Lip Filler Disasters and Lip Augmentation Tips

Lip Filler Disasters with lip Augmentation - secrets-to-lip-augmentation-injections

Lip Filler Tips and Best Practices from a PRO Injector:  How to Avoid Going Overboard with Lip Injections

You see them everywhere. Humongous lips that overtake nearly every other feature of an otherwise attractive face. Then there are the botched lip filler news stories. But WHY are we seeing so many lip augmentation disasters – or botched lip fillers – by Cosmetic Injectors? Why are there so many seriously over-filled lips in Australia across the globe? And how can you enhance your lip shape, but not reach the point of the dreaded ‘trout mouth’ syndrome?  And how are the hottest facial rejuvenation trends changing?


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The answers to avoiding lip filler disasters – and crazy looking lips – are in this blog.


But in brief, it seems that clients – and unscrupulous injectors – aren’t readily recognising when ENOUGH is ENOUGH.

That’s why we’re seeing so many of the so-called “duck face” over-volumised lips (“crazy lips” after lip augmentation procedures). Not to mention the Kim Kardashian look-alike cheek-filler and lip-filler trends.

The future of lip augmentation (Lip Filler Trends & Predictions)

Our Coco Ruby Blog team believes that over-volumised lips are something this generation will look back upon, with the same disdain – and disbelief – that people now look back on the massive shoulder pads and teased-up hair they once adored in the crazy eighties.

Click here to read more on other new trends in facial rejuvenation and cosmetic injections.  But if you’re wanting to avoid a BOTCHED lip filler story – or other lip filler disasters – continue reading THIS BLOG.


Dermal Filler Over-use Syndrome: Too Much Filler or Filler Gone Wrong

Injectables and dermal fillers are popular for people of many different ages, from their 20s and 30s through to later decades. A conservative approach to using dermal fillers or lip fillers can get natural-looking results.  But too much of a good thing – too many lip injections or too much filler – can result in a “puffer face” or “trout-pout” look.

The over-zealous use of Dermal Fillers can actually leave patients looking older.  Injecting skillfully requires a very experienced injecting approach.  It also requires extensive knowledge of how much filler to use, what brand and what consistency or product within that line of injectable skin and lip fillers.

How do you avoid “filler gone wrong” or too much filler?

You need to choose a seasoned, conservative injector (less is more).  You also need to know what to watch out for in terms of filler product lines and quality injecting strategies.  Not all fillers, nor cosmetic injectors, are equal. Fortunately at Coco Ruby, our injectors pride themselves on getting natural-looking enhancements using a temporary-filler-solution gel-based injectables and anti-wrinkle injectables for lines and creases.

They also use cosmetic injections alongside the leading Plastic Surgeons in Melbourne.  Coco Ruby is truly your one-stop cosmetic injection location for Injectables therapies. These include anti-ageing wrinkle reducing products and dermal fillers for lips, cheeks, chins, noses and tear troughs.  Even your temples can be enhanced to give your face a more balanced, youthful look!

Lip Fillers and Trout Mouth: Avoiding Duck Face Lip Filler Trends and Augmentation Disasters

Despite the plethora of ‘trout mouth lip filler’ disasters, the cosmetic trends of over-volumised lips is already beginning to shift to more moderate types of enhancements.

  • We are seeing more balanced lip augmentation requests, by cosmetic-educated clients, in recent times.
  • Individuals are beginning to understand the need for a balanced lip augmentation approach, along with precision lip shaping. And they’re ditching blind enlargement when it comes to shaping lips.
  • Shaping is the key; but not just the lips themselves.  The entire face can be adjusted with very minor adjustments of filler in the cheeks, lips or jawline.

What this means is that small amounts of filler are injected, into the lips and other areas of the face.

Small adjustments using filler injections and anti-wrinkle injections can then be made.


They may appear subtle, but they are strategically placed for maximum effect on facial contours, as whole . This means that small filler volumes in the right places can make all the difference for your overall appearance.

