Brow Tattooing Risks and Rewards: Is Brow Feathering Right for You?


Eye Brow Tattooing Risks and Rewards – the feathering brow trend has firmly taken hold. But is it worth it?

Thinning eyebrows – or eyebrows that have turned grey or white and ‘wiry’ with age – are a common problem for many men and women.  This may lead many people to think about the possible upsides of getting brow tattooing doneBefore we cover risks and benefits in a general way, reminding you that results vary from patient to patient and to think this decision through carefully, let’s talk about why people need their brows enhanced in the first place.  For some, it’s after losing brow hair due to cancer treatments or other conditions that reduce facial hair. For others, it’s more cosmetic, an enhancement of the brows after having over-plucked or been born with less shapely brows than one desires. But there are other causes of thin brows or “thin or nearly invisible eyebrows.” These should be explored before brow tattooing as you might actually enhance the problem.


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What causes thinning eyebrows or wiry eyebrows?

Eyebrows turn grey or white due to ageing factors, which are often driven in part by genetics.  White or grey eyebrows often look straggly or wiry – and often, by the time they turn this colour, there may be few of them left (or patches of missing brow hairs or eyebrow balding).

Actually, there are many things that can cause thinning eyebrows, such as:

Over-plucking your eyebrows or over-zealous waxing

  • Tweezers and excess waxing of the brows are often the most common causes of eyebrow loss; and whilst most avoidable, it happens to nearly all of us who groom our brows.
  • While plucking can seem like a great option at the time, plucking actually can damage the hair follicles and lead to permanent eyebrow hair loss.

Ageing and Your Brows: Wiry and White

  • Another very common cause of thinning eyebrow hair is simple ageing, which cannot be avoided.
  • As we age our hair tends to get thinner and hair growth slows.
  • Hair that turns grey or white is often a different texture than darker hair and can lead to wiry, out of control eyebrow hair.

Nutrient Deficiency and Hair Growth

  • You may experience hair loss, including facial (eyebrows hair loss when you are deficient in biotin, vitamin B12 and vitamin D (a common deficiency that is usually easily remedied).
  • Even iron and zinc may help hair follicles produce hair at a faster rate.
  • Adequate protein is also needed to encourage healthy hair growth.

As always, how you LOOK is related to your overall health, which is related in no small part to your nutritional intake.

It remains important to maintain a healthy diet that is nutrient-rich in order to help your hair grow faster and healthier.

Solutions for Thinning Brows or Brows Turned Grey or White: The Brow Tattooing

Many people look for ways to combat the look of thinning brows, or brows that simply don’t frame their eyes in a pleasing manner.

One popular option for a stronger looking eyebrow is brow tattooing.

eyebrow tattoos

Eyebrow tattoos are a great way to define the shape of your face and will help enhance your facial features.

There are several different techniques and methods that are used for eyebrow tattoos but below are the most common.

Eyebrow Tattoos: Methods


3D Eyebrow Technique for Eyebrow Tattooing

  • 3D eyebrow tattoo is one of the most popular methods for eyebrow enhancements and beautification.
  • The “3D” tattoo method involves using delicate strokes that are applied in small sections designed to replicate natural hair.
  • Your Clinician will ideally use a mineral pigment in a complementary shade to your natural eyebrow hair colour.
  • This technique helps define the thinner areas of your eyebrow.
  • When done well, it can really provide a natural and 3D looking appearance.

Powdery Filled Technique for Cosmetic Tattooing of the Eyebrow

  • This technique involves filling in areas in the eyebrow with a soft darker colour that varies in transparency
  • Instead of creating strokes that resemble hairs, the tattoo artist fills in areas of your brow to help shape and enhance the look of your eyebrow.

Soft Hair Stroke Technique for Eye Brow Enhancement using Brow Tattoo Methods

  • This popular method is ideal for those who have very little to no natural eyebrow hair.
  • This method involves using very fine hairline strokes that are used to visually replicate individual hairs.
  • Some light shading is also used to give the eyebrows a more natural appearance through dimension. This technique requires fine skill and artistry to ensure that the eyebrows look natural so be sure to do your research before committing to anyone applying permanent makeup.

What are the Benefits of eyebrow tattoos – and is tattooing your eyebrow safe?

Immediate Results: a great thing about eyebrow tattoos is that you will see instant results, unlike many other cosmetic procures that require waiting for the body to heal and for swelling and bruising to diminish.

Long-Lasting Results:  while eyebrow tattoos are not technically permanent, they can last several years! Some people may view this as a con, but the fact that the colour can fade over time can actually be a benefit as your style and hair colour does change as time passes.

Hassle-Free:  you never have to worry about smudging or smearing your eyebrows like traditional makeup and it will save you time if you are used to having to use makeup to fill in thinning eyebrows or shaping them as part of your beauty routine.

It Saves Time: as mentioned above, you can save so much time in your daily routine by not having to use makeup to apply or fill in your eyebrows.

Boost Self Confidence: great results can really provide you with great self-confidence.

What are the Risks of eyebrow tattoos? Are tattoos safe?

All tattoos carry risks. Some risks are only a problem during the process and some may occur over time.

There are some people who claim the ink may not be good for your skin. So do your homework to assess the safety. Especially do your homework about your Tattoo artist or Clinician and what they will use for tattoo equipment and colours.

Some other risks with eyebrows tattoos include:

It Can Be Painful:

It’s simple – a tattoo is a tattoo so the procedure itself can definitely be a bit painful. Your individual pain tolerance will obviously play a role and most technicians do use a numbing cream beforehand so that can help reduce pain.

Annoying Healing Process:

If you have ever had a tattoo you will know that tattoos can sometimes be a pain to heal. The healing time takes about two full weeks and your skin will scab and flake off during that time. You can use an antibiotic ointment during the healing time which will reduce itching and speed up healing.

Financial Investment:

Your initial investment can be a bit pricey – upwards of several hundreds of dollars. You will also need annual or biannual “touch-ups” which will run you around $100.00 or so. It is important to not try and find a good “deal” when looking for someone to permanently tattoo your face. You should do your own research in order to make a good decision and ensure you’ve made a sound investment with an experienced professional.

Infection or reaction to colours:

  • You need to choose a reputable, medical-sterilisation savvy Tattooist if you want your eyebrows done.
  • You run the risk of infection if the equipment is not sterile or if you have a reaction.

Immediately afterwards tattooing your brows,  the look is VERY strong and ‘over the top’. You may want a few days for your brows to settle, and it’s best not to put makeup on freshly tattooed brows.

  • You need to wait at least several days before wearing makeup. And you should carefully follow your Clinician’s instructions as to caring for freshly tattooed brows. Especially those including avoiding sun exposure or harsh chemicals.
  • As mentioned earlier, the longevity of eyebrow tattoos are definitely one of the more desired aspects of the procedure. That’s why many people choose this option as a method of enhancing their look.
  • You can expect your results to last from several months to up to three to five years for some methods.

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Eyebrow Tattoo Maintenance

Most brow tattooing will need to be redone within 12 to 36 months for best effects.

You should never use traditional tattoo ink to do brow tattooing because it can change colour over time.

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If you have a sagging brow or drooping eyelids you may also consider a Blepharoplasty or a Brow Lift by one our leading Plastic Surgeons, including our Expert Plastic Surgeons Dr Geoff Barnett and Dr Richard Sackelariou


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