Cosmetic Injection Beauty Buzzwords – “Filler Fatigue”

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Cosmetic Injections & Beauty Buzzwords – “Filler Fatigue” – Avoiding the “Frozen Face” look of too much filler.

Why you should choose a GOOD Cosmetic Injector to avoid looking overdone with Facial Fillers

As has been a beauty trend for many decades, a ‘dab or jab’ here and there on the face of anti-ageing solutions or dermal filler can go a long way to helping you look younger, refreshed and less wrinkled – and stave off a facelift, eyelid lift or deep chemical peel for a few more years (unless you’re past the point where cosmetic injections alone can really make a difference for your skin or facial features). But everyone knows someone who has ‘over done’ the facial filler. The new buzzword for this trend is “filler fatigue.” Some of the key areas for filler mishaps occur in the lips, brow area and cheeks (“pillow cheeks”).  So if you want to look natural yet refreshed, there’s no denying you need to choose a good injector who understands that a little goes a long way – and how to leave you enhanced yet natural-looking.

“A little Dermal Filler is good,” notes Senior Injecting Nurse Sandra Wallace, “but too much filler can have dire consequences on your appearance. Over-filling the face, lips or brow can prematurely AGE your face rather than rejuvenate it.”

“When it comes to facial filler or lip augmentation injections, the goal is to have you LOOK your best, but not radically different – and not overdone,” note our Injecting Team at Coco Ruby Skin & Anti-Ageing.

filler fatigue - lip augmentation and dermall fillers injection beauty buzzwords

And our team knows how to get natural looking results for patients, because they have over 2 decades each in cosmetic injecting experience and they work alongside some of Melbourne’s most sought after Plastic Surgeons for facial and eyelid rejuvenation, including, Plastic Surgeons Dr Richard Sackelariou (Facelift and Necklift Surgery and Facial Rejuvenation and Rhinoplasty), Dr Geoff Barnett (Light Healing Round Block Facelift Surgery and Neck Rejuvenation procedures), and Dr Richard Maxwell (Facelifts, Blepharoplasty Eyelid Surgery and Rhinoplasty Surgery).

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Filler Fatigue: The Top Facial Filler Mishaps and “Looking Overdone”

Lip Augmentation: What can happen if you put too much filler in your lips?

Over-filling lips during a lip augmentation injection session – or using an unnatural-looking filler solution – is a common trap for inexperienced injectors, or where the Clinic focus is on performing cheap cosmetic injections quickly rather than customising treatments using a well-thought out injecting strategy for lip augmentation.

“Everybody sees people who end up looking ‘duck like’ or with a ‘puffer trout’ type of smile,” notes Injecting Clinician, Sandra.  “Not everyone is a good candidate for lip augmentation using fillers. You need honest advise and a skilled injector who can assess your full facial anatomy and your facial expressions to assess whether or not you’re a good candidate for cosmetic injections and lip augmentation.”

  • Our Injecting Clinicians are very careful NOT to over fill the lips.
  • We take time to inject the lips with lip filler, and we check your results as we go – including evening out uneven lips or asymmetry or a gummy looking smile.

facial fatique, dermal fillers injection, too much filler in lips, lip augmentation, beauty buzzwords

Lip Augmentation: What makes our Coco Ruby Cosmetic Facial Filler Injectors at the top of their class!

  • We avoid over-filling your lips and we focus on keeping lip augmentation proportionate to the rest of your face.
  • We’d rather have you come in twice,  if necessary –  than overfill your lips on the first injecting session.
  • We also use very natural-looking, naturally soft-feeling filler solutions – not cheap lip fillers that can end up feeling like someone else’s lips were plastered on your face.
  • Our thorough understandings of the anatomy of the face, the condition of your skin and the best injecting strategies for your entire facial appearance help you avoid the common lip filler pitfalls – the’ joker smile’, “puffer fish trout’ or ‘pout trout’  or a ‘duck face.’

Brow Filler and Brow Augmentation: What can happen if you put too much filler in your brow, or in the wrong place?

Usually, Cosmetic Injectors will use anti-wrinkle solutions in the area between the eye brows – known as the ’11’s’ – where furrows tend to leave people looking worried, tired or angry.

But some Injectors try using fillers in the brow area to fill in the concentration lines or brow furrows.  Or they try to restore volume in the brow area to rejuvenate the face. But it doesn’t always go to plan, and filler in the forehead can leave you with a sagging brow if too much filler is put in the wrong areas.

“Done improperly or using too much filler, this can lead to poor outcomes – including prematurely AGEING the face and leading to a sagging brow or even eyelid concerns,” notes Injecting Clinician, Sandra. filler fatigue - lip augmentation and dermall fillers injection beauty buzzwords

“Putting too much filler directly along the brow area needs to be handled with care,” agrees Sandra.

