Fat Injections to Breasts: Does Fat Grafting Really Work?


Over recent years, fat injections – known as ‘fat grafting’ or ‘fat transfer’ – have been gaining ground as a minimally-invasive breast enlargement method. But is it really minimally invasive – and is it really true that a Plastic Surgeon can liposuction fat from your buttocks, hips or thighs, and make your breasts fuller – using fat grafting via liposuction as an alternative to breast implants? Read more to learn the INS and OUTS of Fat Grafting To Breasts – including WHY breast implants are still the go-to for most augmentations.

Fat Injections to Breasts: Does Fat Grafting Really Work?

The short answer is YES, you can transfer fat to breasts using fat grafting methods and liposuction, but only to a degree.

  • The typical amount of breast volume or breast enlargement achieved via liposuction, then fat transfer or fat grafting, is about 1/2 cup to 1 cup size.
  • But it can vary from person to person and it can take multiple transfers to achieve a desired effect.
  • Not all fat may take (some may dissolve) and there are risks involved with the procedure, such as fat necrosis at the treated site.

That noted, it can be very effective to add a bit of shaping and contouring to the cleavage for selected patients.  Plus, using the body’s own cells, can minimise allergic reactions or sensitivities.

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When it comes to breast enhancement cosmetic procedures, fat grafting is NOT necessarily any cheaper – nor less risky a procedure – than having breast augmentation using implants (such as Motiva Breast Implants), which are known to provide reliable and long-lasting results for many patients.

So is Fat Transfer or Fat Grafting a good way to increase your breast size?

YES – for some patients, it can be effective.

And yes, your Plastic Surgeon CAN liposuction body fat from one area of your body (assuming there’s enough excess subcutaneous body fat to “harvest” using liposuction) and then insert it into another area, such as the breasts – or face – to restore volume.

Or, perhaps – to add implant tissue coverage for thin patients who want breast implants – especially if their skin is thin (but they would still need enough fat to harvest for the fat transfer).

For the breasts, fat grafting may be a good way to add cleavage for suitable patients, but it won’t be the best solution for ALL women who want to increase their bra cup size.

fat grafting to breasts using fat liposuction

But for most women who want more upper-body fullness (breast curves and breast cleavage), cup volume increases are often better accomplished using silicone  breast implants.

  • Augmentation is usually performed in one bilateral breast prosthesis implantation surgery (breast implants inserted on each side).
  • It is usually performed in one theatre session lasting from one to two hours, on average (longer if a breast uplift with breast implants is incorporated).
  • Liposuction, if subsequently performed as part of a Mummy Makeover (post-pregnancy body contouring), is usually part of a Tummy Tuck procedure or a thigh reduction or thigh lift.
  • Fat grafting MAY be an optional extra – ask your Surgeon for details; or it may be used as a stand-alone for minor augmentation or breast shaping procedures.

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Fat Grafting to Breasts: General PROS and CONS

Fat Grafting vs Breast Implants

Benefits of transferring fat to breasts (suitable candidates only)

  • Is your own natural body tissues
  • May have some skin rejuvenation properties as well as volume properties
  • Doesn’t require replacement surgery or removal surgery (implants usually need replacement or removal at some stage)
  • Won’t add much extra weight to breast skin

But the so-called tricky parts of fat grafting for breast enlargement include:

  • Not all of the transferred fat will be accepted in the treated area – some may not ‘take’.
  • Weight changes may impact your fat-grafting to breasts results.
  • Only a small amount is usually viable to transfer successfully at any given time.
  • Doesn’t achieve as noticeable an enlargement as most other traditional methods of breast enlargement.
  • It involves not ONE but at least TWO surgeries (the liposuction being one, and the transfer being another, even if done in the same anaesthetic session in theatre).
  • Multiple procedures are not uncommon to gain the enlargement one desires, or the cleavage contours – and the cost of fat grafting to breasts can quickly get expensive.
  • Can be costly over time.
  • Discomfort and bruising or swelling at the donor sites is common (longer recovery time may be possible in comparison to breast implants vs fat grafting)
  • You need to harvest a fair amount of extra fat and smaller amounts, applied over multiple surgeries, may offer better results and fewer risks – but this involves multiple surgeries.

That’s why many women and Surgeons still choose quality silicone implants (especially the modern type known as Motiva Breast Implants) for breast augmentation procedures.

What does Fat Grafting to Breasts via Liposuction typically Cost? Prices of Fat Grafting to Breasts in Melbourne.

  • Prices vary – the cost of fat grafting includes a variety of expenses including Surgeon’s fee, hospital fee, anaesthetist, liposuction, fat processing, post-op care, post-surgery garments, follow up care, medications and more.
  • The general range of prices for fat grafting breast augmentation are just under $10,000 to up to $15,000 for a single fat grafting procedure including liposuction to over $40,000 or more if several procedures are required.

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