Fraxel Skin Rejuvenation: What preparation will I need before my treatment?

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Preparing for Fraxel Treatments

Whether you’ve had a recent surgery and want to minimise your scars, or want to refine and rejuvenate your skin, the Fraxel Restore laser is considered to be a gold-standard skin renewal & skin resurfacing treatment.

Here at Coco Ruby, we have the Fraxel Restore laser, one of the highest quality treatments for skin rejuvenation and for scar minimisation after surgery.

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You can read more about how the treatment works on our other blogs or visit our Fraxel page.

Here are the primary reasons why:

  • a professional Skin Care consultation is necessary prior to Fraxel rejuvenation treatments
  • specific post-operative instructions are required for Fraxel scar minimisation treatments

Skin Consultation prior to ANY Rejuvenation procedure is very Important.

Skin care assessment professional Fraxel clinician

Step 1: Assess your skin care needs with a full skin assessment to determine the best procedure for scar minimisation, redness, acne or rejuvenation (this could include injectables and fillers)

Here at Coco Ruby Skin & Anti-Ageing, we recommend that you have a thorough consultation with our expert Dermal Clinicians (or our Aesthetic Physician or Senior Nurse Injectors) to determine what skin treatment will best suit your needs.

Why: Skin assessments prior to ANY rejuvenation treatment are crucial as every two skins are different.

We take time to ensure that we are selecting the correct treatment to achieve the optimum results for you. We also ensure that you are fully informed of the possible outcomes you can achieve and the downtime that may be associated with certain treatments, such as Fraxel Restore for scar minimisation or skin collagen renewal and skin revitalisation.

Facial Rejuvenation Guide Download

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Step 2: Discuss your answers with your Clinician and ask any questions you have before proceeding with Fraxel

These are some questions that we will need to talk about during your consultation, especially to determine if Fraxel – or a different procedure – will suit your skin concerns best.

  • What are you hoping to achieve?
  • How much downtime can you allow for, if any? Are there any time restraints on your treatment, such as an upcoming wedding, photo shoot or big event?
  • Do you get cold sores?
  • What is your nutrition or day to day diet like?
  • Do you have any allergies, such as to topical skincare, food, heat, pollens or perfumes?
  • Do you use anything topically on your skin (e.g. active ingredients such as retinol products or peels)?
  • Do you have a history of breakouts or acne in the skin?
  • Are you on any medications?
  • What other treatments/if any, are you having at this time?
  • Do you take any supplements? Or herbal medicine?
  • Have you followed the specific post-op (or preparation) tips we’ve given you for Fraxel?
    • Some patients need at least 30 days to prepare for a facial Fraxel treatment
    • We give specific guidelines as well as individual tips to help get you a good outcome and to minimise discomfort

Fraxel Laser scar minimisation

The consultation aims to ensure that you are well informed about your Fraxel treatment before proceeding (or other rejuvenation procedures, such as fillers and injectables, Laser Genesis treatments or skin peels).

This also allows your to ask any questions that they may have prior to having the procedure. Because of the downtime associated with a Fraxel laser treatment, it also allows the patient to arrange the time that best suits their schedule.

Step 2: Expect your skin to be reviewed – or questions asked about how your skin has reacted to the treatment – each time you arrive for a new appointment

We want to know how your skin (and health) have been between treatments, so that we can adjust treatments as necessary OR give you some additional individually-specific tips for improved results.


Step 3: Arrive early so that your skin can be properly numbed using a special numbing cream.

For Fraxel, there is often a numbing agent applied about 1 hour before your treatment.

Sometimes we will use special wraps that will also help the numbing cream penetrate your skin for best results in terms of comfort.

Step 4: Depending on your treatment, you may be finished with the actual treatment process in a matter of minutes (or longer if doing a whole face Fraxel).

Fraxel is highly sought after for skin rejuvenation, collagen stimulation and skin renewal.  To find out if you’re a suitable candidate for a treatment (or series of treatments) OR if you want to treat a post-surgical scar to minimimse scarring, send an enquiry form today.

For Skin Care phone (03) 8849 1400 or for Surgery and Scar Revisions phone (03) 8849 1444.

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