Filler Over-Use Syndrome

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Dermal Filler Over-use Syndrome: Too Much Filler (Filler Gone Wrong)

Injectables and dermal fillers are popular for people of many different ages, from their 20s and 30s through to later decades. A conservative approach to using dermal fillers or lip fillers can get natural-looking results.  But too much of a good thing – too many lip injections or too much filler – can result in a “puffer face” or “trout-pout” look.  The over-zealous use of Dermal Fillers can actually leave patients looking older – injecting skillfully requires a very experienced injecting approach.  It also requires extensive knowledge of how much filler to use, what brand and what consistency or product within that line of injectable skin and lip fillers. How do you avoid “filler gone wrong” or too much filler? You need to choose a seasoned, conservative injector (less is more) and you need to know what to watch out for in terms of filler product lines and quality injecting strategies.  Not all fillers, nor cosmetic injectors, are equal. Fortunately at Coco Ruby, our injectors pride themselves on getting natural looking enhancements using a temporary-filler-solution gel-based injectables and anti-wrinkle injectables for lines and creases.

They also use cosmetic injections alongside the leading Plastic Surgeons in Melbourne.  Coco Ruby is truly your one-stop cosmetic injection location for Injectables therapies, anti-ageing wrinkle reducing products and dermal fillers for lips, cheeks, chins, noses and tear troughs.  Even your temples can be enhanced to give your face a more balanced, youthful look!

Anti-Ageing and Cosmetic Enhancements: Feature Augmentation for Lips, Cheeks, Chins, Jaws, Eyes and more!

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If you want to look like an enhanced, but natural-looking, refreshed version of yourself rather than a puffer-fish or trout pout, trust our experienced injecting team to get you the LOOK you want – without the over-filler syndrome or other injecting disasters.

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