Eyebrows and Beauty: What is the Ideal Eyebrow?

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Eyebrows have undergone many trend changes in our lifetimes; so what is the Ideal Eyebrow?

Many men and women spend a lot of their adult lives grooming their eyebrows. Eyebrows DO frame your eyes, after all, and most people will agree that your eyes are what you look at most when you are speaking to someone.  The brows can have a noticeable impact on how your eyes look.  Too thin, and your eyes might look frightened or surprised. Too thick or the wrong colour or shape, your brows might actually become distracting instead of ‘eye enhancing’. So what is the Ideal Eyebrow?

Many people struggle with finding their ideal eyebrow shape.

  • Are you someone who has obsessively plucked and now you are left with super thin brows?
  • Have you been blessed with full brows and are loving the new bold brow trend?
  • Or are you wondering why your eyebrows have changed so much as the years have passed?

The latter is what many of our patients tell us when they first come to discuss options for eye area rejuvenation or eyebrow shaping or rejuvenation suggestions.

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Every face shape has an ideal eyebrow shape.

There are some soft rules – or guidelines – to brow shaping that you might consider following. These ideal brow shapes are based on your individual face shape.

Whilst there is no set face shape and all faces are unique, in general, you may have a face that could be considered oval, or perhaps a long face, a square face or a heart-shaped face.

Here’s some suggestions for getting the perfect brow shape to suit your eyes AND your facial features.

These days, brows are bolder and more defined.

Many women are getting brow tattoos or using dark, theatrical style makeup to define the brow. Whilst you don’t want to overdo it, a strong brow in the right colour CAN give you an improved overall facial look – even a rejuvenated look.  But if your brow or eyelids are sagging, you might want to consider eyelid lift surgery and cosmetic injections to reduce those tell-tale crow’s feet.

Best Eyebrows for an Oval face shape:

If your face is generally an oval shape, your perfect eyebrow shape is widely considered to be the softly angled eyebrow.

The soft, yet defined angles start straight up and then gently curve round at the top and down.

Best Eyebrows for a Heart Shaped Face:

If you have a heart shaped face or a face that is generally more rounded, you should try eyebrows that are a little thinner than the bold brow look that many women are going for right now; as these sometimes have angles that are little more rigid.

Best Eyebrows for a Long Face:

If you have what’s considered a long face (or an oblong face that is longer than it is wide), you’ll ideally want to try and elongate your brows. But you may want to elongated your brows more horizontally – so that you don’t emphasize the length of your face.  The key is to look in the mirror afterward (or after you grow them out and then shape them a bit) and get a sense of what looks best.

Facial Rejuvenation Guide Download

Taking photos from several angles can also give you some insight into what the best brow shape will be for your facial features.


Best Eyebrows for a Square Face:

Strong jaws can be beautiful, but you may not want a strong looking jaw and very prominent or overly-straight or sharp-angled eyebrows.

Soft, rounded brows are the way to go with a square shaped face as this can help to counter-balance the overall edginess of having a more square-looking facial shape.

Brow Shape: Does your Eyebrow Shape Matter – and if so, how much?

The answer is that yes, brows are VERY important aspects of our overall appearance.

If you have saggy, baggy brows or eyelids, you may even want to explore an upper eyelid lift or brow surgery or temple and eye area injection treatments to reduce signs of ageing or dark circles under your eyes.

No matter what brow shape you were blessed with there are few things you should know about the shape and length of your eyebrows.

Some rules to follow as you shape your eyebrows:

  • The start of your brow should begin at the bridge of your nose and not the inner corner of your eye as many believe. If your brows are set too far apart it will unnecessarily widen your face. You can find your eyebrow starting point by holding an eyeliner pencil up to either side of your nasal bone.
  • Your arch should be about two thirds of the way from the start of your brow and not in the middle of your eye brow.
  • Leave your brows nice and long. The ends of your brows extend past the outer corner of your eye. Draw an imaginary line (or again take a pencil) from the corner of your nose to the outer corner of your eye and past it to your hair line and make your eyebrow tail defined so that it lifts the eye.

