Cosmetic Injections Before Your Wedding


Scheduling Cosmetic Injections Before Your Wedding

Recently we interviewed Sandra Wallace, Senior Nurse Injector at Coco Ruby, about getting facial fillers and other cosmetic injections before a wedding. With the recent rise in demand for non-surgical enhancements to the face (and body), it is increasingly common for brides to ask for dermal fillers and anti-wrinkle injections in the months leading up to their weddings. Even Grooms are getting in on the trends of getting wrinkle-reduction injections before their wedding day (primarily to reduce their crow’s feet, forehead lines or brow furrows).


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What Brides, Grooms & Bridesmaids Need to Know about Facial Fillers and Anti-Wrinkle Injections Before a Big Event


Planning weddings is time-consuming and often stressful.  But if you’ve been wanting to ensure your skin looks smooth and vibrant before your wedding day photos, it’s best to plan ahead.  From facial treatments to skin resurfacing to fillers, lip augmentation or anti-wrinkle injections, you’re best to start at least 5 to 6 months before the big day – ideally as far ahead as 10 to 12 months if possible.

Pre-Wedding Planning for Facial Injections or Dermal Fillers

Here’s why planning ahead for cosmetic injections (Facial Fillers or Dermal Fillers) and Anti-Wrinkle Injections is important for Brides who want cosmetic injections before the wedding.

Facial Injections are becoming quite popular as cosmetic enhancement and anti-ageing procedures. But they are still a prescription treatment and they do involve some risks. So the further out you plan – and the more experience you AND your cosmetic injecting professional have with your particular responses to cosmetic injections – the better off your results are likely to be.


It’s best to allow enough time to get at least two injecting treatments well before the wedding day or other big event, plus 3 weeks or more after your injections to accommodate any potential side effects such as bruising.

There’s not really an ideal time to get dermal filler or anti-wrinkle injections before your wedding. But if you can plan your injection strategy a year out, that’s usually a really good time frame to determine what can be enhanced or reduced, and how much filler leaves your features looking better balanced or more refined, including lips.

A shorter time frame? Call (03) 8849 1400 and ask for an appointment with Sandra Wallace of Jessie Anderson to discuss your options.

For most patients but not all, downtime after having cosmetic injections is relatively minimal. Issues like bruising after getting fillers tend to resolve within about 2 weeks or sooner (sometimes just a few days), and things like Arnica may help. Read about the risks of bruising after dermal filler injections or anti-wrinkle injections.


Weddings are STRESSFUL enough to plan. Don’t add cosmetic injections to the mix if your wedding is days away. Plan well in advance.



Unfortunately, many brides, grooms and bridesmaids leave their personal grooming and cosmetic facial injection treatments TOO late to get the results they are wanting. So, too, do the parents of the bride and groom, who are busy planning what to wear and helping with arrangements.

This is understandable because other demands of wedding planning take priority. And because some people want their results to be ‘fresh’ for their wedding makeup and wedding photos. But there’s fresh and there’s dangerously close to a big event.

EVEN if you haven’t bruised before when you got lip filler injections or cheek augmentation or chin injections, there’s still a risk that suddenly you will. Especially if planning your wedding has given you a headache and you’ve taken lots of aspirin or NSAIDS that lead to altered bleeding and bruising tendencies.

The dangers of getting cosmetic injections too close to your wedding day or big event.

When you suddenly try to schedule an appointment a few weeks before your wedding day, you risk either looking overdone (such as can happen when an injector tries to achieve too much change at once) or worse yet, having an adverse reaction such as might occur by flying too soon after getting facial fillers or simply bruising. Or if your injector uses a new consistency or new brand of filler, there’s also a risk of a reaction you weren’t expecting. Even if you have well-tolerated injections in the past, stress, dehydration, diet changes, skincare regimes and numerous other factors can change your reactions and risks of an adverse reaction.

Plus, some people bruise easily after lip fillers or other facial injections.

  • While anti-wrinkle injections and dermal fillers are considered well-tolerated for suitable candidates, adverse reactions to dermal filler injections or anti-wrinkle injections are possible for some patients.
  • So you really do want to allow time before your wedding for at least two (2) injecting treatments with at least 6 to 8 weeks lead time after the most recent injecting session (e.g., allow at least 6 to 8 weeks between your injecting appointments and your wedding day).

Remember, also, that this information is general in nature. Your injecting Clinician may give you different suggestions based on what you’re trying to accomplish within a certain time frame.

  • Each patient’s appearance goals and injecting requirements are unique.
  • Be sure to ask your Injecting Clinician what they would suggest before you undertake any particular timing plans.
  • Choose someone who has had extensive experience with cosmetic injecting (decades rather than months or a few years) – experience DOES count and after all, this IS your wedding that we’re talking about!


If you’re a Bride or Bridesmaid who’s wanting Anti-Wrinkle Injections or Facial Fillers before a wedding, Plan Ahead and Avoid Cheap Cosmetic Injecting Offers

Our team of Injecting Clinicians cautions brides who want cosmetic injections before their wedding to START as early as possible.

“Especially if it’s their first time getting either anti-wrinkle injections or dermal fillers and lip augmentation injections,” notes Sandra. “And with cheap injecting offers, you typically get what you pay for. Quality counts and you want to be sure your Injecting professional is using authentic brands that are approved for use in Australia.”

