Cheap Injectables Prices in Melbourne: Do you really want the Cheapest Products and Injectors?

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Cheap Filler Prices and Cheap Injectables Prices in Melbourne – What are you really paying for?

Every patient wants to know how much is an ml of filler or a unit of wrinkle reducer. But it’s not the amount or price of injectables that determines the final result. You wouldn’t pay an artist by the amount of paint they use – would you? Ever wonder how about the quality and quantity of the Injectable product or Dermal Filler you’re actually getting? For a better result, you pay for the artistic skill of the injector. You pay more for experience and backup support, You’ll pay extra for medical premises rather than an injecting salon. This blog explores the reasons for the different injectables prices in Melbourne Australia.

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Anti-Wrinkle Injection Price Differences

When anti-aging home remedies don’t work and surgical procedures seem a bit too complicated, you can always rely on injectables treatments such as muscle-relaxing injections or dermal fillers (skin volumisers) to cater to your facial rejuvenation needs.  But there seems to be an option for getting cosmetic injections on just about every street corner, with discount pricing even being advertised on discount online websites. Injections are not a simple beauty treatment and shouldn’t be taken lightly by an unknown injector.

They are often best performed by an experienced Clinician with medical training in anatomy and physiology as well as a solid understanding of the different injectables product brands – and how to get you natural-looking results by using the right injecting strategy.  So how do you know WHAT you’re really getting in an injectables treatment – e.g., how much of the product are you getting and what type? Is it expired? Is it Diluted? Can you trust them?

The Bitter Reality About Cheap Injectables – Anti-Wrinkle Injections, Discount Facial Filler or No Name Brand Cheap Injectables Products

More people these days are choosing cosmetic injectables and dermal filler injection treatments based solely on price. What this often means is that people have embarked on injectables without knowing a lot about them.  Many consumers are not fully familiar with brand quality differences, how they are actually used on different parts of the face – and what longevity to expect from a temporary injection treatment.

Injectables fall into the category of being a temporary anti-ageing facial solution. They are even being used in the 30s and 40s as an ageing prevention measure, although not quite as much as they are currently being used to treat aged or sun-damaged skin.  The main benefits of cosmetic injection treatments remain in the areas of:

(a) wrinkle reductions and fine lines minimisation using muscle-relaxant injectables solutions

(b) skin volumisation using dermal fillers to compensate for lost volume (tear troughs, temples, cheeks, lips or jawlines)

(c) feature enhancement or facial contouring (primarily enhancement of the lips, jawline, chin, cheeks or nose)

In fact, Injection Treatments may often be a preferred approach over plastic surgery options due to fewer risks of side effects. There’s also a lower cost of rejuvenation therapies using fillers and other injectables compared to surgical incisions.

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Eventually, however, the skin and facial features will benefit more from surgery to regain a more youthful appearance than injections.

So there WILL come a time when the best investment of your cosmetic expenditures is likely to be towards a surgical round-block or SMAS facelift, a neck lift, and/or a deep skin peel rather than cosmetic injection treatments on their own.  If you’ve developed a trusting relationship with your long-term Injecting Clinician, you’ll be able to discuss whether or not injections are still your best option as a rejuvenation measure or whether it’s time to speak with a Plastic Surgeon such as Dr Sackelariou or Dr Barnett.

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Are you getting the Injectables quantities you are paying for? – Are your cheap injectables being over diluted?

According to several sources, some of the small clinics and beauty centers who offer deep discounts are thinning out the muscle-relaxant powder by adding a higher amount of saline solution to the powder before injecting – creating a dilution below the supplier’s standards.  This might be being done to be able to offer cheap injections and still increase the profits OR to entice clients in the shape of low-cost injections therapy advertisements.  Unfortunately, many clients fall for these discount offers even though they might be getting an unknown brand or unknown quantity (or dilution ratio). Why is this common?

  • The difference in the cost of injectables therapy using quality products versus highly diluted or off-brand products might be huge.

