Facial Fillers: The Ugly Truth about Permanent Facial Fillers

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Facial Fillers: The Good, The Bad, and the Ugly about PERMANENT Facial Fillers.

Are permanent facial fillers really bad for you?  Why is it that our top Cosmetic Injectors insist on using only temporary dermal fillers for your facial injections? Instead of permanent solutions that might last a lifetime?  Read this blog to find out why permanent fillers are a NO GO in our Melbourne Anti-Aging Clinics.


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You’ll also learn why top quality temporary dermal fillers and anti-wrinkle injections are usually the best choices when you’re wanting to enhance:

  • your cheekbones and other facial features
  • reduce lines
  • wrinkles
  • tear troughs
  • balance out your chin or your jawline
  • or, plump up thinning lips.

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The Dangers of Permanent Fillers vs Temporary Facial Fillers using an approved temporary-filler-solution based solutions

In an era where the loss of facial volume and wrinkling of facial tissue is cosmetically fixable many individuals are rapidly embracing the chance to use cosmetic injections to stall – or potentially reverse – some unwanted signs of facial ageing.

When it comes to cosmetic injections, permanent facial fillers may seem appealing, given they supposedly last a lifetime. However, substances that are permanent can’t easily adjust. Time and ageing will eventually affect your skin and bone. Your facial bones will shrink and atrophy over time. Using permanent fillers or permanent cosmetic injections can leave you looking ‘unusual’ or unappealing in just a few years.

Temporary dermal fillers or anti-wrinkle injections

Temporary dermal fillers and anti-wrinkle injections can be altered to suit your natural facial changes over time.  In other words, they are more flexible and adaptable to time.

Good facial surgery or injections can stall and temporarily ‘reverse’ ageing. But ageing still occurs and our faces and skeletal system WILL change over time. What you really want with cosmetic injections is adaptability and reversibility. That’s why permanent fillers are a no go in our top Melbourne Injecting Clinics.  And as our top Injecting Team says, “permanent fillers give people permanent ‘headaches'” – and they don’t mean that literally.

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New wrinkles can be targeted with anti-wrinkle injections, and lost volume can be replaced with top quality dermal filler injections, without being restricted to a permanent filler that suddenly looks ‘wrong’ or ‘out of balance’.

Added Benefit

Cosmetic injections can temporarily avert the natural progression of facial ageing and correct volume loss that would lead to a sunken or wrinkled facial appearance.  While you’re at it, you might even want to plump your lips or use dermal filler injections to attain a more pronounced cheekbone area or a firmer chin and jawline.

At one time, permanent fillers gave client’s long-term relief from years of ageing-related tissue stress on their faces.  Injectors today do not regard permanent fillers a safe alternative. Although the thought of NOT having to make the return trip to your Injecting Clinic two or more times a year might sound appealing, the potential pitfalls of permanent fillers are simply not worth the risk.

The Potential Pitfalls of Permanent Fillers

The use of permanent fillers can create unrealistic expectations from people who view it as a cure-all; so can temporary fillers.  These injections can only do so much, and eventually, a surgical approach may be required to get more youthful-looking facial contours (such as a Facelift when your jawline starts to sag).

Additionally, the results of permanent fillers can bring great dissatisfaction with clients – there’s no ‘wearing off’ or ‘reversing the fillers’ if your injector makes a mistake or if there is a miscommunication of what you’re wanting from your facial filler injections.

Lip Plumping Injections: Temporary vs Permanent Lip Augmentation

What may seem as the right amount of plumpness for more youthful lips for a woman in her early 40s may simply look overdone and “overly enhanced” 10 to 15 years later.

permanent facial fillers vs temporary fillers

Temporary Fillers are better than Permanent Fillers. They Can Be Adjusted to the Face, Facial Ageing and Personal Preferences – over time.

Current dermal fillers are comprised of approved substances that mimic substances that occur naturally in the body. E.g. an approved temporary-filler-solution. Due to this few serious challenges are likely to occur over time.  Plus, if you don’t like the look, you can reverse it or simply let it wear off over time.

