Benefits of LED – How Low Level Light Therapy treatments help the skin


Benefits of LED for Skincare – Healite low-level light therapy using Healite II LED technology

If you’ve been to our Melbourne Anti-Ageing Skin Treatment clinic in Hawthorn – or if you’ve had plastic surgery with one of Melbourne’s expert Plastic Surgeons for breast, body, face, eyelids or nose surgery, you MAY have had a Healite II LED low level light therapy skin treatment.  You’ll no doubt remember how wonderful these treatments feel.

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Low-level light therapy research says light therapy such as Healite II facials can help your skin look better or heal more readily.

Key Benefits of LLLT and Healite II treatments reported by users:

  • Improved circulation in treated areas
  • Stimulate renewal and other skin functions
  • Accelerates healing processes after surgery
  • Helps prepare skin for more rapid healing when used BEFORE and AFTER surgery (suitable patients)
  • Reduces inflammation
  • Soothes sore muscles after over-exertion

LED-LLLT based skin treatments and LED Facials such as Healite II DO work according to studies and patient reports.

  • These treatments can benefit your skin health and skin appearance.
  • They work best if you have several treatments as a series, over time.
  • Settings should be determined by a trained Dermal Clinician or Cosmetic Doctor or Plastic Surgeon.
  • They can be used on nearly any part of the body and are also popular with physiotherapists and post-orthopaedic surgery patients as well as cosmetic patients and skin care/anti-ageing clients.
  • You can use them PRE-SURGERY and POST-Surgery if you’re having a cosmetic procedure or plastic surgery.


Healite II: How LED facials or LED treatments work:

  • LED facials and treatments can increase circulation and boost cellular renewal processes.
  • You’ll notice some results immediately or the next day; but over time, with several treatments, you’ll see an even bigger difference in your skin’s luminosity, circulation and/or texture.
  • Combining Low Level Light Therapy Facials (LED Facials) with the best skin care product lines (buy online) can help you find a holistic solution to having better looking skin.

LED-Low Level Light Therapy facials, including Healite II facials, CAN do wonderful things for your skin and appearance.

This is why LED-LLLT facials are some of our most popular skin rejuvenation treatments (#2 only after cosmetic injections such as dermal fillers and anti-wrinkle injections).

The most popular treatments typically requested by non-surgical patients is lip filler, dermal filler and anti-wrinkle injections.

The second most requested facial treatments tend to be Healite II – Low-Level Light Therapy (LED-LLLT) treatments or some of our pigmentation reduction treatments to treat uneven skin or sun-damage.

In order of popularity, Low-Level Light Therapy (LLLT) facial and body skin treatments come in just after Cosmetic Injections and lip augmentation dermal filler treatments by our top team at Melbourne’s Coco Ruby Clinics in Hawthorn East.


LLLT: Low Level Light-based skin treatments are often helpful to:

  • improve cosmetic surgery healing times
  • reduce surgery scar formations after cosmetic surgery procedures
  • facilitate the body’s natural cellular repair processes
  • help people heal from sporting injuries, including muscle strains, and wounds
  • improve circulation

How does LLLT work, in brief?

  • LED-LLLT treatments use concentrated light therapy methods to bring targeted light and warmth to the skin.
  • These light “waves” help to boost your circulation and improve your innate healing capacity.

Low Level Light Therapy: Definitions and Uses of LED-LLLT

Definition of LED-Low Level Light Therapy – What does LED and LED-LLLT stand for?

  • LED stands for Light Emitting Diode (LED) technology
  • LLLT stands for Low Level Light Therapy
  • Taken together, they are commonly abbreviated as “LED-LLLT” treatments
  • This means the delivery of targeted LIGHT energy that aims to achieve a therapeutic benefit

The technical description of how low level light therapy (or LLLT) works is photo-modulation cellular functions

  • That simply means it works at a number of different cellular levels.
  • There are different settings designed to achieve different therapeutic outcomes.
  • Some are healing, others are rejuvenating, and the time and intensity can be adjusted to suit a client’s needs.

