Latest Advances in Cosmetic Injections: New Dermal Fillers


If you stay up to date with advances in cosmetic injections, treatments and non-surgical options, you’ll be aware that there are newer, scientifically advanced injecting options for people who want to reshape a facial feature or reduce the signs of ageing. Read our blog about the latest advances in cosmetic injections: the new Dermal Fillers.

The New Dermal Fillers;  Latest Advances in Cosmetic Injections and Non-Surgical Facial Rejuvenation

You may think that most dermal filler brands or anti-wrinkle injections are pretty much alike. But our Coco Ruby Senior Injecting Clinician, Sandra Wallace RN (Div 1), knows firsthand that there are a wide range of dermal filler brands, with unique properties that good Injecting Clinicians can use to great advantage.  

“They are certainly NOT equal in reducing wrinkles or enhancing facial features,” notes Sandra, who reviews the advantages of the latest dermal fillers available in Australia today.

New Dermal Fillers:  Why Coco Ruby’s Cosmetic Injecting Clinicians are excited to have access to the latest cosmetic injecting technologies, filler substances and techniques.

There are new fillers and wrinkle treatments on the market now, that have advanced facial contouring and wrinkle treatment properties. One of these dermal filler solution brands is particularly renowned for getting results that allow for natural looking facial movements, rather than the ‘frozen’ overly-relaxed look; yet with less wrinkles and fewer lines.


In order, these new dermal fillers brands, combined with the latest cosmetic injection techniques, can be used to:

  • augment the lips with greater precision to increase the lip size, improve the shape of the lips, even up the lips or reduce a ‘gummy looking’ smile
  • relax vertical or horizontal facial lines in the brow area without the ‘frozen forehead’ look
  • reduce shadows and hallows under the lower eyelid area (reducing dark under eye shadows in the tear trough area)

These new fillers have unique properties that optimise injecting results when Clinicians aim to:

  • improve the look of the eye lids or brow areas (lifting or enhancing the brows, reducing crow’s feet or under eye dark shadows or eye bags)
  • enhance other facial features such as cheek augmentation, chin augmentation or jawline enhancement
  • fill in the temple area and other facial areas that have lost volume and/or skeletal support
  • reduce above lip lines or marionette lines
  • remedy facial scars (combined with dermal resurfacing or laser treatments)

latest brands of dermal fillers - advances in cosmetic injecting and wrinkle treatments

So what’s the go with the latest dermal filler products and advanced injecting techniques? How well do these new fillers work?

The advances in cosmetic injection products, particularly dermal fillers and wrinkle relaxers, covers three key areas of facial rejuvenation technology.

The latest cosmetic injecting solutions are now formulated in ways that give Cosmetic Injecting Professionals a greater ability to:

  1. augment and sculpt the shape and projection of the lips, cheekbones, brows, eye area, chins or nose;
  2. relax facial wrinkles and reduce fine lines without disrupting natural facial expressions 
  3. penetrate and rejuvenate the facial skin at deeper, more comprehensive levels

Key Benefits of new cosmetic injecting methods and dermal filler solutions:

  • Allows for dynamic facial expressions – but with less visible wrinkles.
  • Allows for underlying skin rejuvenation and skin restructuring as well as facial volumisation.

These new cosmetic injecting solutions interact positively with your body’s own bio-chemistry, helping to increase your skin’s strength and improve your skin’s resiliency, elasticity and facial firmness.

All while adding volume in the places that will most benefit your overall facial appearance.

Advanced dermal filler solutions and newer injecting techniques: Professional Opinion of Sandra Wallace, Senior Injecting Clinician at Coco Ruby.

“It’s amazing what we can do now, with these scientifically advanced dermal filler products,” Notes Sandra Wallace.


Skilled Injecting allows a Clinician to help you REDUCE forehead wrinkles and fine lines, but still make natural looking facial expressions – avoiding a ‘frozen forehead’ or ‘frozen face’ appearance.

“A skilled injector can help patients reduce deep wrinkles yet avoid that overly-relaxed looking forehead – the ‘frozen face expression’ – because they allow for dynamic facial expressions rather than relaxing the entire area of treatment.”

“With a good injecting strategy and the right new wrinkle solutions and dermal fillers, the end result is that you can end up looking a lot younger, and refreshed, but not end up looking like a facial zombie.’

Plus – as our blogging experts have discovered, even the SKIN ends up looking better with these new filler and anti-wrinkle formulations.

Key reasons these new dermal fillers and wrinkle treatments work so much better than other types?

  • These advanced technology dermal fillers, now available in Australia, don’t simply volumise areas of the face – they allow for precision feature sculpting.
  • They also tend to work better to rejuvenate the skin than most cheaper injecting substances. Not simply because wrinkles become reduced, but because of the combined interactions at the dermal level – they are reduced at more comprehensive levels of facial dynamics.
  • So these new fillers can have genuine skin rejuvenation effects that are longer lasting; they rejuvenate and revitalise the underlying dermal structures as well as reduce wrinkles.


The latest wrinkle relaxing strategies combine new dermal filler treatments and advanced injecting strategies with skin rejuvenation to reduce lines, relax wrinkles and rejuvenate the skin – all in one or two easy sessions.

  • They are particularly effective in treating previously hard-to-treat areas, such as those under-eye hallows or lost volume in the cheek bone or eye and brow area.
  • They are rapidly becoming a favourite ‘go to’ injecting solution for people who want an overall rejuvenation effect, not just more facial volume.

New dermal filler brands – filler properties and benefits for patients:

  • New dermal fillers come in differing consistencies that allow for easier injecting and moulding
  • Massaging the filler-treated area also helps them have a better volumisation effect, because they have good interactive properties with existing cells and structures
  • They are fabulous for treating the under-eye area and can help remedy dark shadows under the eyes, or hallows around the eyes, cheekbones or temples
  • They have combined skin rejuvenation properties in addition to volumisation – and because they are injected, they have greater impact on facial rejuvenation than topical solutions (similar to skin booster injection treatments but potentially more powerful)

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