Best Skincare Tips for Better Looking Skin

best skin tips for acne and best cleansers for acne skin prone to breakouts

Best Skincare Tips for Better Looking Skin, Selfies and Online Meetings

Want to look better on screen? Whether you are concerned about acne and blackheads or wrinkles and lines, there is always something you can do to look your best.  Makeup is one thing many people use, but it is only part of getting a great selfie photo. The underlying skin (the “canvas”) is also your largest organ. It will be affected by what you consume, become exposed to in your environment and/or what you directly apply to your skin. Fortunately, there’s a lot you can do to keep it looking healthy and fresh.  Here are our Best Skincare Tips …

Our Dermal Clinicians at Coco Ruby Skin & Anti-Ageing in Melbourne give their best skincare tips.

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Best Skin Tip #1:  What you do at home just as important than the treatments you get in the Clinic.

There are 4 essentials for a great skincare routine at home (facial skincare)

  1. Cleanser (ask which product is the best one for your skin or your skincare concerns)
  2. Serum – Day & Night serums – may contain active ingredients like Retinol A to fight ageing, wrinkles or pigmentation
  3. Moisturiser – can help seal or protect your skin and should leave it looking plump and ‘Dewey’ – reflections of light on your skin make you look more attractive and younger than dull-looking skin
  4. Sunscreen – a MUST especially in Australia, where the sun ages us 10 years earlier than most people living in the northern hemisphere (premature ageing)

best skin cleanser packages for acne

Best Skin Tip #2:  There are many different skin types.

You need to find out what yours is through a professional skin assessment by a Dermal Clinician or other skincare professionals (the Canfield reveal imaging system and other magnifying lamps and Woods lamps also help the Clinician see what’s happening beneath the skin in terms of pigmentation and sun damage)

  • Different products suit different skin types.
  • Fitzpatrick classifications have an impact on multiple factors about your skin, and hence, will impact what products or treatments will work best for your skin type – These classifications take into account not just the pigmentation or colour of your skin but are linked with other skin properties, such as thickness and the serum levels (dry skin, oily skin, skin prone to acne).

best skin care dark skin cleansers makeup

  • Every individual is unique and many of us have blended genetics; but our heritage does impact our ageing processes and our skin’s resiliency to wrinkles or sun damage; for example, Asian Skin (Indian, Chinese), Caucasian Skin, Euro/Mediterranean Skin may tend to have different needs not just in terms of makeup colouring and sunscreen tones, but what type of at-home routine and cleanser packs will suit you best.

5 Simple Steps to Better Skin

You can end up with dry, flaky skin from too much time in the sun sans protection, or with overly oily skin from those over 35 degree days with high humidity. If you’ve been missing your pre-holiday smooth, baby soft skin, here’s how to get it back.


Step 1: Hydration

Nothing beats adequate water intake to help keep your skin looking its best. Unfortunately, holiday celebrations may have seen you drinking anything BUT water. Alcohol and too much coffee when travelling and celebrating can wreak havoc on your skin.

So start by getting 10 full glasses of water a day (sipping throughout the day) to stay hydrated.  If spending the day sitting at your desk, make sure you have a bottle of water at hand and you will often find yourself sipping away more than usual.

Unfortunately, water in tea, coffee or soft drinks doesn’t count. Add a hint of lemon or lime juice if this entices you to keep up your h20 intake, otherwise, make sure it’s clean pure water without any sugary additives.


Step 2: Sleep

Your skin is your largest organ, and just like any other organ of your body, it needs to repair itself overnight whilst you sleep. If you skimp on sleep, along with being tired and sluggish,  you might often find that your skin doesn’t look as good, and can be more prone to breakouts and imperfections.

Sure, it’s hard to say no to parties and outings over the festive season, but as the celebrations die down, you should try to overhaul your sleeping habits and aim for the recommended 8 hours – trust us, your skin will thank you. As you get back into your regular routine, try to let your overall health, skin & body recover with the right amount of sleep on a regular basis.


