Lip Injection Options

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Lip Injections can Give Your Lips a Lift

Lip injections and lip surgery are increasingly popular ways to help balance the face, even out a smile or plump up a thin top lip.

Injections: with hardly any down time and minimal risks when performed by one of our Top Injectors such as Sandra or Dr Tina Purdon, you can be on your way to a better-looking lip proportion in very little time.

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Can you shape the upper lip with fillers or injectable treatments?

There are several procedures available to change the shape or volume of the upper lip.

A lip lift can permanently change and enhance the size and shape of the lips without the need for repeating lip fillers.

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How do lip treatments help reduce the appearance of facial ageing?

As we age, our lips lose their plumpness and begin to descend or droop, typically around the corners – similarly losing firmness and fullness just as the skin on our face does.

The lighter portion of our lips (or along the edges) can begin to get larger as the tinted area of our lips becomes thinner and even down-turned.

Some people notice their upper lip begins to hang lower over the front teeth (or as the lips thin, more gum begins to show).

Fuller lips in better proportion to the overall face will not only tend to help you look a bit younger, but it can give you a more “subtly-pouty” lip or more appealing smile. Both of these changes can help rejuvenate the facial appearance, especially when your improved lip shape is highlighted by beautiful lipstick or lip gloss colours that complement your skin tone.

Some of these lip enhancements can be done with lip injections alone, but others may require surgery to improve the lip and smile.

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What other type of lip lifts are there?

Lip enhancements and plumping using Injectables

If you want a fuller lip or to balance out a lopsided or gummy smile, lip injectable treatments alone – consisting of an approved temporary-filler-solution solutions – may get you the lip shape, size and smile improvements that you’re wanting.

But sometimes you want a bit of a different lip or lower face look, and might explore lip surgery or lower facial surgery, such as a chin augmentation, a facelift or a Bullhorn Lip Lift.

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Unfortunately none of our Melbourne Surgeons offer the Bullhorn Lip Lift at this time.

If you are in the Sydney area, you can contact Dr Richard Sackelariou, our Sydney based Plastic Surgeon on (02) 9362 0676.

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