Cosmetic Facial Fillers and the Social Media Impact of the Kardashians


Cosmetic Facial Fillers in Younger Women & the increasing popularity of Social Media

Facial Filler Injection Videos and Photographs are all over Facebook, Snapchat and Instagram. Is the growing popularity of cosmetic fillers social media in younger crowds due in part to the Kardashians social media impact?


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The rise of the Teenage Cosmetic Patient for Facial Fillers: Is it the Kardashians?

With modern means of connecting on social media using photos and videos, there’s definitely been an increase in younger patients seeking cosmetic surgery as well as facial fillers.  As in our blog “6 Reasons Why You Shouldn’t Start Too Young?”, the topic is a hot discussion amongst professionals working in Cosmetic Medicine.

The top drawcards for young adults are Lip Augmentation Injections and Cheek Filler Injections. Others want their Tear Troughs treated to reduce dark under-eye circles.

But why are lip filler injections and dermal fillers increasingly popular?

too-young-for-facial-fillers-injections social media

Three reasons why we think Cosmetic Injecting Treatments are on the upswing for younger patients

  • Selfies and Celebrity Culture – it’s not ONLY about what the Kardashians are doing, but it’s also the long term focus on copying celebrities and royalty that’s been in place for centuries.
  • Only in modern times, copying a Celebrity can include cosmetic surgery or facial fillers. In the past this would not have been discussed so openly – nor uploaded in full colour on to Youtube or visible platforms such as Instagram & Snapchat, Facebook and Twitter.
  • The new capacity of Facial Fillers to correct an imbalance or give that “high-cheekboned, plump lips” appearance.
  • Finally, not only are young people extremely aware of how they LOOK in photographs, they are often obsessed with taking the perfect selfie.

Plus, with ACTUAL INJECTING procedures now posted in videos on social media channels, cosmetic injecting treatments are often on FULL display.

And for this, YES – we do have to partly thank (or blame) the Kardashians.

They RULE social media and they are not opposed to cosmetic treatments to try to look their best.

But read our blog about why we think young adults or teenagers should wait until their mid-20s before investigating filler options (or even longer) – however, not all Injectors believe you need to wait.

“But if you were born with very thin lips, have noticeable facial asymmetry or a very gummy or lopsided smile, then speaking to an Injector might be worth exploring in your adulthood,” notes Sandra. She notes that one of the more common treatments younger adults ask about is the tear trough fillers that can help reduce shadows under your eyes if you inherited dark under-eye circles.  “But by far, the most common request is for slightly fuller lips or cheekbones; and depending on the facial anatomy, a little bit of filler in the right places can make a difference.”

The key is to become very well educated on the pros and cons of early injecting and early use of fillers; to avoid the “over-filled look” and to recognise this IS a cosmetic medical treatment and as such, does have some risks.

facial-fillers-social-media-injectables-age-young-females cosmetic fillers social media

Why does my Daughter want Cosmetic Injections or Facial Fillers?

  • The more popular facial filler injections are with adults – especially celebs – the more younger individuals will want to copy them.
  • So overall, injections are more powerful in what they can achieve, and they have increasingly become more normalised and trendy.
  • The latest CELEBRITY beauty trends by stars of the Kardashian family ilk is also part of the change.


how young is too young for facial filler injections beauty secrets of celebrities - filler fatigue - bad injectors lip augmentation

The Kardashian’s seem to have affection for Facial Filler Injections or Lip Augmentation (and other cosmetic enhancement of the body, lips, breast and face).

Some say they have spawned an entirely new industry of makeover procedures.

That noted cosmetic treatments, cheek augmentation and facial surgery have long been part and parcel of a Hollywood Celebrity’s beauty regime.

So when it comes to young adults or teenagers wanting to get cheek augmentation or lip fillers, which are medical-based cosmetic treatments, remember that following celebrities is a decades-old tradition – it’s just easier to do so now with social media exposure.

But here’s what’s important to know as a parent or young adult who is considering Facial Injections for Lip Augmentation or Cheek Enhancement

  • It is not unusual for younger women to seek cosmetic enhancements or opt for procedures such as lip fillers or cheek augmentation to look and feel more confident about themselves.
  • The reason for younger women increasingly seeking products or procedures that help to change or alter their appearance can, in a big way, be partially blamed on the ‘Kardashian’ social media craze but ALSO on the SELFIE craze (for that one, blame the iPhone or Samsung camera frenzy combined with Phone-App access to Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat and Twitter.

Another reason is that modern photography filters and software programs try to portray the perfect look when reality may be quite different.  But magazines have been doing this for ages, so it’s not really new.

