HOT Non-Surgical Treatments


Non-Surgical treatments and in-clinic cosmetic procedures are growing rapidly.  The figures from last year show they are becoming increasingly popular across a wide age range, and more men are increasingly jumping on the skin care and anti-wrinkles injectables wagon.  So why are non-surgical approaches becoming more common than they were just a few years ago?  What are the Hot Non-Surgical Treatments? – here are 9 options

These HOT Non-Surgical Treatments can now do so much, with so little DOWNTIME.

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Why are Non-Surgical Treatments so popular?

The rise of the every-day selfie is one reason people care more about how they look these days. Let’s face it, cameras are on our phones and are phones come with us EVERYWHERE. Who can resist a sneaky selfie in the bathroom mirror when they think they’re looking good?

And then..the dreaded moment when we notice our parents face is staring back at us in the mirror – or that we now have crow’s feet, lip lines and marionette wrinkles forming?


Top 5 Reasons Non Surgical Treatments are HOT

  1. Social media and selfies – we see more of ourselves in photos than we ever have before.

  2. We want the REAL way of reducing wrinkles, lines and sun damage (not just via Photo editing programs like photoshop or Iphone and Samsung filters).

  3. Celebrity “Tell Alls” about cosmetic procedures (cosmetic treatments are not only NOT KEPT a secret anymore, they are something celebrities are constantly bragging about online!)

  4. New technologies and new methods of combining treatments as technology evolves in a science savvy beauty industry.

  5. We live in Australia, where the sun is harsh and ages us 10 years faster than it ages our northern hemisphere counterparts.

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Dermal Fillers and Muscle Relaxers are also now being used in new and exciting ways

Good injectors have advanced their strategies for using dermal fillers and anti-wrinkle solutions to help sculpt the face and reduce facial appearance concerns. And mostly without cosmetic facial surgery for many patients.


What are the HOT Non-Surgical treatments? (cosmetic treatments)

1. Anti-Ageing Injection Treatments were most popular (reducing lines and wrinkles)

2. Dermal Fillers and Lip Fillers came second (enhancing features or helping in the facial rejuvenation)

3. Lasers for Hair Removal and IPL

4. Liquid Facelift – Injectable Augmentation of Chins, lips, cheeks and temples

Facial sculpting by injections is now becoming increasingly possible.  “And whilst the best injectors give each person a natural look, without drastically changing their original face, a subtle enhancement can make the world of difference in appearance,” notes Maven, Melbourne’s skincare and cosmetic injecting blogger.

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The “liquid facelift” of cosmetic injections combines both methods to rejuvenate the face (anti-wrinkle injections and dermal fillers to augment the facial features including chins, lips, cheeks and temples).

5. Chin Fat Reduction Options

  • Under Chin Injections can reduce fat under the chin


6. Combined treatments are HOT

We also believe that the importance of combined approaches will become de rigueur for people wanting to look their best and stay young looking for longer. That means that people will actually opt for ‘healthy, glowing skin’ plan approaches rather than ad hoc facial treatments or once a year top-ups.

The yearly approach to skincare might see you getting a Fraxel series in Winter, low-level light therapy in summer, Collagen Induction treatments in Spring and Autumn, and dermal fillers and anti-wrinkle injections a few times each year.

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7. Goodbye Overfilled Cheeks –

More thought will be given to anatomy and facial balance during injection treatments, using subtler injecting approaches and avoiding the ‘overfilled cheek’ look

Let’s face it, we all see a lot of overfilled lips and cheeks out there.  There is “too much volume” being given by less experienced Clinicians (it’s also called Filler Fatigue).  But at Coco Ruby, we’ve always taken a conservative approach to get natural-looking enhancements.

And we think that others in the industry will follow our lead to keep a natural-looking outcome that never looks ‘overdone.’ (If you’re an injector, email us and we’ll invite you to our quarterly industry events).

8. Dermamelan treatment for Melasma and other forms of pigmentation and sun damage treatments

You can’t turn back the clock or remedy extensive sun damage over decades, but there’s a LOT we can now do to rejuvenate the skin.

And the science that allows us to monitor changes at deeper layers of the skin will continue to lead to new methods and products to help skin look its best.

We also believe that the effectiveness of Dermamelan for treating MELASMA (as shown below) is going to become increasingly sought after by women who struggled for years to no avail.  YES, you heard it here first:  this treatment can greatly reduce Melasma and leave your skin looking fresh and bright.


9. Your Annual Plan – Combination approaches to skincare will become more popular and people will look at YEARLY plans rather than ad hoc facial treatments.

These include: skin care resurfacing, at home care, in clinic treatments such as Collagen Induction Therapy (CIT using a DermaPen), low-level light treatments such as Healite II, dermal fillers and anti-wrinkle cosmetic injecting strategies, which we believe will become more of a Beauty Sequence approach rather than an ad hoc approach.


We would love to help you get your skin looking and feeling it’s very best. We take a holistic option and we have a variety of lasers, light modalities and skin peels to offer clients of all skin types.  Whether it’s acne you’re wanting treated or a host of wrinkles, we can help.

  • Benefit from the latest in skin treatment technologies, injectable strategies and top-rated lasers and peels.
  • Get injections AND skin care treatments all under one roof (with a great location in Melbourne: Hawthorn East).
  • And meet or consult with our onsite Plastic Surgeons and Eyelid Surgeons if you need surgical  support to help you fully rejuvenate your skin, face, breasts or body.

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