But meanwhile, many people are falling victim to the ‘more is more’ mentality of getting endless dermal filler injections in their lips or cheeks.

lip filler disasters - lip injection disasters with cosmetic injections and lip augmentation for enlargement or lip shaping

The over-filled/over-volumised lip should be avoided at all costs. Why?

  • This lip-augmentation cosmetic injecting fiasco has led to an increase in “baboon” style, over-volumised lip augmentations
  • Less skilled Injecting Clinicians are failing to teach clients about the aesthetic VALUE of keeping your facial proportions balanced.
  • There are precision cosmetic injection methods that allow for harmonious feature adjustments to improve the entire facial appearance. This is better than simply augmenting one feature to unrealistic proportions.
  • Because a BIT of enhancement in the right parts of the lip can help shape the lip, but not distort it.

Simply stated, humongous lips don’t look more luscious. They look distorted.

lip augmentation disasters with cosmetic lip injections - puffer trout mouth lips, baboon lips

When it comes to overly augmented lips, lips with too much filler in them often look unnatural and – for some women and men – disturbingly enlarged.

  • You could even argue that some clinicians and some clients take lip augmentation to the point of facial disfigurement.
  • Fortunately, for most clinicians using temporary dermal filler, the results WILL wear off in time.  But all the same, it’s best when it’s avoided.

When too much is TOO MUCH: Lip Augmentation Disasters and Cosmetic Injection Fiascos – Avoiding the Distorted Lip

  • When looking at the latest cosmetic treatment trends, you’ll find one thing in common.
  • The trend of overfilling lips – or breasts, or anything else for that matter – is slowly changing to a more moderate level of enhancement.

And that’s a good thing.

Because otherwise, over-filled body parts – and over-volumised facial features – can end up looking museum-worthy, but ‘scary on the street’.

No where is this disproportionately-sized facial injecting strategy more visible, perhaps, than on social media sites under the category of makeup, big lips and humongous lips.

If your lips are larger in volume than that of both your eyes combined, you’ve probably succumbed to over filling.


According to our talented Senior Injecting Clinician, Sandra Wallace (RN/Div 1), over-volumised lips are still a massive problem in Melbourne and other parts of Australia.

Here are our PRO TIPS for avoiding disasters with Lip Augmentation Injections – and remember, LESS is more.

How to Avoid Botched Lip Filler Injections

Big lips are OUT; Balance is IN.

  • Sadly, despite awareness of the trout mouth result of over-filling lips, many injectors haven’t quite caught up yet.
  • It appears that unscrupulous or less skilled cosmetic injectors are the ones who are prone to overfilling lips with dermal filler injections.
  • But sometimes they do this out of pressure from a client, who demands more volume or who threatens to go elsewhere, when that individual is actually far better off with what they already have attained in terms of lip volumisation injections.

Lip Filler Disasters: Over-Volumisation Problems with Dermal Filler Injections are common

Here’s how to NOT let it happen to you!


Want a bit more lip, but afraid you’ll soon be looking like you have the lips of a baboon?

Here’s how to NOT get caught out with over-sized lips.

  • Recognise that a bit of filler can have a pleasing result on lip shape or lip volume.
  • Lip volume can reduce wrinkles or fine lines around the lips, or even out a smile.
  • Other lip injections can even correct an overly-gummy smile.
  • Too much lip filler, however, can lead to distortions.
  • A good injector can guide you on what you need – as well as WHEN TO STOP getting dermal fillers in the lips.

How to Avoid Going Overboard – preventing lip filler injection disasters.

Senior Cosmetic Injector, Sandra Wallace (RN/Div 1), affirms that the skill of a Cosmetic Injector is one of the KEY aspects of keeping your facial balance or ‘aesthetic alignment.’

