Budget Beauty Treatments for a Makeover

budget beauty treatments

Budget Beauty Treatments for Your Skin:  3 Ways to Refresh Your Look

Have you resolved to get your body, face or skin looking it’s very best. Are you ready to refresh your appearance, but have to keep in mind a certain budget?  Budget beauty treatments to the rescue. The key is to ask a professional which ones will suit your needs best, and then decide which options to choose.  What you do at home for your skin counts for a lot as well, so be sure you take a multi-faceted approach to keeping your skin and body looking healthy, fit, smooth and firm.

New Non-Surgical Beauty and Cosmetic Procedure Options

We live in a unique time in the history of cosmetic rejuvenation. Every year, there are a new crop of treatments that are non-surgical, affordable and effective.  These can be well-developed, minimally invasive and widespread in their popularity, but it can leave you – the consumer – confused as to what works best to treat for your concerns, or what is worth the investment of time and your beauty budget.

Once the purview only of Hollywood celebrities or Melbourne’s highest echelons, non-surgical facial rejuvenation and cosmetic injections are now so common, they’re almost an expected part of anyone’s self care…anyone who cares about looking their best, that is – and is willing to investigate the numerous options to make that a reality.

Whilst we all want to look our best, we don’t all have a starlet’s budget. If you went a bit overboard on your Gift Shopping, you may be limited on what you can spend to rejuvenate your self come January or February.

With so many affordable options, however, nearly anyone on any type of budget can commit to a fresher face. The key is to understand which budget beauty treatment options are worth going for, and which are worth saving for, in terms of what you want to achieve with your skin.

Before you look into any particular treatment, however, it’s best to get a skin assessment from a Coco Ruby Dermal Clinician, and to look after what you’re using on your skin at home.  There are excellent products on the market but NOT all will get you great results – and not all are suited for every type of skin.  So avoid the sins of using the WRONG products (such as those that irritate the skin or clog your pores) or ineffective products (not all anti-ageing skincare products actually DO anything for your skin, but cosmeceuticals are a class above and can make a huge difference when used properly over time).

Three Procedures and Three Budgets: 3 Options for Treatments

Option #1 Budget-Friendly Skincare – The Full Monty of a home-based Skin Care System for Under $220


Obagi skin care systems (around $220) are a wonderful cosmeceutical option for medical-grade skin care.  What you do every night – including being diligent about removing all traces of facial and eye area makeup – is going to make the greatest difference in how your skin looks. But that’s only true if you use the right products for YOUR skin.

Not all skin care products are the same.  Most just sit on the skin, but others have active ingredients that can:

  1. Stimulate collagen
  2. Remove dead skin cells to leave a skin glow
  3. Improve moisture retention and firmness
  4. Reduce oiliness or acne if you have recurring skin blemishes and blackheads
  5. Reduce redness such as for patients with Rosacea or skin sensitivities

Option #2:   Get a Budget-Friendly Lip Pucker for Under $400

 You may have been born with thin lips, an overly gummy smile or asymmetrical (uneven) lips. Or perhaps they have simply thinned as you have aged. Smoking can also diminish the appearance of lips, giving you a pinched, sour appearance, and ageing your entire face, even if you quit long ago.

Commonly used lip fillers include top brands, and most quality dermal fillers available today contain an approved temporary-filler-solution, a substance that occurs naturally in the body.  They are temporary, but long lasting, and can give a lovely facial and smile-enhancement effect for little cost.  Roughly under $400 per treatment, but that can vary depending on how much you want done and whether or not a lot of asymmetry correction is needed.  We have three Lip Injecting clinicians who are fantastic at getting natural looking lip enhancements with strategic lip fillers (dermal lip plumping injections). With a bit of numbing cream and some ice packs, you will be in and out within no time – so long as you have a full assessment on your first visit and update your Clinician about any changes when you come in for a top up around 5 to 9 months later.

What this dermal filler beauty treatment can do for you:

Lip fillers can enhance your smile, giving you a younger, smoother mouth. One of our skilled Clinicians can use fillers to give shape, volume and or structure to you lips. You can get your lips plumped up in Hawthorn East,

  • If you want to remove those fine lines or tiny creases surrounding your upper lip
  • If you long for a slight, pleasing plumpness to your lips that only you will notice how it was achieved – whilst others will admire your smile or slightly volumised pout
  • If you want one of the sexiest or rejuvenating lip enhancements possible without looking overdone

Contact our Injecting Clinicians and through a thorough discussion and overall facial proportion assessment, including evaluating your current lip shape and lip volume to determine what enhancements will get you a better looking smile or lip pout – you can achieve the results you want. Phone us on (03) 8849 1400 during Clinic Hours or send an enquiry form, today!

The best part of the Lip Booster Beauty on a Budget Treatment using Lip Fillers/Dermal Fillers

The lip injection procedure typically takes just a few minutes after your assessment. Most patients can immediately return to their normal routine, even going out at night with a lovelier smile.  It is relatively uncommon that you’ll have bruising or swelling, but it might occur for some patients – so your best bet is to schedule your lip filler injections at least one week (or 5 days) before a big event.

Results are long lasting, up to 6 months (averaging 5 to 9 months). So skip this season’s new wardrobe – and invest in your lips instead.

lip plumping with lip filler injections, lip injections, cosmetic lip injections, restylane, TGA approved Filler,  Budget Beauty Treatments

Option #3 –  Dermapen CIT Skin Resurfacing for around $1200

Are you a minimalist, who embraces a natural look, while not being totally averse to getting a little extra help? Does your facial skin show signs of chicken pox in childhood, sun damage or acne in adolescence? Or has your skin developed an uneven texture or aged spots over recent years?

For less than the price of a new sofa, you can return your skin to it’s glory days with DermaPen (Collagen Induction Treatments) with our Coco Ruby team in Melbourne, Victoria.

DermaPen is used for skin rejuvenation, and is an excellent treatment that suits most – if not all – skin types, including skin that might be prone to increased pigment if lasers were used instead of Dermapen.

The CIT Treatment or “micro-needling” skin rejuvenation procedure makes use of eleven micro-needles, which vertically pierce your skin at high speed. This creates micro-injuries, and these injuries stimulate new collagen production at the cellular level. It’s a tiny bit uncomfortable but with numbing cream or special techniques, it’s hardly noticeable and it’s over in nearly an instant!

How it works:  These tiny punctures induce your body’s own natural healing ability from within, without damaging the surface of your skin. Your skin regains the smooth and supple texture it had before time and the environment had their way.

collagen induction therapy dermapen miconeedling

Beauty on a Budget: Dermapen (CIT) treatments done as a series can help you address:

  • Most scars, like acne and chickenpox and some surgical scars.
  • Stretch marks
  • Burns
  • Wrinkles

Resurfacing skin usually takes 4 – 6 Dermapen treatments scheduled 6 weeks apart.  You will experience some redness and swelling which normally resolves after 3 days.

Live with the old sofa or couch, not with your flawed or sun-damaged skin. Invest in a fresh, healthy and glowing face.

Facial Rejuvenation Guide Download


 What’s Your Beauty Resolution? And what will YOU choose of the many Budget Beauty Treatment options?

If one of these non-surgical treatments or surgical procedures aligns with your plans for self-improvement, call us to today on (03) 8849 1400 to schedule an appointment at Coco Ruby in Hawthorn East. Our Dermal Clinicians and Injecting Professionals across our Hawthorn East/Melbourne location.

We look forward to helping you reach your aesthetic goals in the new year.


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