What Causes Prematurely Ageing Skin?

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Causes of Prematurely Ageing Skin, Signs, and Some Skin Solutions to Help

Primary Causes of Prematurely Ageing skin

The hormones in your body are primarily responsible for regulating, controlling and restoring vital body functions and organs. When their levels reduce significantly, one thing is certain.


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You age more rapidly than you would like!  Hormone changes are also one of the key reasons why some of us age prematurely – Here are some of the causes of ageing skin.




There are many different hormones and internal reactions involved in premature skin ageing. Some involve the same hormones or internal reactions that ensure that your body fights off environmental toxins, such as pollution or sun exposure. As the rate of pollution in your environment increases, you are likely being exposed to a lot more chemicals and other harmful substances. These environmental toxins may end up injuring your body’s self-repair systems over time (or quickly if you’re exposed at very high levels). Other hormones may relate to our endocrine systems, our thyroid function and our reproductive systems, which may impact the appearance of our skin as they change with time or due to a chronic condition.

4 Causes of Prematurely Ageing Skin

Cause 1. Hormone Changes can slow Cellular Skin Repair Over Time

Your skin has the ability to heal itself and restore itself most of the time, unless it’s been severely compromised (such as if you’ve experienced a bad burn or a skin infection or injury).  As hormones change over time, however, so does your skin, and it’s innate ability to renew itself eventually becomes compromised.

As your hormones fluctuate throughout your life, you are likely to notice skin changes – particularly as you grow older – including dryness and deepening wrinkles.

treatments to help ageing skin that is very dry

But even young people have hormonal imbalances related to either lifestyle or genetics, and their skin can also become excessively dry, flaky or problematic.

Cause 2. Lifestyle factors impact skin ageing

Poor nutrition or an inadequate diet, chronic stress, lack of good sleep, excessive consumption of alcohol or drugs, too much caffeine and nicotine can all contribute in lowering your body defensive and cellular regeneration systems – which in turn will impact the appearance of your skin.

Smoking, in fact, is one of the most SIGNIFICANT causes of prematurely ageing skin. It’s a definite NO NO if you care about your skin and if you want to look good and live long.

Smoking is extremely detrimental for your skin, and will age you very quickly. That’s partially because of the numerous poison’s you’re inhaling when you smoke (these poisons impact your body’s immune system and all organs including your largest organ the skin). It’s also partially related to the fact that smoking impacts your nutritional uptake (impeding vitamin absorption), meaning that even eating healthily won’t overcome the damage.  It’s also related to the repeated inhalation-based facial expressions you make (dragging on a cigarette will leave you with smokers’ lines above our lips).

smokers lines, lip fillers, injectables for winkles

Cause 3. Sun Damage causes premature ageing

Sun damage is also a key factor in ageing skin.

sun damaged skin sun spot removal

It might seem fun now, but sun exposure and sun-related skin damage accumulates over many years.

It then shows up in sunspots, wrinkles and deepening skin crevices that first appear in your late 30’s or early 40s, or even earlier if you use certain medications or get sun exposure too soon after a laser treatment or a skin peel.

Fortunately, some sun damage can be remedied with treatments such as Laser Genesis, DOT therapy and other special dermal treatments by expert Dermal Clinicians.

But one of the best ways to prevent premature skin ageing is to avoid getting too much sun, avoid sunburns, and wear a protective sunscreen and other sun-protection gear such as wide-brimmed hats and UV-protection sunglasses.

Cause 4. Stress is also a key factor in premature ageing.

We live in a fast-paced world today. With 24/7 internet access, we may have limited time to de-stress, detox and re-compose ourselves. As noted in Psychology Today, stress actually hastens cellular ageing.

stress and metabolic reactions, stress and skin, ageing, premature ageing, health and stress

Stress reactions often show up in your skin.

So does a lack of quality sleep (when your body and skin repair itself) relating to feeling overly stressed about your work, finances, university, children or relationships.

Stress impacts your hormone levels and your body’s immune system, so try to find ways to manage the stressors in your life in a healthy way – whether that’s yoga, journalling, exercising or counselling.  And take time away from your hectic lifestyle by spending time in nature – your skin will thank you for it!

3 Signs that indicate your facial skin may be ageing prematurely

1. Very Prominent Wrinkles starting at an early age

Your skin is the largest organ in your body.  The cells in your skin – collagen and elastin protein – break down as you grow older.


The speed of collagen breakdown is partially relating to your genetic heritage and partially related to lifestyle and environmental factors. 

If you don’t take excellent care of your skin and your other organs by living a healthy lifestyle, your skin can lose its elasticity more quickly.

It’s also wise to be gentle when you remove your makeup around your eyes (a more delicate area) – and don’t exfoliate too harshly or using discount exfoliation products that can tear the skin. Use only cosmeceutical-grade skincare products and a customised skincare regime (our Dermal Clinicians can help).

And DON’T smoke or overuse alcohol or other substances that harm the skin.

fix sun spots, remove sun spots, ageing skin treatments for sun damage

2. Excessive Skin Laxity

Whether or not your skin sags is dependent on a number of factors, as above – and one is weight changes.

If you have lost a lot of weight, for example, your facial skin – and body skin – may sag.  Or, if your skin’s collagen and elastin (elasticity and resiliency) are impeded (such as can occur over time, or in relation to poor nutrition, substance use and certain medications or during pregnancy or menopause), you may find you have lax or ‘saggy’ looking skin.


Saggy skin can also start to look crepey as your collagen fibres begin to deteriorate. 

ageing skin injectables

What stage does laxity show up on your skin?

Skin laxity often begins to show up noticeably in your late 30’s, early 40s and in your 50s.

But even if you’re in your 20’s and 30’s, you may see unwanted ageing-related changes occurring in the appearance of their skin.

Ask our Dermal Clinicians how they can help your skin appearance, if you have premature skin laxity – sometimes this can be done by peels, injectables or light-based treatments that are known to help rejuvenate your skin.

3. Discolored and Patchy-Looking Skin: Age Spots or Sunspots

Any sign of the sun on your skin, such as hyperpigmentation (sunspots) or eye area wrinkles, is an indication of ageing.

This is because the ultraviolet rays of the sun are harsh on your skin, breaking down the skin cells faster and often changing skin chemistry (melanin production).

best eyelids using injectables

This can leave you with patches of discoloured skin (or dark spots), particularly along your cheeks or temples (and your decolletage).

You may even suffer from Melasma, which is sometimes a sign of too much sun at an early age.

Fortunately, our Dermal Clinicians offer state of the art treatments that can help reduce the appearance of sun damage including sun spots and hyper-pigmentation. But the best way (and more economical way) to keep your skin looking great is to PREVENT these from occurring by better protecting your skin – ask us how!

Ageing is a natural process everyone has to undergo – no one lives forever, and no one is immune to ageing skin. But there’s a lot you can do to prevent premature skin ageing – and to repair the damage that’s already been done.

sun protection for skin tones light, medium, dark

In summary, the key anti-ageing measures you can take to keep your skin looking its best for longer – and maintain a youthful skin glow – include:

  • wearing quality sun screen
  • avoiding too much sun exposure
  • avoiding environmental toxins
  • adopting good lifestyle changes
    • having proper nutrition
    • getting regular exercise
  • using cosmeceutical products
  • following a skin care regime tailored specifically to your skin
  • avoid exposures that will make you age faster such as too much sun, smoking and substance use

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And find great ways to manage stress – your skin will look ALL the better for it!


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