  • Aesthetic alignment (such as facial feature balance) simply means ensuring a pleasing alignment between ALL of your facial features.
  • Taking an anatomically balanced approach to augmentation of facial features ensures a harmonic feature alliance.
  • Consideration of the impact of dermal fillers on your overall anatomy (and facial structure balance) – whether you’re augmenting your lips or any OTHER part of your face or  body –  is crucial to getting a pleasing result.

lip augmentation disasters, keeping balance with facial injections and dermal fillers.

“And that holds true for whether you’re augmenting the lips, cheeks, temples, chin or jawline,” Sandra advises, “and even if you’re filling in the tear troughs to remove dark shadows under the lower eyelid.”

“Your injector must take into account ALL of your features, and how even the subtlest of changes in your facial anatomy are going to effect your overall appearance. A skilled injector not only knows WHAT to inject – in terms of the numerous dermal filler options available today – but how much, where and how. But perhaps their most important skill is advising you on WHEN you’ve had enough – or if you’ve been somewhere else, when you’ve had too much – and what you can do about it (which is often simply waiting it out, balancing it out, or starting again).”

disasters lip-filler-fiascos-avoid-bad-lip-augmentation-disasters

Baboon Lips are OUT as Cosmetic Injecting Trends shift towards Moderate Enhancement and Precision Shaping.

The Trout Pout should be avoided at all costs.

As we noted in our article on the latest cosmetic injections and facial rejuvenation treatment trends:

One of the SHIFTS we’re seeing is an increase in using facial feature analysis to ‘better balance out’ your features.

  • This involves facial proportion analysis, as well as professional assessments of your facial dimensions and the alignment of your key facial features.
  • Your Clinician may evaluate how well matched your features appear, as well as how close together they are (or how apart they are), and how these proportions impact your appearance.
  • Facial Analysis before Cosmetic Injecting Treatments MAY occasionally also involve sophisticated facial imaging; but most good cosmetic injectors have an eye for balance and beauty (although not ALL who inject are sufficiently trained).

Tip: Sometimes Crysalix facial imaging or Vectra 3D imaging can help your Cosmetic Physician or Injecting Nurse evaluate your features (especially if you’re having surgery such as a Rhinoplasty or Blepharoplasty/eyelid surgery).

But for the most part, they have a highly trained eye – and precision injecting strategies – for knowing where to make adjustments.

But sadly, there are far too many beautiful women who’ve taken enhancement a few steps – perhaps even a few kilometers – too far.

Examples: Over-Volumised Lip Augmentations using Excess Dermal Filler

In the example below (found on Pinterest), a very attractive woman exhibits precision talent in applying makeup on her lips and eyes. But either she – or an unscrupulous injecting clinician – took her lip augmentation injections too far.

Her lips are seriously over-volumised. Whilst she’s likely developed a psychological or visual tolerance for having super-sized lips, no doubt she’ll look back in a few years time, and wonder what she – and others who fell prey to super-sizing their lips through augmentation – were thinking.

lip filler disasters: overfilled-lips-disaster-trout-mouth-instagram

Just take a look on Pinterest, Instagram and Facebook.You can’t help but notice that women everywhere are falling pray to ‘more is more’ with lip filler injections for lip enlargement.

  • It’s not only freaky, but it can happen to nearly anyone – and does.
  • The look of super-large lips has become so commonplace that many people have forgotten completely about the beauty value of sustaining an aesthetic balance.
  • The lip augmentation trend is so ingrained, some people think EVERYONE – no matter what they look like – looks ‘modernly okay’ with over-sized lips and ‘trout pout’ lip shapes.

But the reality is the opposite: overly large lips can simply look grotesque, disproportionate or out of balance.

Could a Lip Filler disaster, such as Baboon Shaped Lips, happen to you?

