Secrets of a Younger Looking Face #1: Everything you need to know about Dermal Fillers

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Secrets of a Younger Looking Face #1: Everything you need to know about Facial contouring using Dermal Fillers

So what do you need to know before you get Dermal filler? If you haven’t tried facial contouring with fillers yet, you’ll likely be tempted to try it one day. Why? Because when done properly, facial fillers can do so much to enhance your appearance and reduce the signs of ageing – with little to ZERO downtime.

DERMAL FILLERS: Uses and Benefits of Fillers for Facial Contouring and Rejuvenation

Whilst temporary, the results can last for months or even a year and potentially longer. Furthermore, the results are so natural looking that only a highly experienced eye will be able to tell that you’ve enhanced your appearance.

Dermal Fillers: What are they and why are they increasingly popular?

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With an increase in public awareness and wider acceptance of cosmetic facial contouring and enhancement procedures, dermal fillers have gained immense popularity over recent years. Women and men are seeking the treatment to reduce lines, crow’s feet and facial wrinkles, elevate their cheek bones, or redefine their lips and jawlines.

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Fillers are popular primarily because they are temporary and affordable.

They have little if any down time, yet offers genuinely pleasing facial improvements that can also be long-lasting when properly administered.

Overview of Fillers (Dermal Volumisers)

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  • Fillers are excellent as a temporary option to improve the appearance of your face (lips, cheeks, eyes, jawline)
  • They can reduce the appearance of ageing or bone atrophy (such as when your cheek bones or jawline become less defined as you age)
  • They can also be used to reduce scars or indentations in your skin, such as:
    • helping to fill in deep skin grooves (bra-strap marks) that became ingrained before a Breast Reduction Surgery
    • reducing the appearance of facial scars (such as acne scars, surgical scars or injury scars)
    • helping fill in – or reduce the appearance of – fine lines around or above the lips



Costing only a fraction of a face lift, fillers offer a temporary – but impressive – solution to combat the tell tale signs of aging that appear earlier than expected.

So if you’re contemplating getting filler(s) injected, it’s most likely going to be for the following reasons:

  • Facial contour enhancement (cheeks, jawline, chin)
  • Enhance your lip proportions (plump thin lips to improve your smile)
  • Getting rid of crow’s feet around your eyes
  • Reduction of superficial wrinkles
  • Adjustment of thin lines
  • Minimising any facial scars
  • Softening of facial creases
  • Creating a balanced & more rejuvenated look
  • Reducing the ‘Tear Troughs’ that present with age
  • Balancing out mild asymmetry between the two sides of your face or sides
  • Correcting a lopsided smile or remedying very uneven lips

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As one of several minimally-invasive (non-surgical) options to help improve one’s appearance, dermal filler solutions DO attract people of a wide range of ages, just as other skin treatments do (peels, laser treatments and light-based therapies). And more men are now using them after seeing the results their partner’s have gotten from injectables treatments, especially men over the age of forty who find they are competing with younger candidates for career positions OR who want to stay looking as young as their partners.

Plus, with advancing injectables strategies (and a choice of different filler types), fillers can now be used in so many different ways.

Fillers and Staying on Good Terms with Your Mirror

Fillers done well can leave you smiling at your mirror – but fillers done improperly can leave you unhappy with the mirror – or sadly, even worse. (Read our blog on Danger Zones of Fillers).

Dermal Volumisers:  How, exactly, are Dermal Fillers used?

Fillers are administered either as a stand-alone procedure (non-surgical) or delivered in combination with facial enhancement surgery for a more thorough facial rejuvenation effect.

Dermal Fillers are essentially facial skin VOLUMISERS (liquids) delivered by micro-injections.

Injectable Clinicians will use either super-fine needles (or micro-fine cannulas) to inject the temporary
filler solution into your skin.

The results can last anywhere from a few months to up to 9 to 12 months – or sometimes even longer, depending upon:

  • filler product and volume used
  • injectables brand/solution
  • where the solution is injected
  • how the solution is injected
  • whether or not you choose to ‘top up’ fillers over time
  • how other procedures and external influences impact your skin and facial appearance


The Injecting Strategy that your Injector uses – such as type of filler, volume, delivery and injection locations – is crucial to getting a great outcome.


