Best Winter Beauty Treatments – Treating the Chin or Neckline


Double Chin Injections Treatment or a Chin Augmentation?

Why Winter is the Perfect Time to have your Lower Face treated or a Fraxel or DOT therapy treatment.

Winter in Melbourne might be cold, but it’s also a good time to plan that double-chin injection treatment to reduce fat bulges under your jawline. This innovative cosmetic medical injection treatment for the lower jawline and neck helps reduce excess fat that accumulates in the submental area of your face. It specifically targets  the fat beneath your chin and jawline, the very fat stores that lead you to look like you have two chins (the double chin). It dissolves this fat and eliminates it from your body over time, and in about 3 to 6 months from the start of your treatment sessions, you’ll have a stronger looking jawline again. Being able to take some social down time and to wear a scarf in public make this facial treatment one of the best winter beauty treatments available in Melbourne.

Quick snapshot of how Double Chin Injection Treatments work:

  • You’ll need to be assessed for suitability and learn about the procedure, risks, downtime and potential results
  • You’ll need at least 3 treatments, about six (6) weeks apart
  • You’ll need to cope with a few days of swelling and/or bruising (so grab a bag of ice and your best scarf if you’re going out in public
  • You’ll likely notice results in the week following your first treatment, once the swelling resolves, but you’ll need to be patient as the longer term results can take a few months to appear (the results of three treatments are also cumulative in nature)
  • If you start now, by summer you’ll likely be sporting your firmer looking jawline or neckline
  • If you have a weak chin, you can also investigate having a chin augmentation (either with chin filler injections or a chin implant)


double chin injections melbourne - fat reduction under chin

Results from Double Chin Fat Reduction Injection Treatments

What under-chin injections achieve for the lower face, neck or jawline can achieve:

  • A more refined looking jawline and neckline
  • Less fat in the submental area of the lower face (under the chin along the lower  jawline)
  • A more contoured lower face
  • The appearance you’ve lost weight simply because your face may appear leaner under or around the chin or jawline
  • Reduction in early jowls (for some patients)

Note this is not a substitute for a facelift or neck lift if that’s what you really need, but for patients with a double chin and early skin ageing in the lower face, it can be effective at refining the jawline and reducing the ‘double chin’ appearance.

Results can vary from patient to patient and not all patients are suitable. Phone our Coco Ruby Injectors on (03) 8849 1444 and ask for an assessment appointment to determine if this chin-area treatment is for you – or if you’re better off exploring your plastic surgery options such as neck lift surgery with neck liposuction, a facelift or a skin peel (or combination of procedures).  But WINTER is the PERFECT time to do this, for many reasons – less sun to worry about, fewer social obligations to work around, and an excuse to wear a scarf to disguise any swelling or bruising that might occur in the early days after a treatment session.

Some say that this rapidly growing injection treatment can have a similar effect to liposuction on the under-chin or under-jawline area. But it really depends on what you’re starting with, and if you have sagging skin, visible neck bands or too much neck area fat, plastic surgery may be the better option (click here to explore a facelift or necklift).

However, If you have good skin strength, adequate coverage of your platysma bands, and you don’t mind a bit of discomfort and down time, this treatment may get you good aesthetic jawline improvements around the lower face or chin area.


Read more: What it’s like to have a Double Chin Injection treatment here, including the Cost of Chin Injection Treatments in Melbourne.

Chin Injections to Reduce Fat Beneath the Jawline

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