The body may reject or respond unfavourably to permanent fillers. Permanent fillers are often made with foreign substances that do not occur naturally in the body. In addition, when permanent fillers are accidentally injected into blood vessels or the “injection danger zones,” they can cause blockages and may lead to serious complications or even worse.

Temporary Fillers based on an approved temporary-filler-solution are the way to go!

In previous years, permanent fillers used silicone or other substances that weren’t naturally occurring in the body. These often had drastically poor results that left many people worse off than when they initially asked for the treatment.

It’s important to remember that injections go directly into the layers of the skin, not into a surgical pocket; hence they really need to blend carefully with the dermal tissues. You also want to be sure your injector knows how to get a good result and avoid the Danger Zones of Injections.

If fillers are injected in the wrong anatomical location, many layers of tissue can, in a sense, atrophy or “die-off”. This is due to its natural environment being compromised from a foreign substance.  The permanent fillers are far less likely to mimic the body’s natural cellular makeup than an approved temporary-filler-solution (HA) solution fillers. HA naturally occurs in the body. You can read more on an approved temporary-filler-solution and health in an editorial on Victoria Health’s website.

Temporary Fillers are Better than Permanent Fillers in the view of our Senior Injectors

Cosmetic injections, whilst increasingly popular, are still a cosmetic procedure that involves penetration of the skin. Hence it has potential risks, especially if performed improperly by a less skilled or careless injector. It’s important you choose your Injecting Team very carefully.

This is why we encourage you to choose only a skilled cosmetic injector. An individual who knows that less is more. And that approved temporary-filler-solution based Fillers are superior for numerous reasons compared to permanent filler options or even lip augmentation surgery.

We at Coco Ruby Skin & Anti-Ageing only have very experienced cosmetic injectors with over 20 years experience in cosmetic injecting, dermal fillers and anti-wrinkle injections.

Permanent Facial Fillers vs Temporary Facial Fillers: The Good, The Bad and The Ugly about Cosmetic Injections

Why are permanent fillers challenging?  Permanent Fillers vs Temporary Fillers (Facial Injections)

Decision making about fillers

How much is too much or too little? And what area of my face would benefit the most?

Temporary fillers are better. You can adjust them based on how you feel you look after getting a particular amount of filler in a certain part of your face.

Our bodies are composed of moving cells. Cells that are ever-changing.

Permanent fillers do not allow room for growth, adjustment, or manipulation as the individual changes or as other parts of the face and facial bones begin to atrophy.

Side effects or rejection of permanent filler substances.

The most common side effects with dermal fillers are minimal bruising, slight tenderness, and temporary redness over the injection sites. Rarer side effects include prolonged bruising, delayed swellings, and even rarer, allergies.

When you add a permanent filler to the dermal layers of your skin, a filler that is – unlike an approved temporary-filler-solution (the good quality temporary brands) – you’re adding a substance that is NOT naturally existing in the body. And you’re adding it DIRECTLY to your tissues.  You’ve no doubt seen in media horror stories about permanent fillers. Lumps, bumps, and permanent disfigurement is possible.

Correction capacities of fillers for scars or wrinkles, lines, tear troughs, or skin folds.

In addition to the correction of moderate to severe wrinkles, fine lines around lips or eyes, and skin folds, an approved temporary-filler-solution-based TEMPORARY dermal fillers are also widely used for the correction of scars and for lip enhancement (lip augmentation injections).

Trial and Error: Is facial enhancement RIGHT for me?

Some clients find their body does reject permanent fillers. For a minor few, the temporary dermal filler injections may not work well or be fully accepted either. However, most healthy patients tolerate temporary dermal filler injections quite well. If you’re the rare person who will react to a filler, you want to be at a reputable clinic with experienced medical staff on hand.  Our Coco Ruby team works alongside some of the top-rated Cosmetic Plastic Surgeons in all of Melbourne.

