How much of the Injectable are you Really Getting?

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How much anti-wrinkle product are you really getting with Discount Cosmetic Injections?

The Bitter Truth About Anti-Wrinkle Products when you go to an injector who cuts corners to offer discounts.

Most of us are finding ways to keep our skin looking younger than our biological age, especially those of us who want to remain competitive in a youth-oriented world where deep wrinkles, crows feet and ‘laugh lines’ aren’t necessarily in favour.  When anti-aging home remedies begin to fail you and surgical procedures like a Facelift or Eyelid Lift seem too complicated or just above your current budget, you can always rely on anti-wrinkle treatments such as anti-wrinkle injections or dermal fillers to cater to your cosmetic enhancement needs.  In the last few years, injectable cosmetic treatments have gained extensive popularity in Australia, and across the world, for women and men of many different ages. In fact, for some people, the cosmetic injections route is a preferred approach, because it is so minimally invasive compared to the plastic surgery procedures for facial rejuvenation.

Injection treatments can help reduce wrinkles, fight atrophy of the skin and other facial structures (bone atrophy) and deter other signs of ageing. They also tend to have minimal risks of unwanted effects, whilst offering a low cost of effective rejuvenation therapy. In fact, some people are getting them in what’s called “provention” – a way of using injectables to stall the typical signs of ageing on the face, such as vertical forehead lines between the brows (the elevens), crows feet or lip lines.

What are some common Anti-Wrinkle Therapies used in Australia?

Anti-wrinkle therapies include what are considered to be “micro-invasive” procedures. These might include muscle relaxant substances and dermal fillers that are usually introduced into the skin via injections with either a micro fine needle or a cannula.

Utilizing cosmetic injections is typically aimed at helping you revitalize your skin and reduce lines or wrinkles, to give a fresher, tighter or younger look.  But the dermal fillers also help recontour the face in ways that improve the overall facial appearance, including potentially being used to combat facial asymmetry or uneven, gummy smiles.

Here is a brief account of the two most popular Cosmetic Injection therapies offered by our Melbourne team, including anti-wrinkle injections and dermal fillers.

Muscle Relaxing Injecting Treatments (Medical companies in Australia are unable to print brand names)

There is a type of muscle relaxing toxin that is now used in a controlled way for cosmetic procedures. This muscle relaxant solution can effectively reduce wrinkles, but injection results take a few weeks to show up and may need to be repeated over time for best outcomes as well as for maintenance as they do not have a permanent effect.

This substance used to reduce or relax facial lines and wrinkles, is introduced into your skin using micro fine needles or cannulas. The process is usually not uncomfortable as long as you have a good injector and follow protocols (there are some methods to increase comfort during injections also, as sometimes there’s a tiny stinging sensation which is quickly passing – but using ice packs can also help, and a good Injector finds ways of making the cosmetic injection treatments as comfortable as possible.

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How Cosmetic Anti Wrinkle Injections Work

The muscle relaxing substance is injected in very small amounts, typically billed by volume/amount injected, which are called UNITS.

What are considered to be the best brands of wrinkle reducers (e.g., the most reputable and widely known brand with good quality control measures) tends to relax the tense muscles responsible for causing facial expressions that ultimately lead to wrinkles when repeated over years and decades. There are also frown lines and fine lines of ageing, which can also be reduced by injections.

The effects of these temporarily acting wrinkle ‘removal’ injections lasts for a few weeks to up to a few months (depending upon the dosage used, the brand used, and other patient factors such as age, tissue mass, collagen, depth of wrinkles, and the site of the face or body where the anti-wrinkle injection is being introduced.

The anti-wrinkle product comes in a powdered form and is diluted before use, but there are SPECS you hope your injector follows protocols (our Team is adamant at providing quality injections and follows all recommended standards to offer long lasting results, read our blog on the “Medical Dangers from Counterfeit Products“).

Alternatively, if you have a cheap injection place diluting the product beyond recommended specs – to offer deep discounts on anti-wrinkle facial injections by saving on product use – or if you have some injectors using other product brands without the quality reputation some brands have – then you may not be getting the most bang for your buck.



Dermal Fillers – Cosmetic Injections to the Face

The very first dermal fillers were of animal origin and were introduced in the mid 80s, however, these are not really used these days.  Because of having an animal origin, these cosmetic injectables products had a tendency to induce some allergic reactions in sensitive patients. Before starting the actual procedure using those types of fillers, a patch test was mandatory.