  • Suddenly, you might find yourself looking at yourself in a selfie – or in the mirror – and think to yourself, oh my, what have I done to my lips?
  • Your eye makeup might be perfect, your hair might be shiny and fantastic – but the lips dominate the face in a way that looks entirely unnatural.
  • Of course, if all of your friends are sporting the over-volumised lip, you might not even notice. But chances are that some of your friends or colleagues are wondering JUST HOW TO TELL YOU that you’ve gone a step (or three) too far.

lip filler disasters: overfilled-lips-after-augmentation-injections

Injector Sandra Wallace warns patients who seem addicted to lip filler injections:

“Top ups are nice. But you don’t have to keep going larger each time.” says Sandra Wallace RN

“It’s better to start slowly, find the right volume, and stick with it. It’s always tempting to do more, but once you find the right balance – it’ll still look natural as well as potentially magnificent,” she continues.

“You need to ask not only your closest friends, but your family and acquaintances, for their honest opinions about whether or not your lip augmentation has gone to volumised. Most friends will be willing to tell you (so long as they haven’t fallen prey to the puffer-trout lip injections trends, themselves) – but are afraid you just won’t listen.”

One recent lip-filler injection “addict” agrees.

Anonymous: “My friends were trying to tell me, ‘they look perfect, don’t go any larger – they’re big enough as they are’ – but I kept thinking, ah, a little more, a little bit bigger, would be better. Fortunately I trusted my friends who were beauty bloggers, and dermal clinicians. I felt they at least had an educated idea of what they were talking about. Of course I listened…but it was difficult, at first, to resist the temptation of getting even more filler in my lips. I had to hear it repeatedly before I heeded their advice and left them as they were. But now I’m glad I did.”

Super-sized Lip Augmentation: another classic example of over-volumised LIPS using Lip Augmentation, as found on Pinterest:


How many women have over-filled their lips with dermal filler injections?

Far too many for our beauty blogger’s sensibilities. If you’re not sure, search PINTEREST for “big lips” or “big lips and makeup” and you’ll find an endless sea of trout-pout looking faces – all of which would look so much more aesthetically balanced with the right sized lip enhancement.

Moderation is the key.

Lip Filler Disasters: Avoiding Over Volumisation & Lip Augmentation advice

How To Avoid Having Humongous Lips when Getting Cosmetic Lip Injections (Lip Augmentation using Dermal Fillers): Lip Filler Techniques from a Pro Injector  (Sandra Wallace).

For Patients – You need to remind yourself that:

  • Humongous Lips from over-filling with lip augmentation injections are NOT attractive.
  • Just because lip enhancement is trendy, doesn’t mean it’s right for you; get a professional opinion by a quality Injector.
  • Remember, fillers are pharmaceutical grade products and injectors use needles and cannulas; so be careful who you choose to inject you, and where!
  • A bit of filler goes a long way and can look fantastic.
  • That’s why it’s tempting to go from a less is more attitude to a more is more mentality – just be sure you check yourself regularly, and ask a qualified clinician for advice.
  • Compare your BEFORE and AFTER lip augmentation photos regularly.
  • Evaluate your other selfie photos over time (use the same angle and try full face non-smiling and full face smiling) – are your lips taking over your face? Do they enter the room before you do? Beware the over-filled syndrome.

Your Cosmetic Injector needs to:

  • Assess each client PROPERLY to see if their facial structure – including other features – will actually suit having lip augmentation using lip fillers.
  • Recommend specific dermal fillers for other areas of your face, or around the lip area, when needed, to help correct facial volume losses or asymmetry – this holistic approach is important; they can then enhance your lip shape properly (a whole-face approach rather than just giving you larger lips and hoping for the best).
  • Use a dermal filler applicable to the age, skin and other requirements of the client – this means you need a Clinician that has access to a large range of fillers, on hand, to choose from. As not ALL fillers are alike – the more choices, the more artistic your Clinician can be, and the better your results (if you choose a talented Injecting Clinician with years of expertise).