What does LED LLLT help heal in terms of skin or other tissues?

The primary USES / INDICATIONS for LED-LLLT in therapeutic settings and medical clinics are to:

  • improve healing times (shorten recovery)
  • relieve pain (improve comfort)
  • reduce inflammation (relieve related discomfort and health problems related to inflammation)
  • treat acne (reduce skin bacteria)
  • enhance skin rejuvenation treatments (encourage skin cell renewal)
  • encourage collagen production (helping to slow down ageing, restore balanced skin functions, and repairing sun damaged skin)

What types of LED-LLLT equipment are available in Melbourne?

  • Lutronic’s HEALITE II, one of the latest models of LED therapy, is used by our Surgeons, Plastic Surgery Nurses and our Skin Care Clinicians at our Melbourne clinic.
  • There are others on the market, but this equipment is rated as one of the most popular  state of the art LED-LLLT machines available.

We believe LLLT treatments are very effective – not to mention our clients and patients love them.

So we have several of them available at our Melbourne Clinics.

  • But there is also a HOME option (smaller, handheld device) if you want to give yourself a similar treatment at home.
  • IT’s not the same ineffectiveness, but it’s an effective way to give yourself some of the benefits of LED-LLLT if you’re not close enough to our Melbourne location to come in for a session.

The Healite II LED treatment equipment is our top Clinic choice for skin rejuvenation treatments and scar reduction after having surgery.

Healite II equipment allows us to offer clients a range of effective LED-LLLT facial treatment options and scar healing techniques.

Want to give LED-LLLT facials or pre-surgery or post-surgery Light Based Treatment Sessions a try? Find out more by phoning (03) 8849 1400 today.

Having a treatment with Healite II? What does it feel like and what’s the recovery time?

  • There’s literally very little downtime for LLLT treatments with the Healite II.
  • You’ll relax on a surgical table or reclining bed during treatment (you can also have a LLLT facial treatment sitting up if that’s your preference).
  • The skin needs to be clean, exposed and make-up free (if you’re treating an area of the body, you’ll need to undress).
  • Your skin may be a bit pink for a few hours and you should avoid sun exposure before and after, but otherwise, you’ll be good to go after finishing a session.
  • If you can, it’s best to avoid putting makeup on just treated skin (but typically you can). Instead, moisturise first or use a great skin serum.
  • It will feel warm and the lights will flash and change colour as you undergo treatment (keep eyes firmly closed and don’t look at the lights).
  • Wear your eye goggles if you’re having the deeper penetration settings – ask your Clinician.


The targeted light settings allow us to use light energy to penetrate different depths of the epidermis (skin).

  • Some are good for facial rejuvenation, others for healing incision lines after surgery.
  • All feel comfortable and have NO downtime (your skin MAY be a bit pink immediately afterwards, but it passes quickly).
  • Used properly, research into light treatments like Healite II indicate it’s a safe and effective facial treatment for suitable skin types.
  • It can even be used after some intensive facial treatments or facial surgeries.

Healite II Treatment Settings: What NM is best for what skin conditions?

Healite II Treatment setting options include 830/590 nm, 633 nm and 415 nm delivery of ‘light energy’ to improve your healing – and your skin.

  • When you visit with our Skin Care team or Nurses after surgery, they’ll work out a plan for what NM delivery is going to assist you with your healing or rejuvenation goals.
  • A series of treatments may be recommended.
  • Bring along your favourite music and headphones – relax and enjoy!

There are also home-use light therapy tools available for purchase (ask our Coco Ruby team for details).  But the in-clinic system is more powerful. Ask us about our packages.

Healite II Low-Level Light Therapy (LLLT) treatments are beneficial for a variety of uses.

acne, popping pimples, should i pop mypimples, healite-ii-skin-treatment

LED-LLLT is proven to be effective for a number of concerns and skin problems.