Step 3: The right cleansing products

You may not want to hear this,  but those pre-packaged face wipes that some of us depend on as a quick fix when we’re in a rush are a NO-NO. Why? Because they often contain alcohol and other unfriendly ingredients that can upset the balance of your skin and do more harm than good. Makeup remover wipes may become the all-too-easy alternative to cleansing whilst travelling or during busy periods, although you should always aim to keep a travel-size cleanser with you and not skimp on cleansing, even when you’re low on time.

Even more importantly, be sure you’re actually using the right products to suit your skin conditions. Ensure you are not inadvertently opting for harsh products that strip your skin of its natural oils (known to make acne or blemished skin worse).

If you are unsure that your current cleanser or skin products are working well for you, you should consider a skin consultation with one of our experienced Dermal Clinicians.

Our team of professional skin consultants will be able to help diagnose any skin problems you be experiencing, and recommend the best products for your skin type. At our Coco Ruby Clinic, we stock high-quality Cosmeceutical skin products, such as Medik8 and Obagi, which provide product ranges for all skin tones & types.


Step 4: A facial Mask or IPL session

Not only can a good cleansing mask remedy a lot of holiday skin care sins, it can also help you to relax & de-stress after a busy summer and festive period. Before you use a skin mask, ensure you are using a reliable product that works for your skin type and won’t cause any irritations. You should also look to gently exfoliate and cleanse your skin before applying a face mask to ensure you have a clean and bacteria-free base.

Alternatively, treatments like Laser Genesis, Pulsed Light treatments or Healite II Low-Level Light Therapy can help. Contact our Dermal Clinicians for a skin consultation or appointment if you feel your skin needs a pick-me-up after a long, hot summer!


Step 5: A pop-up Facial (try the benefit peel or a series of laser genesis treatments)

Find a facial that will work best for your skin by scheduling a skincare consultation and/or treatment with one of our experienced Dermal Clinicians.

Be sure you specify whether or not you want a treatment at your first appointment or if you’d prefer to have a skin consultation with one of our Dermal Clinicians first who can help to determine a smooth skincare plan, including a recommended at-home skin routine with our high quality, cosmeceutical products.

The cosmeceutical products we stock contain active ingredients that are able to penetrate deeper into your skin to harness their effectiveness, rather than off-the-shelf products which often don’t contain the level of active ingredients needed to penetrate into the deeper levels of the skin to help improve the condition and appearance of your skin.

If you don’t know the difference between the everyday products you can find off-the-shelf in pharmacies or supermarkets and high quality, cosmeceutical products with a high level of active ingredients, click here to read more.

Facial Rejuvenation Guide Download


Skin Concerns & Skin Conditions You Can Treat

  • A Dermal Clinician will help you treat your main skincare concerns through a multi-faceted approach.
  • From home care systems to special products and mineral-based makeup lines to in-clinic skin resurfacing, acne treatments, Melasma treatments or anti-wrinkle solutions, your skin texture can be changed significantly by the right approach.

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We treat a wide variety of skin conditions for men and women in Melbourne. Plus, our Dermal Clinicians work with Melbourne’s leading Cosmetic Injectors and Plastic Surgeons. So if you are also wanting lip augmentation (lip defining injections using dermal fillers), an eyelid lift or a nose job – or even larger breasts, our team of Surgeons can help – Facial Rejuvenation Surgery at Coco Ruby Plastic Surgery may also be helpful.

Top Skin conditions our Coco Ruby Team can treat:

acne should i pop my pimples? acne treatment

  • Acne and Breakouts
  • Ageing
  • Pigmentation (discolouration or aged spots and scars)
  • Sensitivity – Redness & Rosacea (including special products to reduce the symptoms of Rosacea)
  • Lines and Wrinkles and textural imbalances (enlarged pores)

The homework we customise and assign to patients wanting better-looking skin:

  • Wash your face morning and night
    • Why? To remove makeup, environmental pollutants and excess oils
  • Your morning and nighttime routines may vary slightly
    • Why? You are often exposed to different pollutants and your sebum production may change during the day

Want to find out what skincare products are right for your skin type or skin concern?

  • A personal skincare assessment with a Dermal Clinician in Hawthorn East (Melbourne) can help.
  • Find out what’s really going on with your skin and how you can make it better!
  • Phone us or send an enquiry form today.


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