Five Fibs About Fillers

TGA approved muscle relaxant solution Is it time for facial rejuvenation? Start with injectables or a brow lift or blepharoplasty
Anti-wrinkle injections are incredibly popular these days, with the most common brand being a household name (but we’re not permitted to publish specific Injecting brands online). Many people are now aware that cosmetic doctors and nurses also use “fillers” to enhance facial beauty and counter the signs of ageing.
I personally dislike the term “filler” – it sounds like we are padding out the face with sytrofoam or something.
I call them dermal volumisers because that is how they work – by restoring or adding volume to the soft tissues of the face.
These fillers can be amazing in the right hands!
However, due to their poor use, or overuse, they have an unfairly poor reputation in the minds of many people.  So, here is a quick myth-busting article about them.

Fib #1: All Fillers Are The Same (Myth & Misunderstanding)

Some people think that brands are all equal, but this is completely untrue.
The use of animal-based products, such as collagen, has all but ceased. They often caused reactions and have now largely fallen out of favour.
Also, there are some polymer fillers which are permanent, which are not used in this practice as the product, once injected, cannot be removed and remains as a foreign body in the soft tissues.

Our products are non-animal derived, will breakdown naturally over time and can be reversed in the unlikely event of any problems.

Fib #2: Fillers make your face look too full, or give you “cushion face” (Myth & Misunderstanding)

Like any medication or treatment, in the wrong hands fillers will give a terrible result.
The issue here is not the chisel, but the carpenter.
The experts in the field will take time to fully assess your face and make a decision of how to best make use of dermal volumisers.  Areas of volume deficit and volume loss, when augmented with our dermal volumisers, will look as though they were always there.  “Cushion face”, or overfilling, happens when people inject in the wrong place or inject too much product.

Fib #3: Fillers make your lips look ridiculous (Misunderstanding)

Bad results are often the result of wrong Injectors (inexperienced or over-zealous) or wrong injecting strategies, not the product itself.

Once again, this is about the injector, not the product.
Lips are a tricky area to get perfectly correct. There are ratios between the lips, the overall length and width of the lower part of the face, ethnicity and skin condition all play a part in achieving the best results. In the hands of someone untrained, lips when filled can look simply awful. So make sure the clinician looking after you is trained properly and has experience.
(At the bottom of this blog there’s a link to an article with Lip augmentation information as well as BEFORE & AFTER photos of natural looking results. Also check out my Instagram pages.)

Fib #4 : Fillers are only for young women wanting a Hollywood look (Myth & Misunderstanding)

With so many young celebrities being in the media having had (at times, terrible) work done by cosmetic injectors, there is an impression amongst some that dermal volumisers are for the young and always result in an unnatural look.  This is simply not true.
The most outstanding results achieved with fillers is actually in a slightly older patient group where signs of ageing and volume depletion are beginning to show.  This can be in the form of deeper tear troughs (“bags” under the eyes), nasolabial folds, jowls, marionette lines – all of which can be addressed with the expert use of dermal volumisers.


Fib #5 Fillers cannot look natural (Myth & Misundertanding)

If dermal volumisers are used properly, they are restoring volume where it has been lost, or augmenting soft tissues that are lacking volume relative to someone’s facial dimensions.
When this is this case, not only will fillers look natural, but the work appears “invisible” – as a patient’s natural beauty is being emphasized.
When facial filler is placed in the wrong anatomical location, or an incorrect amount is used, the face will, of course, look altered in an unflattering way.  The key is having a facial assessment and going to the best possible clinician who has extensive experience in getting natural-looking, pleasing and harmonious results.
Ultimately, the most important thing is remembering it is not the chisel, but the carpenter that makes all the difference.  That noted, the chisel does have some impact as mentioned above, because some products do work a bit differently to others. Some products are simply not appropriate for certain treatments and some which are permanent but can create potential difficulties because they ARE more permanent.

In Summary:

Dermal volumizers, anti-wrinkle injections are but tools in the hands of cosmetic doctors and nurses.  It is their skill, their dedication to the improvement of their abilities and their experience that determines the outcome.

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