  • LED-LLLT treatments can help your body and skin incisions heal faster.
  • It can help reduce scar formations and encourage rapid recovery after intensive facial treatments, such as peels or IPL.
  • It can give your facial skin a boost in texture and appearance (when used as an anti-ageing treatment)
  • And, because having LED treatments FEELS so calming, these may even lift your mood.

How does LED-Low Level Light Therapy actually work?

The technology behind low-level lights (LED style) skin therapy – such as delivered via the Healite II equipment – is simple.

  • Light therapy research indicates that different colour lights trigger different reactions beneath the skin (the epidermis).’
  • LED technology have a skin-enhancing effect, by improving circulation, stimulating tissue repair and encouraging cellular renewal for skin health.

These lights can also penetrate your skin at varying depths.

  • The light penetration and the warmth, as well as the colours, lead to the effectiveness of LED-LLLT therapy as a beneficial skincare treatment and scar healing aid.

LED therapy treatment times typically range from a few minutes (6 minutes or so) up to 18 minutes for a more intensive treatment.

Your Dermal Clinician or Cosmetic Doctor can advise you on how long your session should last, and at what Low-Level Light Therapy settings.

LED-LLLT technology and Other Uses: State of the Art LED Technology

LED beauty treatments are NOT the only uses for low-level light therapy technologies.

LED therapy is also useful as/for:

  • potential solution for sleep disorders
  • physiotherapy aid for sore muscles
  • surgery recovery aid after cosmetic procedures
  • better healing – bringing some comfort to your emotions during times of stress


Disclaimer: Results and experiences can vary from person to person. Multiple sessions may produce better results and more visible changes to your skin.

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Read our other TOP cosmetic industry blogs for non-surgical treatments or visit the Plastic Surgery GUIDES book pages for facial rejuvenation, nose surgery and eyelid surgery information.

LED Light therapy has also been effectively used to help reduce bacteria that cause acne conditions.

More about LED.

Treating acne usually involves a special setting on LED technology devices.

So, too, do special light-based treatments for sleep disruption.

In general:

LED can help acne – Is acne troubling you?

LED therapy can help provide an effective treatment for recurring pimples, such as blackheads and whiteheads. But it’s best when used in conjunction with the right products and peels. Book a skincare consultation to discover our effective treatments for acne – phone (03) 8849 1400 or send an enquiry form below this page.

Skin Care uses of LED-LLLT Healite II treatments in addition to treating acne include:

  • facial rejuvenation
  • inflammation reduction after skin peels, Fraxel or DOT therapy
  • surgery healing

Using a mixed sequence of red light, interspersed with yellow light, helps reduce inflammation, boosts circulation, and improves healing times after having plastic surgery.

  • Red lights are also used to help speed up your healing processes after having surgery (or a deep facial treatment, such as a peel or DOT therapy session or CO2 facial rejuvenation treatment series).
  • Red light can also help stimulate natural collagen production, which means it can help reduce larger-looking pores and firm or tighten the skin a bit.

LED facial treatments are popular at our Melbourne Clinics for 5 key reasons:

  • LED facials are one of the most painless facial treatments on the market
  • In fact, LLLT treatments feel amazing (similar to relaxing on a beach on a perfect weather day)
  • They increase blood nutrients in treated areas, improving circulation, reducing problems relating to poor circulation, and helping with innate healing capacities
  • Unlike treatments that use micro-needling or skin peeling, LED facials are entirely non-invasive
  • No downtime is required – and you can wear moisturiser, sunscreen and makeup right away.

Healite II Facials or LED Facial Masks like Lightstim are another options

There are in-clinic treatments that use low-level light therapy  Plus, there are at-home options such as an LED wand or a facial mask.


Shown above is an LED mask. Some surgeons use these for facial rejuvenation aftercare, but we feel they can be a bit heavy to wear after a skin peel or surgery of the face. The Healite II doesn’t touch or rest on the skin – so it is often a better solution for our own treatment regimes.

Find out what LED LLLT can do for YOUR skin, your scars or your acne or facial concerns.

