Flying After Facial Fillers – The Hidden Dangers


Is it Safe to Fly Immediately After Getting Facial Fillers?

Read about the potential dangers of flying shortly after cosmetic facial fillers.


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People frequently forget to ask whether or not they should fly on an aeroplane just after getting an injectables treatment that uses Dermal Fillers. It’s usually okay to fly soon after getting a muscle-relaxing injection for forehead wrinkles. But,  you do want to ask your Injector directly. It’s always best to have some leeway between a wrinkle-reducing skin treatment and your airline departure time or any special event. Especially if it’s your first time getting injectables.

Facial fillers are not the same as Anti-Wrinkle Injections when it comes to getting on a plane

Some people think that flying might be okay after getting facial fillers. However, our Senior Nurse Injector warns that it could play havoc with your treatment results. This is especially true if you’re flying shortly after treatment, or taking an international flight.

Find out why by reading the rest of this blog so that you can avoid the potential risks of flying just after fillers.

Before we talk about whether or not you can fly soon after getting Facial Filler injections, here’s the general synopsis of facial filler cosmetic injectables.

  • Dermal or facial fillers are injectables that help diminish fine lines and wrinkles on your face or, elsewhere on your body.
  • Help restore fullness to the face and leave you looking fresh.
  • They can give you a more youthful look.  They’re also typically cheaper than a facelift or other more intense cosmetic plastic surgery procedure.
  • Essentially they work by integrating an approved temporary-filler-solution (HA) or gel solution with your existing dermal tissues. This binds water to the tissues to  increase moisture levels. It can also add facial volume to areas such as; lips, cheeks, chins, temples and jawlines.
  • They can last up to 6 to 12 months on average, making them a great cosmetic face balancing solution for men and women.

Don’t get filler when you are away

You’ll notice that there are a couple of major differences between surgical changes and facial fillers. Facial fillers are temporary, and they’re also eventually absorbed into the body.  They are not major cosmetic procedures and so you are usually in and out of your treatment within an hour to two hours, with minimal – if any – downtime. But they actually work (or mature) over the weeks following your treatment.  And because they bind water to the treated area and because plane pressurisation can have an impact on your body fluids – it’s not necessarily a great idea to fly after getting facial filler injections.

You can generally find ingredients that naturally occur in your body in quality fillers. These natural ingredients are one of the keys to decreasing your chances of having side effects from temporary-filler solutions. (Permanent fillers are a NO NO, according to our injecting team.)Volumisation effects can last for about 6 to up to 12 months and sometimes a bit longer, depending on the area treated the products and amounts used, and the skill of the Injecting Clinician.


Wait until you’re home and have researched your injector

Facial fillers and cosmetic injections provide an excellent way to fight the hands of time. Fillers and anti-wrinkle injectables procedures are relatively painless, and there is minimal downtime. But here’s what you need to know about fillers and flying or going on holiday after getting your injections.

If you are considering getting facial fillers, there are a couple of important ‘no no’s’ that you should know about.

No facial fillers or dermal injections when on holiday is your safest bet.

Want a good holiday? Get your cosmetic injections well before – or after – you get back from your Holiday or Vacation

Injectables are available in most Laser Clinics, Dermatologist offices and many medical and day spas. There’s currently inadequate regulation of who injects and how they inject, but this is changing soon. Because of this fact, it pays to be wary of newly cropping up injecting places, especially Clinics you’re not familiar with. Because these exist, however, men and women often consider getting injections while travelling on holidays or visiting hotel spas during their travels. We always recommend that, if you’re considering cosmetic injections, please do your research on both the Clinician and the Clinic Facility well before you visit the office and entrust them with your one and only face – even if the fillers are temporary. You can usually get the effects of bad fillers reversed, but that’s not always the best, easiest or cheapest option.

So it’s far better to use a trusted, experienced Injecting Professional in your local area than someone you’ve never seen before and are unlikely to see again if something doesn’t go to plan.  Plus, you never know what you’re getting – and fake injectables are a serious problem across the globe these days.

You want to make sure that you choose a well-respected and experienced Injector that lives in your community.

Go in for a consult

Going in for consultations is the best way to get to know a Clinician, the Clinic and the Clinical team. It’s also the best way to get your questions answered fully. Visiting a practice or spa while on vacation can often lead to impulsive decisions. Your filler may “settle” about a week or several weeks later, which can occasionally lead to unexpected results. If you get facial fillers while you’re on vacation, you might find that you later need a touch-up, or even a reversal. The problem is that you’re likely not going to be anywhere near the injector that initially injected you.   There’s no way your local injector will actually know what they actually injected you with whilst on holidays. This is one of many reasons it’s best to just avoid it.


DON’T take getting fillers lightly. DO choose a local, well respected Cosmetic Injecting Clinician with years – or better yet, at least two decades – of injecting experience.

At Coco Ruby, our injectors have 15 to 20 years experience and they work alongside Melbourne’s leading plastic surgeons, meaning you can get head to toe procedure assistance if you ever want more procedures performed. You can start out with injections and get to know the Clinic and the Plastic Surgeon Team.  This way, when it becomes the time you want to opt for a more permanent surgical solution to your face or skin – such as a neck lift, facelift or a rhinoplasty nose shaping surgery – you’ll already know the Surgery Team and Clinic Support Team in detail.

It’s also a lovely environment to get your treatment in. With options currently in Hawthorn, you have the choice of three highly-experienced injecting professionals.

don't fly in airplanes after dermal fillers

Regardless of the kind of dermal filler you are getting and who is providing the service, there is a learning curve to the injection techniques and each type of filler reacts differently to the skin and has different effects. You should find a professional who has been injecting fillers for extensive periods of time. An injector with a lot of experience is essential. Someone who also knows the different brands and filler styles available in Australia. An injector who uses the best quality fillers on the market. Not someone that uses cheap discounted fillers or fillers that are likely fake imports.

