Hottest Facial Rejuvenation Trends

Hottest Facial Rejuvenation Trends

With the ubiquitous aim to look our best, knowing it impacts our self-esteem, job opportunities and partner choices, it’s important you stay up to date with the latest cosmetic treatment and non-surgical trends. So here are the 3 hottest facial rejuvenation trends.

Rejuvenation Trend #1:  Slow down the clock before your skin looks very aged

hottest facial rejuvenation trends of 2018;

What we’re seeing for Facial Rejuvenation at our Coco Ruby Skin  Clinic in Melbourne.

  • People aren’t waiting to treat wrinkles until they’re VERY, VERY deep and noticeable.
  • They are getting wrinkle-relaxing injections when they first spot them. – Taking Early action on wrinkles.
  • So a proactive approach, which appears to be a good solution, is becoming popular as a preventative vs treatment approach.

If you wait too long, when you have very ingrained wrinkles or deep lines, it can take well over a year or more to smooth them out (and several treatments). You might even need a deep peel or resurfacing laser.

But if you prevent them from getting worse, by choosing a quality injecting strategy and maintaining your results in a timely manner, you might just keep hearing compliments about ‘how you appear to have not aged overly much’ in recent years.

Summary: You can’t turn back the clock, of course – but you can certainly slow it down.

Rejuvenation Trend #2:  Enough is Enough – and LESS is MORE!

Patients are aiming to AVOID the over-filled OR frozen forehead look.

  • Too much of a good thing was a problem for some consumers and injectors alike, leading to a frightening phenomenon
  • Over-filled faces or protruding, duck-like or puffer-fish style lips were usually a sign of an unskilled cosmetic injector
  • OR a sign of a client who insisted they wanted more, to the point they ended up looking ‘museum worthy freaky’

natural looking fillers vs fake looking fillers, dermal fillers

Of the top trends, Cosmetic Injectors and patients alike are wanting SMALLER amounts of Lip Filler and Cheek Filler, as well as muscle relaxer injections, at each injecting session.

The over-filled phenomenon of these puffy looking faces, when we saw increases in trout-mouth lip sizes over the past few years, was fed by filler-injection obsessions. Even celebrities fell prey to the ‘over-filled face’ or ‘lip-filler-gone-mental’ syndrome.

  • Photos of results from over-filler syndromes frightened both media and masses alike
  • Clients finally learned that less is more and we are noticing they are finally adapting to the benefits of ‘everything in moderation, including lip augmentation using fillers)
  • And people are becoming aware that cheap lip filler products are not the same as quality brand items that look, and feel, soft and natural rather than fake or firm
  • The solution to avoiding over-filling of lips, cheeks or temples using dermal fillers is to use smaller amounts per session; wait a few weeks until the treatment matures (both filler and muscle relaxers take a few weeks to settle fully), then going again.

Permanent fillers have always been a NO NO (permanent fillers, permanent problems). So you will still require top ups – but having less filler volume at an injecting session simply means you’ll avoid looking unnatural.

At Coco Ruby, we have long provided moderate facial enhancements that remained looking natural.

  • We have a good eye for the right amounts of fillers, and where to inject them in order to enhance the aesthetics of a face.
  • Meaning, we are adept injectors who know how much to use (and where to use it) to restore a more youthful appearance or enhance the cheeks and lips.

But we have long advised clients that it was typically best to return for top-ups a few times, if needed, as opposed to risking getting too much filler or wrinkle relaxers at once.


The scary photos of over-filled lips and puffed-out cheeks are having an effect. The message LESS is MORE is finally getting through for cosmetic injections.

  • The public is starting to pay heed to moderation with facial injections.
  • So expect to see more reasonable filler use and less frozen foreheads in people who get cosmetic injections.
  • Unless, of course, they keep going to the wrong injector or have their magnifying mirror turned towards the reduction side.

Summary: Skilled injectors will be harder to find as more people enter the injecting market, but they are worth seeking out. We’re proud that our Cosmetic Injectors at Coco Ruby in Melbourne are:

  • highly skilled
  • well trained and
  • have nearly 20 years of advanced injecting experience for clients

They also work with some of Melbourne’s top Plastic Surgeons for surgical facial rejuvenation as well as body contouring and liposuction.

Rejuvenation Trend #3:  High-Resolution Imaging of Facial Structures and Skin Health will be increasingly used in facial rejuvenation planning

Imaging technology is reaching new heights. When it comes to improving appearances, there’s nothing like visualising the underlying structures – and potential changes that might be made – when choosing a particular facial beauty treatment or cosmetic procedure, surgical or otherwise.

More and more, 3D imaging of the face (and body) via Vectra 3D Imaging or Crisalix 3D Imaging, is going to be used for facial rejuvenation and cosmetic injection planning.

  • Combined surgical and non-surgical procedures are getting clients their best improvements
  • Each has a certain benefit, but it’s the artistry of combining procedures (eyelid lifts with crows-feet injections, for example, or under eye tear trough fillers) that is leading the way in facial rejuvenation treatments

TGA approved muscle relaxant solution Vectra H1 camera - facial features - eyelids

So we are going to be hearing a lot more about VECTRA imaging technology and Crisalix 3D imaging.

What is Crisalix 3D imaging?

  • It’s a 2D photo taking technology that then combines multiple photo frames from different angles, into a 3D style image
  • It allows you to see the facial dimensions and relationships of the face
  • It’s mostly used similarly to Vectra 3D imaging of the face, e.g., for planning facial surgery such as a Nose Job or a Facelift or Neck lift.
  • It’s also used for Breast Augmentation or breast lift and breast reduction surgery, and can be very helpful in helping patients visualise their potential results from plastic surgery
  • Like all planning tools for cosmetic surgery, these technologies are helpful visual aids.
  • But they are not fully predictive, because surgery is complex and people’s healing, as well as their skin and surgery recovery responses, are varied and somewhat not fully predictable.

While it’s NOT yet being overly used for NON-Surgical rejuvenation treatments of the face, we anticipate Crisalix imaging and the Vectra technologies WILL both become used for injections, and combined facial rejuvenation treatments, in the near future.

It may eventually be very useful for patients who want to undertake a liquid rhinoplasty (vs a surgical rhinoplastyunder-chin fat reduction injections to reduce the ‘double chin’ appearance OR who might be better off getting a facelift and neck lift procedure.

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