Now the ideal eyebrow shape is different for everyone, as again, no two faces are identical.  Plus, no two sides of your face are identical, and this asymmetry can be subtle or very noticeable.

But one tip that should be followed, both for shaping and for cosmetic correction and eyebrow rejuvenation. The distance from the top of the eye to the eyebrow should be equal to the width of the iris, according to many Aesthetic practitioners.

The Ageing Brow and Ageing Eyelid: Saggy Eyelid Skin, Dark Circles and Puffy lower lids

As we age, our skin tends to droop and sag due to lost collagen.  We may be left with sagging or wrinkled skin around, above or under the eyes, or even dark circles or under eye ‘bags’ of puffy skin and orbital area fat pads.

This ageing of the brow or eyelid area leads many men and women to seek a Plastic Surgeon or Oculoplastic Surgeon for eyelid surgery, because good eyelid surgery can help provide women and men of all ages with a more youthful, fresher looking eye and brow appearance.

Brow Lift Surgery

Brow surgery has changed a lot in recent decades.  Traditional brow lifts did NOT always provide a natural looking appearance, because unlike other areas of the face, the brow area tends to creep upwards with age – sagging skin but an upwards movement – whereas youthful, attractive eye brows tend to have aesthetically attractive spacing between the eye area and the forehead.  In other words, an appealing eyebrow is neither too close to – nor too far – to the eye area; but probably looks best when it’s at a natural-looking distance or location.

With the natural ageing of the brow and a traditional brow lift, you COULD be left with a look that is not very aesthetically appealing.

It is now part of best-practice methods for plastic surgery of the brow area to use techniques that elevate the middle portion of the brow and reposition the tail or medial brow, rather than opting just for elevation alone (which can give a surprised or unnatural look). These more modern brow lift techniques give a far more natural looking effect for men and women than methods that were used over 15 to 25 years ago[1].

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Perfect Brows: the ideal distance between the top of the eye and the brow should, ideally, be about the width of the iris; if there’s a notable arch or peak, it should follow your natural line OR be subtly altered to suit the overall look of the face using the soft guidelines listed above.

This magic dimension of distance between the eyebrow and eye area is said to apply for nearly everyone.

Of course, slight variations might exist for different facial features or genetic traits. And if you have a heavy brow or heavy eyelids (usually a genetic trait but sometimes this becomes more prominent with ageing), this will definitely impact other’s perceptions of how old or rested you are (making Blepharoplasty for eyelid rejuvenation one of the most popular of all cosmetic procedures for men and women alike).

If you feel like you do not have that ‘golden’ distance between your eyes and your brows – or if your brows are drooping or your eyelids are sagging (or sagging different from your left to right eye – e.g., if one eyebrow or eyelid is much higher than the other), consider scheduling an Appointment for eyelid surgery discussions with Oculoplastic Surgeon. Or ask to visit with one of our Injecting Team to see if a non-surgical option might suffice.

When you come into one of our Clinic locations for your consultation, you will discuss what methods of eye and brow area rejuvenation are right for you.  You may be able to achieve a more youthful appearance using non-surgical methods like fillers or anti-wrinkle injections, or you might need a more lasting surgical option.

Your eyebrow and eye area rejuvenation plan will depend on your degree of eyelid droopiness (ptosis) and your natural brow position, as well as the condition of your overall skin (which our Dermal Clinicians can help prepare for better surgery healing using various at-home regimes and light based therapies or CIT/DermaPen). You will also receive a skin care plan so that you can maximize your procedure results and maintain a more-youthful or refreshed new look.

Oftentimes the challenge for people is NOT the brow – but the eyelid skin and how it makes the brow look.

Our Surgeons in Melbourne & Sydney and our Melbourne Skin Team are experts at getting an overall facial enhancement including the eyelid and brow area, as well as reducing the 11’s on your forehead with anti-wrinkle injections.  Call us today on (03) 8849 1444 to schedule a confidential consultation.

[1] Source: https://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pubmed/19935315

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