Best Valentine’s Day Gift Ideas for your Best Friend


Our Top 6 Best Valentine’s Day Gift Ideas for your Girlfriend or Bestie 

Valentines day is all about celebrating L-O-V-E, and those that we love, but that doesn’t mean it has to be all about our significant other. Whether you’re single this Valentine’s day, or simply want to take the opportunity to celebrate your friendship, we’ve put together a list of gift ideas for what we’re calling ‘Galentine’s’ gifts aka the best Valentine’s day gift ideas for your bestie or girlfriend!

Need some ideas for Gifts for Valentine’s Day?

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1. A personalised gift from The Daily Edited

For everyday essentials such as phone cases, wallets, notebooks, laptop cases, diaries and make up bags, the Daily Edited offers luxurious personalised gifts that your friend is sure to love. Made from 100% genuine leather, not only are the products beautiful to look at, you can add personalised monogramming to anything you select, from initials, to your pal’s name, or a special personalised message.

Add a personalised touch to your friend’s gift for Valentine’s Day, and choose from a selection of products that cover all budgets, with notebooks starting from $10. More info on their website here.

 2. Healite Facial Voucher

With Summer upon us (and the sun wreaking havoc on our skin) , what better way to treat your best pal than with a relaxing and repairing Healite Facial voucher from our team of professionals and Coco Ruby Skin & Anti-Ageing.


Healite II Low Level Light Therapy has a myriad of skin benefits, including:

  • Improves Skin Circulation
  • Helps to bring Internal Nutrients to the particular areas that are being treated
  • Increases your skin’s collagen & resiliency
  • Reduces Scar Formation
  • Improves overall Skin Appearance
  • Increases Cellular Renewal Processes

Help your bestie to forget their relationship woes this Valentine’s day with a a relaxing facial. Healite II will help to rejuvenate the skin, reduce irritation and redness, and bring back a healthy summer glow.

Gift Voucher SPECIAL for Valentines Day

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3. Flowers for Valentine’s Day

Nothing says I love you more than a beautiful bunch of flowers, perhaps accompanied by some chocolate, a nice card or a bottle of bubbly, right?

A nice bunch of flowers is a go-to gift for almost all celebratory occasions, and rightly so.  Although, for the friend that just isn’t into flowers (or struggles to keep them alive for more than a few days), you could opt for a lovely indoor plant or succulent that requires a little less watering and attention.


4. EyeEnvy

The perfect gift for your bestie if she is a beauty-lover, the EyeEnvy Conditioner for longer, thicker eyelashes. Your friend can replace eyelash extensions, fake eyelashes or layering their mascara on the daily, with the EyeEnvy Conditioner. This eyelash enhancing product has a unique, breakthrough formula that promises to improve the length, volume and thickness of your eyelashes and eyebrows.

This product is dermatologist and ophthalmologist tested and has been clinically proven to improve the length and density of natural lashes, with visible results in only 4-6 weeks. We stock EyeEnvy here at Coco Ruby, contact us to purchase.


5. Beauty Subscription Box Voucher

Why not gift your nearest and dearest with a present that keeps on giving long after Valentine’s Day is over? Show your friend you really care with a voucher for a beauty subscription service, with new beauty products and makeup samples delivered to their door on a monthly basis.

There are a variety of options on the internet, including GlossyBox, BellaBox and Facetory, with gift voucher options for 1 month, 3 months, 6 months or even a year. Not only is a subscription box a great Valentine’s Day gift for a pal that loves all things beauty, or may be need of some new products to try, it’s also a great idea for those who leave their gift-buying to the last minute. You can sign your friend up online, purchase your chosen subscription, and their gift will be sent via email in minutes.


6. Obagi Skincare Kit

Does your bestie need a little extra help with their skin? Do they struggle with cheaper products plucked off the shelf of the supermarket or chemist? Treat your friend to an Obagi Skincare Kit to help overhaul their skin care routine and rejuvenate their skin.

Obagi is a high quality cosmeceutical skin care range that takes a scientifically proven approach to skin care to successfully target and improve specific skin concerns. With skin kits for a range of skin concerns, including sensitive skin, ageing skin and oily/acne-prone skin, you can tailor your gift to your bestie’s skin concerns for a thoughtful Valentine’s Day gift.

A bit low on cash this Valentine’s day? Not all gifts have to be extravagant or expensive. Perhaps a thoughtful home-made card, or a nice home-cooked meal and movie night with your best friend could do the trick this Valentine’s Day. After all, they do say it is the thought that counts!

Whatever gift/s you choose for your loved ones, we wish everyone a happy Valentine’s day.

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