Our Injectors Dr Tina Perdon and Sandra Wallace are also seeing more patients who have had too much filler in the wrong areas.  They also see patients who are better off having facial surgery for some ageing concerns, or a combination of facial surgery and fillers.

Whilst our Coco Ruby Team has decades of experience and can usually help patients who have had a bad injecting result elsewhere, they prefer patients get the RIGHT injecting treatments at the start, rather than having to get corrective work done afterwards.

So avoid filler fatigue and incorrect injecting strategies by choosing an Injector with extensive experience or you’ll end up looking unnatural and ‘over-done.’

There’s nothing worse than ending up looking like you’ve had WAY too much facial filler.

“That’s why it’s so important to choose an injector carefully,” notes Sandra.  “It’s not just the quality of the injecting solution you need to consider in terms of injecting prices. It’s the skill of the injector and what you’ll end up looking like, afterwards, that’s important.”

Cheek Augmentation using Dermal Filler: What can happen if you put TOO MUCH filler in your cheek area or in the wrong places on the face?

Why is cheek augmentation using dermal fillers is rejuvenating?

  • Bones deteriorate and reduce (atrophy) over time.  This leaves faces looking drawn or skin looking like it is sagging ‘downwards’.
  • Filler in the cheek area adds volume and support to enhance the underlying skeletal structure (but remains in the dermal layers).
  • A slightly elevated cheek can reduce some wrinkles and sagging under the eye area and lower jaw area.

But TOO MUCH cheek augmentation using cosmetic filler injections isn’t the best of looks!

Seen too much of the ‘chipmunk cheeks’ look on the Celebrity Set?

There are far too many Hollywood stars – men and women – who have had obvious cheek augmentation using too much facial filler.  It ends up distorting the entire face, especially if combined with a ‘trout pout’ (an overdone lip augmentation using lip filler injections).

Filler Fatique – Cheek Filler – distorted cheeks due to over filling cheeks during cheek augmentation (“pillow cheeks”)

filler fatigue - lip augmentation, beauty facial injections beauty buzzwords cheek augmentation

Everyone loves a high cheekbone, but we’ve all seen the facial distortions that people who get TOO MUCH cheek filler end up with in terms of a lack of facial balance.

“Too much filler in the wrong area, or in the cheek area, can leave some faces looking distorted – like they have ‘pillow cheeks’ or ‘chipmunk’ cheeks. It’s just not natural and it can throw the entire facial appearance,” notes Injecting Clinician, Sandra, who’s available to see injecting patients in Hawthorn East.

“Too much cheek filler also has a tendency to make your eyes appear smaller,” notes Injecting Clinician Sandra, who’s available to see injecting patients at Coco Ruby Plastic Surgery in Hawthorn East.  “It’s about achieving the right balance, which takes a lot of experience and skill.”

How do you know if you’ve had too much filler in your cheeks?

  • Unsolicited comments about your ‘cosmetic injections’ or ‘cheek augmentation’ are usually a sign that you’ve had a bad job.
  • When friends comment on your filler treatment or ask if you’ve had filler, it’s usually a sign that what you’ve had done was extremely OBVIOUS.
  • That’s because a good cosmetic filler or dermal filler and facial injecting session leaves you looking natural and ideally not overly detectable by people you see on a regular basis.

filler fatigue - bad injectors lip augmentation

A little bit of dermal filler goes a long way. It’s all about BALANCE and HARMONY – and strategic planning – not cheap, fast cosmetic injecting sessions where “one needle/one vial fits all.”

How much is too much dermal filler for your cheeks?

It really depends on your facial anatomy, but usually 1 ml to 2 ml of a good quality cheek filler will do the trick to subtly enhance your cheekbones.

Examples of the FROZEN look after too much dermal filler might include the following celebrities.

“You can always come back for a second treatment if you want a bit more augmentation,” says Dr Tina Perdon. “But you want to keep it balanced from the start. Our team at Coco Ruby is very adept at knowing how much of any particular solution – and what brand to choose – to get patient’s a positive and natural looking result.”

Don’t trust your cosmetic injections to an injecting novice – come to Coco Ruby instead!

Find out more about what dermal volumisers (facial fillers) and lip augmentation injections can DO to balance out your face, correct an uneven smile, reduce tear troughs and help you look your optimal best without surgery.

You’ll get an honest opinion from our top 3 injectors on the Coco Ruby Skin & Anti-Ageing team – all experts in customising injecting strategies to meet the individual needs of every patient.  And if you’re not a suitable candidate? Our team will let you know.

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