FAQs about Lip Injections:

When Lip Fillers Go Wrong and Best practice to Get a Better Smile

Along with your eyes and nose, your mouth is one of the key focal points on of your face. If you suffer from an uneven smile, thin lips (or a very thin upper lip) or a ‘gummy’ smile (where too much gum shows between your teeth and lips), lip injections and dermal fillers will meet your needs. But there are many different types of fillers for lips, and you’ll want to discuss your options with an experienced, qualified Lip Enhancement Injector.  Because the last thing you want is to end up with a ‘trout pout‘ that looks like your lips have been stung by a thousand bees! Unfortunately, a lot of people have experienced Lip injections that have gone wrong.

Fortunately, at Coco Ruby, our Top Injectors are experts in getting natural-looking long-lasting lip enhancements.

Fuller lips are popular and sensuous and can help balance out other facial features.

injections for lips, filler, plump lips, treatment plans

For best Lip Injection results, you’ll want strategically-planned lip injections and quality lip fillers (fillers are not all the same).

So if you believe your lip shape or size is holding you back from having a balanced face or sizzling smile, our Injecting Team in Hawthorn (Melbourne) can help.

What are lip injections and what can they do for your smile?

Lip injections use temporary fillers – which are solutions to help adjust the volume and size of the mouth by enhancing the lip area.

Lip fillers are injected with micro-fine needles or cannulas (most as thin as an eyelash in diameter).

The procedure typically takes only minutes (typically under 15 minutes not excluding your pre-treatment Assessment, which can take up to an hour if it’s your first Injectables visit).

What if you have tender lips? Do lip injections hurt?

  • Everyone has different levels of skin sensitivity when it comes to injections.
  • Fortunately, our Injectables experts are experienced in strategic injecting strategies that greatly minimise any potential discomfort.
  • Plus, they use needles and micro-cannulae that are ultra-fine in terms of size.

Our Injectors can also help you minimise any potential injecting discomfort using their special techniques.

Every patient is different, of course, and pain sensitivity can relate to genetics as well as how much caffeine you’ve had on the day or how much sleep you had (or hadn’t) the night before.  However, Our Clinicians at Coco Ruby Skin & Anti-Ageing are adept at customising treatments for maximal comfort to meet the needs of individual patients.

If you’re concerned about pain when getting your lips injected:

  • Our Top Clinicians can provide you with medical-grade numbing cream before your lip injections.
  • They can also advise you to use lip-cooling-ice-packs in our Clinic rooms, just before and immediately after your Injectables Treatment for more luscious lips.
  • These tips of our Top Lip Injecting Clinicians goes a long way in ensuring you get the BEST lip outcomes with the least amount of discomfort.

Lip treatments for better lips - plumper lips!

In addition to balancing out or reducing a ‘gummy’ smile, lip enhancements are not only a beautiful solution. They have the longevity to keep you feeling confident in your looks, as well.  We only use quality, temporary fillers, we can help you to achieve natural-looking but long-lasting results.

Besides, whilst eyebrow shaping trends and eyebrow makeup tends to change every few years, luscious lips are always in!

What do lip injections contain?

The most popular temporary injection solutions for lips contain a temporary-filler-solution (HA). This is a substance that is also naturally found within your body.

Our Clinicians use an approved temporary-filler-solution based products specifically because they can give natural-looking yet long-lasting results. And they can achieve this without the headaches of permanent fillers. (Ask our Clinician’s why they feel these are best avoided for the face and lips.)


In fact, the use of approved temporary-filler-solution fillers and other types of Injectables has become so popular that it is now one of the TOP non-invasive services performed in cosmetic procedure and plastic surgery Clinics.

The use of an approved temporary-filler-solution products has the power to help restore shape and volume to your facial features AND your lips, as well as treat wrinkles, lines and crows feet.

How have Fillers and Injectables treatments changed over the years?

(And why you should AVOID cheap fillers or diluted products and see only highly experienced Clinicians).

New strategies, new lip filler solutions that give more natural-feeling results when injected properly.