  • What’s new is that not only are women more aware of perceived asymmetry or feature imbalances by constantly looking through heavily edited photos of supermodels & celebrities on social media, they can see themselves in SELFIES many times a day.  But only in a two-dimensional way.
  • Celebrities not only often LOOK nearly perfect, but the also give the illusion of living a ‘perfect’ life.

We all know that’s not true and that Celebrities lives maybe even less than perfect as our’s are.

That’s evident in magazines showing stories of new romances between start, the holiday and honeymoon, new babies – and then the nasty divorce. All of which seems to occur in a few year’s time.

Beauty Technology and Cosmetic Injecting Strategies HAVE change and can do a lot more now. You can actually sculpt the facial feature to add symmetry and balance. (But you can also OVERFILL or distort them if you go to the wrong injector).

  • So younger individuals, thanks to Social Media posts of nearly EVERYTHING imaginable, have become increasingly aware of the actual procedures that can help remedy perceived facial imbalances OR give a more glamorous, celebrity style look.
  • “Not born with lush lips? Lip injections can help” IS what the latest technologies can actually achieve.
  • But even lush lips isn’t new – in the past, there were products and techniques that tried to ‘fudge’ a lusher lip by using lip liner outside the lip line or lipsticks with chemicals that swelled the tissues of the lips.

But probably more than anything that is influencing teenagers and younger adults wanting cosmetic procedures or Dermal Filler Injections at younger ages, is the change of Culture.

Cosmetic Surgery and Cosmetic Injections are more culturally accepted.

In fact, they have become a modern way of grooming for women AND men and a point of conversation on the web.

In decades now long past, Celebrities hid the fact they had a facelift, eyelid lift or Tummy Tuck.

Today, Celebrities and Social Media Influencers are far more open and transparent about the procedures they undertake to improve their looks. This has had the effect of normalising cosmetic enhancements and procedures.

So they can become a quick and easy fix in the eyes of young women. But they still need to be taken seriously and the risks need to be known. Sadly, young people are vulnerable to cheap offers or ‘group injecting sessions’ that can lead to disaster if performed by unskilled clinicians who claim to be experts.

And if a young person gets injections from a disreputable group or place, they can end up with lifelong scars or facial deformities.  The same is true about cheap cosmetic surgery – they end up going to a discount branch that might cut corners – and the results can be quite alarming (as you read constantly in the papers and hear about on the news).

So if YOUR daughter wants Facial Fillers or Lip Augmentation, be sure you discuss the differences between a good quality option and Medically Qualified Injecting Clinician and a dubious offer.


It is certainly not unusual for younger women to want to look and feel their best, although it is important that they are fully informed and educated about what is involved in the cosmetic enhancements they are often too quickly turning to.

For famous celebrities and social media influencers, such as the Kardashians, expensive cosmetic enhancements and quality surgical procedures are more readily available. They have the money and time to dedicate to ensuring they receive the top cosmetic procedure care from the best in Hollywood.

This is not always the case for young people, who are often shy of funds.

So if they seek to copy a famous celebrity they see on social media who had a bit of work done to improve their looks, they may find themselves with an entirely different result or lifelong problems.

Warn your daughters to be careful in understanding Cosmetic Injecting Procedures, Brands, Solutions and Risks – including the important differences between ‘bargain injection’ outfits and those of a qualified Injector.

That is why – although not unusual – seeking cosmetic enhancements at a younger age should be a well-considered and thoughtful decision. It shouldn’t simply be a quick copy-and-paste job from a celebrity you want to emulate.0

Although social media is an important and ever-growing aspect of the modern world, it is equally important not to let the famous people we see on Instagram & Snapchat, such as the Kardashians, have too much of an impact on our everyday life and how we feel about ourselves.

What should we learn from the ‘Kardashian’ Social Media Craze?

  • It is normal as a young person to have insecurities and this has been the case throughout history.
  • But in modern times, we should not let social media have too much impact on our self-image (or selfie-taking) to the point we constantly seek improvements through procedures.
  • Remember that what we see in a photograph (which is only 2 dimensional) and what we see on social media (which is highly edited) are different to what we’d see in real life.
  • It is easy to photoshop bigger lips or higher cheekbones or add a digital tattoo; but when it comes to real life, these procedures have risks.  They aren’t as easy to acquire and they can be difficult to remedy or remove if you get it wrong (or change your mind about a tattoo or piercing).

So thorough consideration should be done.

Considering facial fillers or anti-ageing injections but think you may be too young?

Read our other insightful blogs on 6 Reasons why you Shouldn’t Start Too Young and Celebrities with the Best Pair of Eyes


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