No Facial Fillers before Flying in an Aeroplane

“This might be something you have never hear of,” notes our Senior Injecting Nurse. “But I believe it’s very important that you wait at least 3 – ideally 7 days minimum – after your filler injections, before you get on an airplane for a  long flight. Our Clinicians and many others do recommend waiting the full 7 days before you fly (and avoiding alcohol and excess caffeine just after your injecting sessions).

So DO NOT get FILLERS right before you have to fly. Wait at least ONE week before you fly, per Senior Injecting Nurse at Hawthorn.

Why isn’t it safe to fly just after getting dermal fillers?

“You want to avoid undue swelling and bruising, which can sometimes worsen in some pressurised cabins.”  Sandra goes on to explain that nearly everyone has some swelling and that some people have more bruising than others, who’s face may not show any visible responses to injections other than restored volume. “A great injector knows how to minimise these potential side effects. Typically by using quality products, an anatomy-driven injecting strategy and – importantly – by going slowly and not rushing the injecting treatment,” Sandra confirms.  “Flying can really worsen the effects of swelling or bruising in individuals who are prone to those responses.

Flying within the first full week can cause recurring swelling and bruising due to cabin pressure changes. So if filler injectables go wrong, it’s typically one of or a combination of the following reasons.

  • Your injector used the wrong product
  • Your injector placed the filler in the wrong location
  • You flew too early after treatment. This results in the “filler’s water-binding properties causing greater swelling.”

Wait at least 3 to 4 days and ideally a week before you fly after facial fillers

Sandra’s tips for flying after Facial Filler Treatments:

  • You should ideally wait at least a week before a long flight.
  • Be sure to apply an ice pack after your flight.
  • Fillers interact with tissues and skin hydration levels. These are impeded by being in a pressurised airplane cabin.
  • This means that your filler could end up ‘going wrong’ for you and leaving you extremely puffy and swollen looking.
  • You’ll have seen photos of this in many magazines, all because the person had fillers whilst on holiday or flew right after having facial fillers.
  • And were not warned by an injector not fly for up to 7 days after having dermal filler cosmetic injections.

injections facial fillers and flying on airplanes right afterwards isn't a great idea

It’s also important to follow all of your Clinician’s recommended recovery instructions clearly.

While injections may not be considered a major cosmetic procedure, it is still a serious procedure and shouldn’t be taken as lightly as you would putting makeup on or getting your eyebrows waxed or lasered.  You are still putting your skin through something the skin itself considers somewhat traumatic. This is due to the injections and solutions being applied to the dermal layers. Whilst fillers are generally safe and effective, be sure to give your face and skin time to fully adjust to your facial filler injections before getting fully back into your regular routine. This also means;

  • Not to exercise
  • Or, work out
  • Don’t participate in strenuous activities
  •  Avoiding taking hot showers
  • Don’t use active products

The above needs to be avoided for at least a few days. Unless advised otherwise by your injector.

Getting Healite II sessions about 1 to 3 days after your fillers is usually a good idea, but just ask your Clinician what they think is best.

Note: Discuss all options with your skin care professional.

What Else Can You Do to keep your Facial Fillers Injectables experience from going wrong?

Arnica supplements have been proven to help reduce discomfort, bruising and swelling and can help after you fillers procedures[1].

Arnica homoeopathic pills can be taken the day before and the day of your treatment.  You can also continue using them until all bruising or swelling has resolved.

This might even help if you need to fly within a short time after your injections. As a general rule, you really need to avoid flying after facial fillers and wait the recommended 3 to 7 days. Our Injectors usually recommend a 7 day waiting period between getting fillers and flying.

However, you can usually fly on the same day or within a few days of receiving most anti-wrinkle injectables. This depends on if the procedure was performed correctly and whether there were complications, of course. (If your injector isn’t clued into the ‘danger zones‘, then you’ll definitely not want to fly. Doing so might mean you need medical attention. Again, it’s critically important to do your research and find the best injector.)

Other Self-Care Instructions for Facial Fillers:

Try to also limit your alcohol and caffeine intake about 24 hours before your procedure. This sometimes allows your skin and face to heal a bit faster. It can provide more optimum results with less swelling and bruising. Of course, some of the swelling and bruising is also attributed to your injector’s skill. Your lifestyle, and natural healing responses are factors, as well.

Hydration after facial fillers is very important. Be sure to drink enough water. This is great for your skin anyway whether or not you get cosmetic injections or dermal fillers.


Lastly, please be sure to hydrate by drinking plenty of water before your procedure.

Try to drink at least 8 – 10 glasses of water per day leading up to and following your injectable treatment. This will help you heal and keep you feeling and looking younger!

What to avoid taking before your Injections

Medications and Supplements sometimes increase your risks of bruising, swelling and bleeding after cosmetic injections.

There are a few supplements that are best avoided before your Injections. Browse our blog for “How to Avoid Bruises by Preparing for your Injectables” for details,

  • All blood thinners like aspirin and ibuprofen should be avoided at least five to seven days before your filler procedure.
  • These make your blood less likely to clot and can cause bruising.
  • Be sure to speak to your healthcare practitioner before discontinuing the use of any medication that you regularly take. However, Acetaminophen is completely fine before and after your injectable procedure.
  • Some supplements are known as being best avoided around the time of your injections and for a few days afterwards.

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Best Skin Care Tips When Flying and Travelling

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