Cosmetic Injections for Men

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Cosmetic Injections & Plastic Surgery options for Men

The Latest Grooming Options to look your best

Plastic Surgery, as well as non-surgical treatments such as cosmetic injections, have become increasingly popular in the last decade, and more men are jumping on board as they can see what treatments can do for their friends and partners.

Also, with selfies, online profiles and social media sharing breaking down former stigmas about ‘getting something done,’ men are also starting to talk about their treatments more openly.

But today’s advanced non-surgical and surgery treatments – when performed by a highly skilled expert or Plastic Surgeon- are hardly noticeable as appearing anything but natural-looking.  Gone are the days when ‘having work done’ on your face, skin or body was obvious to everyone you met – these days, the natural-but-improved look is definitely IN with men and women across the world.

And today’s treatments are quite advanced – whether it’s injections to reduce eye wrinkles or forehead lines, or skin resurfacing laser treatments to get you younger-looking skin – or even cheek bone enhancements to re-masculinise your facial features when gravity has taken its toll – a good injector will leave you looking very much like a well-rested, rejuvenated and improved version of yourself – not a startled, plastic or ‘over-injected’ one.

You can look like a younger, smoother or better YOU with no one being the wiser. Except that if you are really stoked about your cosmetic injections or plastic surgery results, you may want to share what you’ve done with others!

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Cosmetic Treatment Advances for Men’s Skin and Wrinkle Reduction

The vast medical progress our Australian society has undergone in recent decades has allowed for more advanced, refined and sophisticated procedures to evolve.  Women, in particular, have been known to be long-term fans of cosmetic facial treatments & Plastic Surgery rejuvenation procedures such as:

And now men are following suit.

Why are more men opting for skin care and injectables treatments than in past years?

Here’s why our Plastic Surgery & Skin Care Support Teams think more men are getting treatments than ever before, such as dermal volumisers or fillers – quality Injectables that can reduce crow’s feet, tear troughs and facial wrinkles; laser skin refinements treatments; skin peels and even Face lift Surgery, Rhinoplasty and Necklift Surgery.

Enzyme and Chemical Peels

Plus, liposuction has long been popular for men wanting to contour their abdominal area where exercise has failed to yield a flatter, firmer abdomen.

Men are likely more attracted and open to undertaking injectables treatments and cosmetic or plastic surgery because:

  • Photographs and image sharing is now an ingrained part of life
    • Men now see what their face & skin texture looks like – and they see this on a more frequent basis – with higher image resolution – than ever before
    • People are now often ‘first met’ through online profiles, and digital networking technologies are highly dependent on images for first-time connection-making

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  • Men watch their partners and female and male friends undergo cosmetic skin treatments and injectables and they take note of the appearance enhancement effects
    • they end up wanting similar results for themselves
    • they are sometimes curious to see what can be done to improve their own looks
    •  in the past, treatments weren’t always a greatly accepted option for them, but with more men caring about how they look – and wanting to look their best for longer – it’s becoming quite mainstream and widely accepted as an inherent part of ‘men’s grooming’

Men's skin care and eye lid treatments to remove wrinkles


  • Career instability and career changes – because people over 45, 55 and 65 want to remain in the work force for longer than ever before – and because they are often competing against younger candidates for prime career roles – they feel a need to look as youthful and attractive as possible
  • Research has shown that people considered more attractive and youthful looking often have greater choices in romantic partners and job roles – even salaries are higher for people who are rated by others as being ‘more attractive’

Of all the plastic surgery and cosmetic skin treatments men can choose, however, the top anti-ageing treatments seem to be:

However, one of the most popular procedures for men in Australia is cosmetic injections to reduce crow’s feet and forehead wrinkles or enhance a facial feature.

Cosmetic Injectables: the “go to” Anti-Wrinkle Treatments for men who’ve had excessive sun exposure OR seem to be ageing more rapidly than their peers

If you look around at men in their 40s, 50s and 60s, you’ll notice that there is significant variety in how their skin looks (e.g., the amount and depth of facial wrinkles that they have).

This is partially related to their genetic heritage, but is strongly impacted by how much sun exposure they have accumulated across their lifetime. Plus, the skin will age more rapidly when it is exposed to other environmental toxins such as pollution.  Eating a poor diet or smoking can also rapidly age the skin and overall facial appearance, leaving deep crevices that may need deeper skin refinement treatments (such as Fraxel treatments) for best results.

Fortunately there’s a lot that can be done to restore a more youthful, smoother looking skin appearance.

Pop culture, celebrity blogs and rampant social media image sharing  have now firmly established cosmetic injectables as a mainstream cosmetic-medical procedure for men and women.

Injectables and even SKIN BOOSTER treatments are now the “go to fast-recovery” cosmetic-medical treatments for men who want fewer lines and reduced facial wrinkles.  Plus, you can even aim for more-pronounced cheekbones or slightly fuller lips if you’re not quite sure you are ready for a surgical face lift yet, but you are wanting to do something positive to slow down the ageing of your skin.

Quick and efficient in the hands of a skilled and qualified medical injector, these treatments seem to fit into “mainstream men’s skin care” these days.


What are Cosmetic Medical Injections and how do they reduce wrinkles?

Cosmetic injections are a procedure that involves injecting a filler substance or a muscle-relaxing solution at a level in your skin that helps diminish wrinkles or produce a firming or plumping effect.

Injectables for men are great options to help reduce facial lines and eye area wrinkles, as well as restore facial areas that have lost volume due to ageing or significant weight loss.

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Cosmetic Anti-Wrinkle Injections are best administered by qualified, highly-trained health professionals.  Here at Coco Ruby, our Team includes Aesthetic Physician Dr Tina Purdon and Registered Nurse Sandra, works alongside the leading Plastic Surgeons’ group at Cosmetic Surgery for Women.

Injectables are performed with either cosmetic wrinkle fillers, dermal volumisers or a muscle-relaxing medical substances.  These solutions are delivered using micro-fine needles or tiny cannulas.

Micro-fine injections can help smooth your skin and reduce facial-line depth when administered by a seasoned professional (but not all injectors are equal – be sure to read our other blogs about choosing an Injector and be sure they are qualified and perform a full skin assessment prior to undergoing any treatments).

The most popular cosmetic fillers overall are:

  • Approved temporary-filler-solution products
  • Collagen
  • Synthetic fillers (such as silicone)
  • Autologous fillers (such as fat)

For Fillers in our Clinics, we focus on delivering quality-brand, undiluted approved-filler-solution-acid based solutions (temporary facial fillers).  These types of fillers offer long-lasting results that are temporary and hence, apt to be less problematic (more readily reversible) than most permanent fillers in the longer run, whilst giving a rejuvenating effect.

The Plastic Surgeons at Cosmetic Surgery for Men & Women may also perform autologous fat transfer procedures to enhance either a face lift surgery or a similar facial contouring surgery (visit for more details about surgical options).

As for injectable treatments to relax muscles and temporarily reduce wrinkles or lines on the face, these remain some of the most popular types of cosmetic injection treatments for men (followed by dermal filler injections).

Unlike cosmetic fillers, which do just as their descriptive name suggests (fill wrinkles, lines or scars and plump skin or lip areas), the muscle-relaxant injectable substances relax the muscles around the area where the wrinkles are being treated.

They can also be used to treat hyperhydrosis conditions (excessive sweating).

Read more about what injectables for men can achieve in TOP 3 COSMETIC INJECTION TREATMENTS FOR MEN (part II of this blog).

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