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What should you not do before dermal fillers?

  • As a general rule of thumb, avoid alcohol consumption, blood-thinning medications, herbal supplements and over the counter painkillers. It is also recommended to avoid vigorous exercise the day before the treatment. Read more about Dermal Filler Do and Don’ts – Tips for a better Result.

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What does it feel like to get fillers?

  • Your injector will use a compounded numbing cream to reduce any pain during the procedure. There is also a numbing agent in the filler itself to make the treatment more comfortable. You may feel slight discomfort during the treatment and swelling is a normal response, these can both be alleviated by applying ice intermittently to the area post-treatment.

Do fillers ruin your face?

  • No, fillers are meant to enhance your face! They work by contouring and replacing volume loss. Make sure you invest your time in finding the right injector who will thoroughly analyze your face and come up with an appropriate treatment plan.

Does drinking water help fillers?

  • Yes! Water is one of the simplest ways to keep us hydrated. Drinking water is not only helpful for your overall health but also for your fillers as it can enhance the effect of hyaluronic fillers. Read our blog on How to tell if you’re dehydrated.

How long does it take for fillers to settle?

  • On average, it takes about two weeks for fillers to fully settle into place. It can take more or less time depending on each individual and what areas have been treated.

Can I sleep on my side after fillers?

  • It is recommended not sleep on your side for a few days after getting dermal fillers. Try to lay straight on your back, with your head slightly elevated to avoid any kind of pressure on the treatment site and to reduce swelling.

What to avoid after fillers?

  • For the next 48- 72 hours avoid vigorous exercise, alcohol, makeup and blood-thinning medications or as recommended by your treating injector.

Should you massage fillers?

  • Avoid massaging the treatment site for one week. After that, you can lightly massage the area to mold the product. Always consult your injector before going ahead.

Does it hurt to get fillers?

  • It varies from person to person. However, most people report minimal discomfort with filler treatments.

Can I wash my face after dermal fillers?

  • Yes, you can wash your face with a gentle, non-active face cleanser if need be. However, avoid intense rubbing or massage of the face.

Do fillers make you age faster?

  • No, fillers do not make you age faster. They can actually make you appear more rested and refreshed!

Is 1mL of filler enough for Cheeks?

  • Every individual is different and the amount of filler required will not be the same for everyone. The amount of product needed will depend on the level of volume loss etc and will be discussed with your injector during the consultation process.

Do fillers make your face look fat?

  • No, if you choose an experienced injector. A professional will place the fillers to enhance your face without making it look “round” or unnatural.

What age should you get fillers?

  • Whenever there are signs of volume loss or you wish to enhance certain features. Some individuals may wish to improve their features at a younger age to give the face a more contoured look, and same may just purely want some help turning back the clocks of time!

Does filler stay in your face forever?

  • No, fillers can last anywhere between 6 months to 2 years depending what type of filler is used and where it is placed.

Are fillers better than Anti Wrinkle Injections?

  • Fillers and Anti-wrinkle injections serve a different purpose. This is why a combination of both is normally used to give our patient’s the best possible outcome. Fillers work on provided structure, contour and volume loss. Botox is used to relax muscle movement that creates dynamic wrinkles in the skin. This is why the two treatments complement each other so well!


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