Holiday Season Beauty Survival Guide

Beauty Tips for the Holidays; Summer- holidays-beautify tips

Holiday Season Beauty Survival Guide

The holiday season is arriving, this means attending the social events of the season, wearing down the edging on your credit card, spending time around the pool and eating holiday feasts.  It’s no wonder we need a Holiday Beauty Survival Guide to help us keep committed to looking after our well-being during the festive season.

Although it’s called a ‘holiday,’ the events of the season are often far from restful.

But wanting to look and feel your best over this holiday season is the ‘norm’ – and feeling fabulous is definitely achievable with just a bit of planning.

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Beauty Survival Tips for the Festive Holiday & Wedding Season

Beauty tips for holidays

The holiday season has a massive toll on your body and using this beauty survival guide is a way your body can power through the upcoming months:

  1. Slip, Slop, Slap: Don’t let the sun ruin your skin or increase your risks of getting skin cancer
    It’s that time of year again where everyone is working on getting the best tan and trying to survive the heat. We all know sun damage is the major factor in premature skin ageing and hyper-pigmentation risks including melasma. It is also a leading cause of the deadly skin cancer, Melanoma. This means that taking care of your skin is vital! Sunscreen, hats and moisturising are going to help your skin survive through the harsh Australian heat. Moisturising your skin with a high quality cosmeceutical product every morning or night helps fight against dry skin and can help avoid wrinkles. Be sure to register for our newsletter too (send an enquiry form) to stay up to date on Coco Ruby signature skin treatments and product special offers so you can save on your skin care products!

  2. Cleansecleansing foods ginger vegetables
    Water keeps your body temperature down.During the hot weather, your body is often sweating a lot more than it would during winter. So keeping up your fluids – especially by drinking enough water – helps replace your electrolytes and keeps you hydrated to avoid fatigue and dizziness.Cleansing foods such as fresh fruit and vegetables, tea and yogurt – a potential source of probiotics – could help you gain the healthy energy you need to complete your day and get through those big nights.

  3. Conditioning
    To get ready for a night out your body goes through a lot, especially your hair. It is vital to use deep conditioning on your hair because typically your hair straighteners, curlers and dryers cause heat damage to your hair. To avoid this, conditioning products (such as Moroccan oil) and heat protectant conditioning sprays help fight and protect dry and damaged hair.

  4. Recover
    The holiday season is fast approaching along with summer. As the days turns into nights, water becomes alcohol and thongs get changed to heels. We all know the feeling the next day after a big night out, and it’s not nearly as pleasant as the night before. So cleansing your body using water and herbal teas, taking a shower and soaking your feet in warm water can all help with the ache from those 6 inch heels – heels you now regret wearing but thought were a good decision at the time.  So spend some time nurturing yourself with some good nutrition, plenty of water and some rest-and-recovery time to help you get through the busy days or weeks ahead.If you’re heading towards back-to-back parties – try carrying makeup remover and a makeup pack; it wouldn’t hurt to cleanse your face and reapply your makeup between parties.  It might just help you get rid of the blocked pores and keep you looking your best.

  5. Rest 
    Schedules begin to get busier and busier and days get more stressful during the ‘festive’ and wedding season. As we lead into the holiday and summer season, social events increase and nights become longer. We stay up later and our sleep get’s disrupted, which can wear down our immunity and leave us feeling and looking haggard.  So don’t forget to give yourself a rest day, allowing your body to recover from those long night outs. Don’t allow an overly-busy social schedule to deter you from looking after your own well-being (which can leave you exhausted or cause sickness). Sure, you’ll want to attend nearly everything out of fear of missing out (FOMO) – but it’s best to say NO to some social engagements and feel and look your best at the ones you do attend. And that means getting good sleep and having adequate rest periods.

Everyone wants to look their best for the holiday season, Coco Ruby Skin and Anti-Aging offer a range of procedures from Injectables and Lasers to Liposuction and Skin Care.

And if you’re getting ready for a Big Event (such as a Wedding or other social celebration), ask about Laser Genesis or Healite II facials or facial filler options – so you can look your best in those photographs!
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