In some cases, it has been observed that the cost of anti-wrinkle injections at a small clinic or beauty salon is only a fraction of therapy cost offered at a reputed clinic with a reputation for using only quality brand injection solutions

  • It is estimated that over 32% of candidates who opt for injections are unaware of the fact that only a Physician or Registered Nurse should carry out injectable therapies.

That’s nearly 1 of every 3 people who get injections.

Injections are usually measured in volume or UNITS

The actual dynamics of the injectables procedure (such as the dilution ratio, recommended dosage or quantity in each unit) can be unfamiliar to clients.  Sadly, many people who opt for these facial rejuvenation injecting therapies do too little research to understand how an injection or a dermal filler solution is prepared.  If you do your homework, you’ll have a general sense of how many units are required for each area, and a rough idea of how long you can expect them to last.

But you should also realise that each person is unique and that these are general guidelines only.

Anti-Wrinkle Injectables – How Many Units Will I Need

  • For the “11’s” (vertical wrinkles between your eyebrows), anti-wrinkle injections of about 20-25 (or more) units of a quality brand (not overly-diluted) might be required.  It can vary up to 30 units or more, depending on the area being treated or the depth of the wrinkles.

Sometimes men might require more anti-wrinkle units than women due to having a slightly different brow area anatomy.

  • You won’t see results for about 7-8 days or even up to 10-14 days for wrinkle reducing injections
  • You’ll likely need a top up in about 3 to 6 months
  • If your wrinkles are very deep you may need several treatments before you notice they become less prominent
  • You’ll want to be patient as the injections take time to start working

Lip Filler – Typical Volumes for Injectables Treatments

For lip filler, usually 1 syringe is adequate to plump the lips (this varies depending on which type of filler is used).

  • In general, 1 cc is about right for lips for a natural-looking result; but this might vary from 0.5 cc to 1.5/2 cc for fuller lips.
  • With other filler brands, your might need more than that (some fillers can give a softer, more natural feeling lip outcome than others) – ask Our leading Injecting Team which filler brands they prefer for lips and why.

What are some ‘ups’ and ‘downs’ of Cheap Injectable Therapies?

As the name indicates, “injectable cosmetic procedures” work by one of three typical mechanisms:

  • Long-lasting relaxation of tight, taut facial expression muscles that have led to the formation of wrinkles and lines
  • Restoring or filling up areas of the face that have lost volume (potentially filling in or relaxing some scars)
  • Plumping up facial areas that might have sagged (downwards) due to loss of subcutaneous fat and a skeletal structure that is experiencing atrophy due to the ageing process

Like all cosmetic rejuvenation procedures, injectables treatments have benefits and strengths along with weaknesses and risks – and you should know about these before opting for injections.

It’s important to know that injections are minimally invasive, but they can become unsafe if the wrong injector uses the wrong injecting agent – or uses the right injecting solution but in the wrong area of the face (read our blog on “Injection Danger Zones”). Understand your risks and choose an experienced, qualified Clinician for your Injections (an experienced Physician, Surgeon or Registered Nurse with extensive injecting experience).

Here is why you might opt for Injectables cosmetic procedures using volumising fillers or anti-wrinkle reducing injections:

  • injectable cosmetic procedures are far more economical and less time consuming than surgical procedures
  • you can often achieve a pleasing cosmetic result in a short time frame and with very little downtime
  • being temporary, you can sometimes reverse or otherwise ‘ride out’ any undesirable results over a reasonable period of time

Cosmetic and Anti-Wrinkle Injectables can be a lot of help as an anti-ageing treatment for the skin AND facial features – but their effectiveness depends on a number of factors including the skin condition, the injecting sites, the brand used and the skill of the Injector

Injectables therapies continue to evolve as rejuvenation treatments. A good injector will know what strategy to use to get the most rejuvenating effects that remain natural-looking and long-lasting.

Your skin condition & skeletal atrophy levels will tend to impact your results from fillers and anti-wrinkle injectable treatments outcomes

The quality of results can also vary from person to person – and from Injector to Injector. Your Clinician should be able to guide you as to what to expect from the procedure.  A good Clinician will also be able to articulate an effective injecting strategy and why they think it will work for you – and give you a general idea of how long it might last.