So know that Filler Brands are NOT all alike

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Dermal volumisers come in many different brands. The quality between brands of filler can differ tremendously.

  • The best ones are temporary and can be used to help better define – e.g., contour and plump – certain aspects of your face.
  • Some fillers are excellent for enhancing the cheek bones, for example, and others for lips or for filling in wrinkles or scars
  • You can ask your Clinician what brand(s) they use during your initial consultation
    • Ask which Brands and product lines they would choose for different areas of your face and ask why your Clinician prefers these over other brand(s)
    • If the fillers are offered at a huge discount, be sure to ask why (and what Brand) – do your homework
    • Please note: Australian laws prohibit the use of printing Injectable BRAND names but a great Injecting Clinician should have thorough knowledge of many different filler products – and be able to articulate WHY they are choosing specific ones for your facial enhancement


Injected properly by an experienced Injecting Nurse/Clinician or Aesthetic Physician, fillers and anti-wrinkle injections can have a highly transformative impact on your facial features.

  • Common areas for Injectable Treatments seem to be expanding as technologies and products improve, but current common treatment areas of the face include:
    • lip enhancement & smile enhancement
    • cheek enhancement
    • forehead (wrinkle reductions)
    • jawline definition (restoration of a stronger jawline)
    • minor chin augmentation
  • Fillers can also help fill in skin creases (or wrinkles and crows feet around the eyes if done very carefully)
  • Fillers can help add or restore volume to areas of the face that now appear hollow or ‘sunken in’ after age-related atrophy of the underlying bones or tissues (this can also result from weight loss).

So with women and men discovering just how much FILLERS (dermal volumisers) can help improve their facial features and give their faces a younger, more harmonious appearance, there’s a lot more ‘filler use’ going on today than ever before.

men and women are now getting filler

Not every filler is appropriate for your specific concern, and not every Injector will get you a great result.

injections to the nose to reshape the nose - liquid rhinoplasty

Educate yourself BEFORE you decide to get injection treatments, and be sure you choose a very experienced injector – otherwise you could risk not liking – or even being dismayed by – what you see in your mirror after your treatment.

Read our Injector’s blog on FILLER OVERUSE SYNDROME and  Fillers.

Filler Over-Use Syndrome

We cover this in several other blogs, but successful and safe injecting treatments require a scientific – and artisan – approach. This means your injector should be HIGHLY skilled and very experienced (our Hawthorn Senior Nurse Injectors have two decades of injecting experience – no juniors – and we also have Dr Tina Purdon, a passionate cosmetic physician.

IT DOES pay off to have a great injector – one you feel you can communicate openly with and who treats you with respect – and answers ALL of your questions to your satisfaction. So choose your injector wisely and be sure to read about the injection DANGER ZONES.

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This is what your Senior Injector Nurse/Clinician or Surgeon should be able to explain to you extremely well:

  1. what filler product(s) they will use
  2. how much they plan to use
  3. specifically where they will be injecting them (and how)
  4. how many times they have performed the treatment for the areas of the face you’re having treated
  5. what the potential results will be – and what risks there are in the procedure
  6. how they would be able to handle any complications, if they were to occur
  7. whether or not the injectables can get you the results you’re wanting

An excellent Injector doesn’t ONLY aim at getting the procedure completed for you – they’ll also make sure that you have realistic expectations, are well-informed about each and every aspect of your procedure – and, when treating a RISKY facial ZONE – that you understand the risks and how these will be minimised or managed.


Whether it’s a surgical cosmetic procedure or a 20-minute non-surgical injectables treatment for your lips, please make sure you’re well informed and confident about your Clinician before you embark on the procedure.

For more information, feel free to contact us and book an appointment with our expert Injecting Nurses or Aesthetic Physician.

Our Injecting Nurse (Sandra) & our Cosmetic Physician (Dr Tina Purdon) can devise a detailed filler treatment plan – based on your requirements – and taking into consideration your goals and other factors.

They have an excellent understanding of the facial anatomy and vasculature and use only high-quality, temporary filler products – and they are well aware of the individual characteristics of different types of fillers and where they can best be used for great results.

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Send us a confidential enquiry or call on (03) 8849 1400 to arrange your Confidential Consultation with one of our Coco Ruby team’s Senior Injectors or Aesthetic Physician at our Hawthorn East location.


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