Our Senior Nurse Injector and our Facial Enhancement Cosmetic Physician are pleased to say that today’s strategies for injectables are more refined. AND they’re more effective than they were in their earliest decades of use. (Injectable treatments have been around for a LOT longer than you probably think!)

best injecting GP nurse practitioner melbourne for fillers

Firstly, an experienced Clinician will have decades of facial injectables and lip filler injections experience.

They are also dedicated to upskilling (ongoing training) and staying up-to-date with the latest techniques and filler solution advances.

And they won’t over-do your lips and leave you with a ‘trout pout’!  (Read our other blog on how to avoid “Filler Over-Use Syndrome“).

A great Clinician Injecting Nurse or Aesthetic Physician will also be adamant about using only high-quality, non-diluted TEMPORARY fillers. They will not use permanent fillers, cheap injectables solutions, diluted products, or discount brands.

Secondly, they will be CONSERVATIVE as they start off with lip enhancements.

They will pay close attention to your entire facial structure and facial anatomy, and what you’re wanting to achieve. This helps give your face a better balance and a pleasing look – one you’ll feel great about when you see it in the mirror!  You can always add volume.  But, even with temporary fillers, removing volume is more challenging than having a second ‘top-up’ session for your lips.

Another change is that, in the past, cosmetic preparations mostly used collagen.  Or they used permanent filler substances or lip augmentation surgery (with substantially more down time, intense swelling and less predictable results).  But today, the use of dermal volumisers and subtle enhancements with injections containing HA or other muscle-relaxing ingredients are the standard in beauty care.

Injections for Lips: Enhancements to correct your smile and add shape, evenness or volume to your lips.

Follow along for insider tips and why lip enhancements are quickly becoming the most requested beauty services.

Lip Filler: Top Injector tips from our Melbourne, Australia Team

The most requested lip enhancement procedure is slightly fuller lips or more evenness in the lips.

best fillers for lips, best brands

Correcting a ‘Gummy’ Smile

Beyond adding fullness to the lips, correcting a Gummy smile is the second most requested service.

Correcting a gummy smile involves using a muscle-stabilizing injection above the lip area, in between your top lip and nose.  For some patients, to fill the lip shape, your Clinician will use lip injections to create shape to the cupids bow for a more attractive shape.

Gummy smiles are with the upper area of the gum showing or a wide horizontal exposure of gum tissue.  They can be corrected with certain techniques such as muscle suppressing injections to the upper lip, into the vertical columns located under your nose (philtrum). These techniques prevent the upper lip from moving too high.

How do I know how much volume I need – and where?

  • Top injectors consider the whole person.
  • A great injector will take into consideration the philtral column or its dimple. They can also assess how reshaping that slightly can give you the illusion of a fuller mouth, cupids bow, vermillion and lip edges.
  • The rise of the columnella should ideally be in line with philtral column
  • The space between the lip and nasal base needs consideration and assessment from the all angles.
  • A desired shape can be achieved by manipulating the tissues around the mouth as well as the lips.

Lip injections are paired and complemented by other services, such as facial enhancement injections and wrinkle relaxers or line fillers

Injections and fillers can also be used for many other areas of the face.


  • Around the nasal folds (nasio-labial area)
  • Smoothing out lip lines and marionette lines
  • Corrective injections for shaping the chin and jowls

For a smile that looks more of a frown than an actual upturned smile, injections can also help!

  • A great injector can correct a turned-down smile by use of muscle stabilizing injections and lip fillers for added lift.
  • Down-turned lip corners can occur from making repeated facial expressions during times of concentration or contemplation. They can also come from ageing and gravity as facial collagen and facial muscles atrophy.

Lip Injections gone wrong  – what to avoid with lip fillers

When lip injections go wrong, you may find yourself feeling disappointed and wondering just what happened. And you may be wondering how you could have avoided the undesired result.

Almost everybody can think of at least one celebrity lip enhancement that went wrong, and the social media comments made about it. It’s easy to remember such terms as “trout pout” or “fish lips”.