  • As an example of how age matters, people who are in their late 50s or early 60s and above might not see dramatic improvements with fillers because of skin laxity and skin draping.
  • It all depends on the skin health and skin elasticity or collagen structures AND the underlying bone structure, which atrophies with time.
  • Some individuals may be better off investing in a facelift procedure in lieu of, or in addition to, injectables treatments.
  • Others may benefit most from combining skin peels or laser treatments with surgical approaches to reduce a sagging jawline or sagging eyelid skin.
  • Certain areas of the face will maintain the effects of injections for longer than other areas of the face (ask your Injector for details).

An Honest Injector won’t Over Promise or sell cheap injectables

An honest, experienced clinician won’t over-promise AND will be able to discuss your injecting plan and expected costs (or units) BEFORE you agree to a service.   You should expect a written quote before you proceed with any injecting treatments, including potential options for treating some of your main concerns rather than all of them at once.

Our Clinic uses only well-recognised, top quality injectables brands for dermal fillers and wrinkle reducing injections.

Common Dermal Filler Treatments: Temporary-filler-solution (HA) fillers

A temporary-filler-solution is found naturally in middle layers of your dermal tissues (skin).  HA contributes to the ongoing elasticity of your skin and helps keep your skin plump.

  • As an injectable solution, HA fillers can be used to fill the under eye area (such as if you have a tear trough deficiency) and can also help plump up very thin lips or waning cheek bones and jawlines.
  • HA fillers can also sometimes be used for certain facial lines and wrinkles, but must be used carefully in certain areas of the face OR they may lead to undesirable results.
  • Fortunately, most HA fillers can be reversed if necessary.
    • The cosmetic effects of dermal volumisers or “filler injections” may last for about 9, 12 to up to 16 months or more for some parts of the face.
    • For filling the lips, the effect is often diminished after about 5 to 6 months.wrinkle injectables cosmetic injections melbourne best practices
      • Fortunately the lips are easily ‘topped up’ and it’s better to build up the lip volume slowly rather than end up with a ‘trout pout.’
      • Read our blogs on why less is more with injections – and aim to avoid Filler Overuse Syndrome.
  • Bruising, tenderness or minor swelling can be an unwanted side effect of any injection treatments; but usually resolve within a short period of time (days).

The price of each injection varies and complete treatments may require up to 5 or more units of injections, depending on what you’re having done.

  • Some filler brands can deliver longer term effects (i.e. 12 to 18 months), because their active ingredients encourage the human body to synthesize its own collagen.

Using your own Fat – Autologous Fat Transfer (AFT) to the face instead of HA Fillers

Excess fat removed via liposuction can also sometimes be used as a facial filler injecting substance. This may be performed as part of a facial rejuvenation procedure such as a facelift.

Fat transfers involve a bio-compatible substance as it comes from your own body, but the procedure can be very costly and time-consuming.  Unlike other fillers, the liposuction procedure along with unknown fat uptake rates can add an extra level of uncertainty, complexity or risk to your facial filler procedure.  ATF can also potentially cause lumps or swelling in certain situations. There is also some risk of the injected fat ‘not taking’ – which could lead to tissue breakdown or fat necrosis. The donor areas are usually from the buttocks, thighs and flank region; with risks similar to any liposuction procedures.

Who Should AVOID Cheap Injectables procedures

Avoid getting injectables treatments if you have any type of bleeding-related disorders, acute acne breakouts or pimples, active skin infections or inflammation, skin rashes, cysts and/or a history of severe allergic reactions.

Make sure your injection treatment is carried out by a qualified and experienced Injector with medical qualifications (a Registered Nurse or a Physician or Surgeon).  Quality Injectors will likely have made cosmetic injections their clinical focus area for at least 10 to even 20 years, not just the last 1 to 5 years.

Finally, be sure to discuss not just the price and units being provided, but all of the possible side effects and injecting risks.  Ask how your Clinician would handle any risks should an unwanted reaction occur.  Also, be completely honest about your medical history, so that the best type of injectable therapy can be chosen for your facial rejuvenation treatment.

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