However, fillers have changed and not the main content of a dermal filler is an approved temporary-filler-solution ((temporary)) based solution, with (temporary) also found naturally in your own body.

Lidocaine as part of the Filler Solution helps make facial injections more comfortable

Historically, around 2000, dermal filler formulations were first modified with the addition of lidocaine to improve the comfort levels of the injecting experience.

In fact, many doctors are now using cannula instead of needles to reduce the pain and local discomfort. The main content of dermal fillers is collagen protein (which is also a major component of skin and all connective tissues).

Are YOU getting the Injectables you are paying for and how do you tell if you are?

  • According to numerous resources, it appears that a lot of smaller clinics and beauty centers may be thinning out (or over-diluting) the wrinkle injection powders by adding too much of the saline solution.
  • Some also use less quality brands which may not have as strong or as lasting an effect on the wrinkles you are wanting to reduce with injection treatments

It could be that if this is being done, it’s to offer cheap injections by lowering costs by using less of the actual ingredients that give the injections there wrinkle reducing effects.

Unfortunately, people fall for these non-reputable clinics over reputed ones because:

  • The difference in the cost of therapy can be huge.
  • In some cases, the cost of therapy at a small clinic or beauty salon is only a fraction of therapy cost offered at a reputed clinic such as Coco Ruby, that refuses to use any non quality brands and which is adamant about following the specifications in terms of proper dilution – we measure, and we don’t skimp or over-dilute – it would be very against our patient care ethos to do so.

Some data indicates that over 32% candidates who opt for cheap injection therapies appear unaware of the fact that only a highly trained Doctor, Surgeon or Registered Nurse should carry out injectable therapies.

  • The actual dynamics of the procedure (i.e. dilution, recommended dosage, quantity in each unit etc.) is unknown to a common person.
  • Most people who opt for these injecting therapies including dermal fillers do very little research to understand how a wrinkle prevention injection or dermal filler is prepared.
  • Read our blog for other articles on this topic including the dangers of fake injectable products in Australia

What are some ‘ups’ and ‘downs’ of Injectable Therapies?

As the name indicates, “injectable cosmetic procedures” work by either one of the three common mechanisms of this anti-ageing skin treatment:

  • Filling up lines or wrinkles on your face
  • Puffing up the areas which have sagged down due to loss of subcutaneous fat as part of aging process
  • Relaxation of tight or taut muscles
  • Relaxing the muscles which cause the expressions that deepen lines and wrinkles once they start to form (prevention or “provention” if started early)

Like all cosmetic treatments, injectable treatments also have some strengths and weaknesses which you should know before opting for it.

Injection treatments are popular for men and women who want to look their best or younger, and they can help you look your best by reducing signs of ageing that leave you looking angry, tired, worried or concerned.

Here is why patients consider opting for injectable cosmetic procedures:

  • As compared to the traditional surgical approaches (such as face lifting); injectable cosmetic procedures are far more economical and less time consuming.
  • Most people achieve their desired cosmetic results quickly.
  • Many people who care about how they look become unhappy with the normal signs of facial ageing, and they can get strong anti-ageing rejuvenation effects by helping nature along a bit with injectables – that noted, this is not a superficial cosmetic treatment and deciding to get injectables treatments should never be taken lightly.

It is noteworthy that the effectiveness of injection therapy also depends on a number of other factors.

For example, people who are in their 50s or above may not see dramatic improvement with fillers because of skin laxity and draping. All such individuals are a better candidate for face lifting.

Final Word:

People who have bleeding disorders, pimples , skin infection or inflammation, rashes, cysts and history of severe allergies should ask about their suitable for injectable cosmetic procedures, as they may not suit patients with these health conditions or sensitivities. Be sure you’re honest during your consultation with an injecting nurse.

Make sure process is carried out by a Certified Medical Professional (RN, Doctor or Surgeon) who has extensive experience in providing injections (not just a weekend course or a recent course).

Ask about and thoroughly discuss all possible risks and side effects of injecting treatments, along with your medical history – so that best type of injectable approach can be selected for your ageing or wrinkle concerns.

Doing your research BEFORE opting for a particular cosmetic procedure, whether facial surgery (facelift, eyelid lift) or injection therapy (dermal/ lip fillers or wrinkle relaxers) – to help you make an informed decision about which procedure is going to be right for you. Sometimes, its a combination of procedures (eyelid lift, fillers and wrinkle relaxers or skin resurfacing) that will get you the best outcomes compared to only one approach.

For more information or to ask our Clinicians about getting good quality injection treatments, phone us on (03) 8849 1444 today.


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