  • We have beautiful clinic offices and post-op rooms where we treat patients and skincare clients.
  • Our Clinic is conveniently located near Camberwell, Hawthorn, Auburn, Richmond, Balwyn, Kew, Melbourne CBD and nearby suburbs.
  • We also have one of Melbourne’s top cosmetic injecting clinicians, Sandra Wallace.

And you’ll get the BEST care practices of a team dedicated to treating clients with respect, dignity as well as the LATEST top-rated technologies for skin rejuvenation.  Phone (03) 8849 1400 to schedule a skincare assessment with a Dermal Clinician OR a cosmetic injecting session with one of our top injectors immediately for anti-wrinkle solutions and dermal fillers.


** Did you know? We are dedicated to offering advanced and scientifically based skincare solutions. These include Healite II facials, as well as natural-looking LIP augmentation using LIP FILLER injections, liquid facelifts with wrinkle reduction injections or serums, cheek augmentation that doesn’t look ‘too puffy’, and double-chin injection treatments using a special solution to help dissolve and reduce hanging under-chin fat stores. Naturally, these are for select clients only as not all clients are suitable for all treatments.

Lowered elastic levels and compromised fibroblast activities – are normal parts of getting older, of course.

However, there are several ways our Dermal Clinicians and Cosmetic Injectors can help you to keep your skin younger-looking and healthy.

Healite II LLLT (Low-Level Light Therapy ) can definitely help for Better Skin Health, Post-Op Healing and Scar Reduction

Why our Surgeons & Dermal Clinicians like Healite II treatments:

  • deep-penetrating LEDs
  • also stimulates increased circulation
  • certainly induces faster healing in comparison to other treatments
  • Healite II can also be used for Sun Damaged Skin

In summary, Low-Level Light Therapy (LLLT) using Healite II technology AMPLIFIES your body’s natural healing abilities and encourages production of newer, healthier (and more youthful-looking) skin cells. Studies and researchers indicate that:

“LED phototherapy for the rejuvenation of sun-damaged skin have shown increased activity of fibroblasts and increased lower level skin synthesis.

“In addition, LED phototherapy has also been reported to be very effective in preventing scar formation and stimulating hair growth, with red and infrared being the wavelengths of choice.[4] Other benefits can include reduced skin redness, irritation or other discomforts that can be experienced in some cosmetic skin treatments.”[2-3]

Your Dermal Clinician, Cosmetic Injector or Anti-Ageing Physician can certainly recommend Healite II as a standalone skin rejuvenation therapy to improve your skin or in combination with other procedures. It is also offered to plastic cosmetic surgery patients as a healing optimisation treatment and scar management strategy.

Low-Level Light Therapy (LLLT) using Healite II by Lutronics can even help reduce acne when used along with proper at-home skincare regimes and in Clinic acne treatments or prescription topical solutions.

Coco Ruby Skin & Anti-Ageing look forward to assisting you with keeping YOUR skin looking its best over time, and also every time. Moreover, we’ll assist you by helping you better understand how different factors impact the appearance of your skin and slow down rather than accelerate your ageing processes.

Further Reading – Medical References:

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Next Steps – How to get started on Skin Renewal and Healite II treatments as well as other clinic treatments for ageing skin:

These are some things you need so that you have healthy skin across a lifetime:

  • Effective skincare at-home – custom selected Cosmeceutical solutions such as Obagi or Medik 8 or PCA/DNA to clear up acne, redness and also other skin concerns.
  • In-Clinic Assessments using the Canfield REVEAL system to keep an eye specifically on sun damage.
  • Healite II, laser therapies or facial peels on a periodic basis or to clear up breakouts or recurring and sporadic skin conditions such as Melasma, Acne, wrinkles, lines or blotchy looking skin.
  • Schedule a consultation now with one of our highly trained therapists to clarify further the benefits of the treatment.

Phone us now on (03) 8849 1400 or send an enquiry form today.


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