends Summary: Lip Augmentation will still be BIG – but less will be more.

Lip Augmentation is here to stay. But consumers will demand greater finesse, not only in how injectables are used for the lips, but in how they are combined to enhance, rejuvenate and refresh the entire facial appearance.

over-filled-lip-augmentation-injections-avoid-them; lip filler trends and beauty predictions 2018

Modern Day Fillers and Beauty Predictions

Why Not EVERYONE is a good candidate for lip augmentation

Despite the popularity of lip filler injections, our Injecting Clinician Sandra Wallace reminds us that NOT everyone is a suitable candidate for lip augmentation.

“Remember,” says Sandra, “it’s your entire face we look at, not just your lips, when we evaluate your suitability for dermal filler treatments. It’s not just one feature that determines your suitability for filler enhancements. It’s how your features work together. We consider the effect that enhancing certain features, like your lips or cheeks, will have on your overall facial appearance and feature balance.”

“This requires a solid understanding of beauty concepts and facial anatomy to get it right,” continues Sandra. “When it comes to lips, the last thing you want is looking ‘ducky’ or over-filled. And that comes down to the skill of your injector.”

“You must carefully consider the entire anatomy of the face before injecting,” Sandra, affirms.

“You need to know when a bit more is simply, a bit too much. We pride ourselves on natural-looking, facially balanced injection strategies. Plus, at Coco Ruby, we insist on using only top quality injectable and filler brands that are designed to be long-lasting.”

temporary fillers, temporary facial fillers vs permanent facial fillers vs permanent fillers Lips augmentation

Top-up injections are typically needed every 4 to 6 months, on average, but sometimes lip filler lasts even longer. Ask us for more information on our lip filler brands during a consultation at our Hawthorn East clinic.

Further Reading about Lip Fillers

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