Facial nodules!

One of the downsides of permanent fillers is that there have been reports that a single injection of a permanent filler can develop foreign body type cells, like nodules. These can appear within two to four months after the injections. This is likely a rarer scenario with temporary fillers. If you have had temporary filler and a nodule has developed from to too much filler being used, come see us and we will see what we can do to help you.

We can help correct some dermal nodules that occur if you chose an injector that used too much (excessive volumes) of injected and approved temporary-filler-solution.

skin-injections-fillers-cheeks-lips TGA approved Filler, Restylane, Radiesse, Emervel and Teosyal

And that’s another reason why temporary fillers are the best choice for facial feature augmentation or lip augmentation.

Can you reverse dermal filler injections?

If required, there are methods to help reverse the injections. Alternatively, you can wait patiently whilst they wear off in less than a year.  This is usually the recommended option. However, permanent fillers make changing the game not only complicated, but costly, and ineffective, if not further disfiguring.

It’s better to choose a skilled, experienced Injector in the first place

Better yet, instead of seeing us to fix a problem you incurred using a less skilled injector or a permanent or less quality brand temporary dermal filler, come visit one of our Senior Injectors. Our Injecting Team will take great care with injecting strategies that can help you attain a natural-looking, enhanced facial appearance whilst avoiding the top facial injecting danger zones.  All with quality brand name temporary fillers. We’re not permitted to print them here, however, our Cosmetic Injectors use only top quality fillers. Some of the best brand names that are available in Melbourne and that you’ll recognise.

We also think it’s a great idea to ASK any injector you choose to see the brand container of what they are using on your face. Furthermore, if you’re uncertain – take a photo. A quality Injecting Clinician won’t be offended if you ask what brand of dermal fillers or anti-wrinkle solutions they are using. In fact, they’ll be delighted that you care enough about your face, and cosmetic injecting results, to ask.

beauty-face-anti-wrinkle-injections-TGA approved muscle relaxant solution

Do your research. This definitely helps avoid injecting disasters. In this case, you’re aiming to put your best face forward with cosmetic injections and other facial feature enhancements, not a disaster.

Facial Injections: Summary of Permanent Cosmetic Injections vs Temporary Dermal Fillers

  • Permanent fillers can SOUND appealing. Certainly, they reduce office visits but most Clinicians will NOT recommend them.
  • The likelihood of PERMANENT fillers being permanently satisfying is highly questionable and unlikely indeed.
  • Permanent fillers carry many risks, therefore, our Injectors do NOT recommend them.
  • Temporary fillers give you far greater safety and flexibility in the hands of a skilled injector. Choose one with at least 15 years of cosmetic injecting experience and ideally 20 or more.  Why? A master injector – or a person who has mastered any artistic or occupational pursuit – has worked in a specific industry or field for at least 15 and often 20 to 30 years.
  •  Experienced injectors get natural-looking facial results from their injections, due to their experience. Also, they are careful to avoid injecting danger zones. Furthermore, they also have excellent colleagues they can refer you to. This can certainly be helpful when it’s finally time to try a surgical avenue for facial rejuvenation,  rather than injections.
  • In fact, our Injectors specifically warn others NOT to use permanent fillers. They also definitely recommend that whoever you do choose for your injections uses only high-quality temporary cosmetic injecting solutions.


Some Things to Remember About Permanent Facial Fillers

  • You have to remember that your perception of beauty is naturally going to change a bit over time.
  • This is especially true as your facial features adjust and change with age.
  • Permanent fillers give the illusion of something that never ages, such as giving volume to cheekbones or to lips. However, they don’t always naturally move and flex as the face ages over time. Therefore, you could end up looking distorted.
  • Overall, we encourage the use of temporary dermal fillers only, or muscle relaxing substances. Of course, we only make this recommendation to good candidates. These would include people in generally good health AND those who have realistic expectations about potential outcomes.
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