Indeed, as covered in our other blogs and as highlighted in the media, there are plenty of counterfeit solutions and non-approved injecting brands being used by unscrupulous injectors in Australia these days. Be sure you’re choosing someone who uses well-known BRANDS, and who also knows how to select the best products for your face, cheeks, wrinkles or lips, within that brand range. What type of Clinic you choose ALSO counts for something – a Clinic that has been around for a long time, and established Injectors who have a stake in their long term reputation, are more likely to use bespoke injecting strategies that can get you good results. Avoid cheap injecting specials where they engage in ‘cookie-cutter’ approaches that can leave you looking ‘overfilled’ and puffy-looking.  Remember, the aim is to look great in your wedding photos – not to look like your Injecting Clinician didn’t know when to stop!

illegal TGA approved muscle relaxant solution imported into Australia

Our Team recommends the following:  Be sure your Clinic offers a choice of branded stock, not just one brand of filler.

  • There are a few really quality brands; with differing products within those brands that are suitable for different areas of the face and which can help achieve an ideal result.
  • An experienced injector has had years of research into what filler works best in certain areas of the face, as well as where to inject and how much volume to add. It’s about putting in just enough to improve the appearance of the face but not so much that you end up looking “overdone.”

Do your HOMEWORK – Also make sure you do your homework in advance so you know what’s quality and what might be something you’d rather not have injected into your face.  “We also think it’s important to avoid PERMANENT fillers of any type; especially before a wedding,” affirms the Senior Injecting Team at Coco Ruby Skin & Anti-Ageing.


Skills of Good Cosmetic Injecting Clinicians Vary

You want an Experienced, Artistic and Anatomy-Savvy Injecting Clinician

  • To aim for the best facial treatment outcomes and cosmetic injecting results, be sure you choose an EXPERIENCED and qualified Injecting Professional who values ongoing training in the industry.
  • Our team also warns that knowledge of facial anatomy AND experience with the different products within each name brand injecting solution range is crucial to getting good results with Cosmetic Injecting treatments.

“Good injecting skills are essentially a combination of scientific awareness of anatomy and artistic sculpting,” says Sandra. “There are a lot of junior injectors in the world right now, and you don’t want to risk your pre-wedding face with a newly trained injector.”


Coco Ruby Skin & Anti-Ageing Approach to Facial Fillers and Anti-Wrinkle Injecting Treatments: Less is More – The Importance of Going Slowly

  • “For dermal fillers, we are dedicated to avoiding the risks of having an ‘over-done’ or ‘over-filled’ look – so we like to have the opportunity to treat at least twice before the wedding,” notes Sandra.
  • “We prefer to do a little at a time, making subtle enhancements and wrinkle reductions to get a natural-looking outcome, rather than trying to do it all at once, where you have higher risks and can readily look overdone.”

That’s right – the aim of a good cosmetic injection result is to render the appearance refreshed & enhanced, yet natural-looking. So it’s best to allow enough time to get treated, then retreated for best results.

For Anti-Wrinkle Injections, deeper lines may need a few treatments several months apart to reduce the lines and/or skin resurfacing as well.

Deeper wrinkles, such as deep forehead lines and crow’s feet (the infamous “11s” between the brows) may also need several rounds of anti-wrinkle injections to smooth the skin in that area.  “You may get good results with one injecting session, but most people wait until the stage where they’ll need repeated treatments to attain the smoother appearance they are looking for.”

Other skin treatments, such as laser resurfacing with Fraxel or DOT therapy, or even DermaPen treatments or acne scar reduction treatments, also tend to require more than one treatment for best results. Again, planning ahead is key – or phone us on (03) 8849 1400 for a skin consultation to see what CAN be done to get your skin looking fresh and glowing before your big event.



We even see grooms these days, notes Sandra.  They mostly want wrinkle reductions, although some want chin augmentation or jaw enhancements (the “liquid facelift” or “facial feature chiseling” using dermal fillers).

So what can Cosmetic Injections DO for your face before your Wedding?

Here are the top injecting treatments Brides might ask for before their wedding day, from Senior Injecting Clinician Sandra Wallace

See the injectables Before and After Photos

Other parts of the face that can be treated with cosmetic injections include:

  • Marionette lines (nasolabial lines between corners of the mouth and nose)
  • Lips (Lip Augmentation) – reduce a gummy smile, correct a lopsided smile, augment thin lips and reduce small fines around lips by volumising the lips with strategically placed lip filler injections
  • Cheeks (cheek augmentation) – add some oomph to your cheek profile with dermal filler in the cheek apex area
  • Chins and jawline for women (for a more defined jawline or chin, or to give a heart-shaped appearance to a masculine-looking face).
  • Chin and jawline for men (strategically placed dermal filler can strengthen a jawline or chin area for a mildly recessed chin or sagging-looking jawline)
  • Noses (solutions for reducing small bumps or for augmenting the nasal bridge on a botch nose job where too much of the nasal bridge was removed during a Rhinoplasty – not all patients are suitable)

Under Chin Fat Reduction (Double Chin Injection Treatments)

At Coco Ruby, we also offer under-chin fat reduction treatments using  “Double Chin Injections” treatment methods approved for use in Australia

Read more about under chin fat reduction treatments (allow at least 6 months and ideally 12 months for this treatment before a wedding).

In summary, the key to getting cosmetic injections BEFORE your wedding is of course – planning.

We offer a wide range of bride-friendly Cosmetic Injecting, Anti-Wrinkles & Dermal Filler Injections & Skin Treatment Locations including DOT therapy, Fraxel and Healite II.

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