Our Team at Coco Ruby is adamant that QUALITY brand injectables – rather than discount brands. We’re CONSERVATIVE rather than OVER-AMBITIOUS, Injecting professionals. These requirements are mandatory to get the best results and avoid ‘lip disasters.’

cosmetic injections, fillers, TGA approved muscle relaxant solution

Why are top filler brands and experienced Injectors so important for best lip results?

Firstly, a QUALITY injector uses the right products and high-quality brands. Secondly, they will start conservatively.

  • It’s easier to add volume later than it is to remove it, even if it’s a temporary filler.
  • You can always get your top Injector to build up the volume for a perfect pout. But, you don’t want to end up stuck with ‘fish lips’ or other problems from an inexperienced injector or an overly-ambitious one who puts in too much (or in the wrong places).

Our leading Injectors help clients with a lot of common lip injecting mishaps. Here are a few common lip injecting errors:

  • We often see new clients who have had prior products and lip injections that have gone wrong. Many injectors inject filler too heavily into their clients, or space them unevenly.
  • We also see clients who come in with lips that look too large or too flat. Over time this will give the illusion of a “synthetic” or “plastic” look.
  • Lip injections go wrong when a Clinician overfills one area. Overfilling either the top or bottom lip results in an awkward balance.
  • The top lip is meant to be slightly smaller than the bottom lip on most faces. But, there are different preferences so be sure you discuss this in detail with your Injector.

Some professionals inject right into the soft areas of the mouth and the vermillion only. Others work their way around the entire lip. Often, Injectors will inject into the vermillion, which gives a two-part lip injection but can look synthetic over time.

Lip Injections and Fillers – Quality and Volume DO count for good results – but TOO much filler can be a very bad thing

If your practitioner isn’t licensed, certified and sufficiently trained, your lip injections can go wrong. Injections can also go very wrong when a practitioner uses substances that aren’t approved for these treatments.

  • Amazing results can help prevent wrinkles and adjust lip movements to correct gummy or turned down smiles. But, too much filling and injecting will make the patient look stiff and unnatural.
  • Anyone who is going to Inject these products should be highly familiar with the Aesthetic portions of the face, facial shapes, and muscle structure They should also know proper lip sections and product placement (strategic injecting strategies), as well.

Other areas of the face are not immune to common injecting errors. We see a lot of non-Injector Nurses entering the field with relatively little training. So be cautious about who you choose!

  • If fillers are over-used, the result looks ‘fake’ and ‘unnatural.’
  • Lately, inexperienced injectors are botching injections in the brow area. This trend is leaving people looking older than they actually are, instead of younger.
  • Any Injector who misjudges the volume or strategic placement can leave a poor injecting result. Even more frighteningly, they can cause permanent damage. (read our other recent blogs including INJECTING DANGER ZONES).

Don’t worry overly if you’ve had too much of an APPROVED temporary filler solution. Using solutions made with hyaluronidase can reverse the problem. This is an enzyme that can break down an approved temporary-filler-solution when a lump or nodule forms over an area that has been over injected. Or if it has responded unevenly to the treatment.

Like all of us, you probably WANT to look your best, or you wouldn’t be investigating lip injections or dermal fillers.

Here at Coco Ruby, we want you to feel fully comfortable with our Team and our injecting strategies – before you engage in any form of injectables treatment. Our Clinicians pride themselves on giving you honest opinions and full treatment information. This is because they feel it’s important that you understand what’s involved and how long the injections will last.

Our leading Injectors have over two decades of injecting experience. They also regularly upskill to keep abreast of the latest injecting techniques and product line information. So, they can help you get your lips right – the FIRST time (adding top-ups to increase your lip volume after you’ve had a chance to see how your new lips look). They can also help you overcome issues with previous lip injections that have gone wrong.

So, schedule your consultation. In fact, bring along some photos of lip styles you prefer as a discussion starting point. Our injectors will assist you in developing an injectables plan to get you the lips that will leave you smiling!

We will work together to create a lasting lip shape or size that will compliment your lifestyle and features.

Get started today.

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