Best Lips for Weddings or Formal Events

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Best Lips for Weddings or Formal Events

Insider secrets to using Lip Fillers for Luscious Lips

People look at your eyes when you’re speaking, but how often do they also notice your lips? More than you think!

We can’t help but focus on the mouth when someone is speaking or making a facial expression.

So if you were born with lips that are on the thin side, or are notably uneven – or if time has made your lips turn down or grow thinner and less voluptuous and you want a prettier pout – lip injections may be your answer.

Insider Tips for Better Lips for Weddings or Events

You may be looking for a way to plump up your lips.

If you were born with thin lips or your lips are thinning due to age, there are ways to readily enhance them. With one to two injection sessions (it’s best to go cautiously to not look ‘overdone’ than to risk too much filler at once) – you’ll have beautiful lips!

Cosmetic Lip Injections with Medical-Quality Filler Solutions using a temporary-filler-solution: Great Value over time, Low Downtime.

cosmetic lip injections beauty

Remember the products that surfaced about a decade ago, that promised to plump up your lips?

Even more recently, new makeup lines that promised improved lip volume have sold out in rapid time frames!

But some products – especially the early ones that promised to plump your lips for up to 12 hours – felt gunky or left you with numb-feeling lips. Others had short term effects that didn’t always work in your appearance favour.

Lip liner was also once popular to extend the size of the lips, at least visually – but it often looked fake and awkward – plus it didn’t always stay where you placed it on your face!

lip liner makeup gone wrong

Just for fun, for some great “lip liner fail” photos, visit:!

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Lip Conscious? Lip Filler Injections to the Rescue

But fortunately, temporary dermal volumisers (known as “fillers”) are a great option for people who are wanting to enhance their lip lines or reduce around-lip wrinkles and lines. They can even correct an overly-gummy smile!

But most of all, they help give you a pleasingly plumper lip volume that gives your overall face a boost, so long as it’s done properly and not over-filled.

Injections for Luscious but Natural-Looking Lips

The most common method to enhance lips these days is through dermal filler injections (lip fillers), which is a procedure that helps to plump up lips and provide a fuller appearance.

It uses micro-fine needles or cannulas to deliver extra volume to the lip area.  It can correct uneven lips or fill thinning lips in a way that reduces above-lip lines and wrinkles, but getting a great injector who knows what they’re doing – as well as what products to use on your lips – is de rigueur for ending up loving your lip enhancements.


Types of Lip Enhancements and Lip Filler Injection Methods

There are a few different types of enhancements available to achieve fuller lips or correct uneven lips (asymmetry from one side of your smile to the other, or to enhance upper lip volume if it is hardly visible), but injections with fillers are the most common.

Fillers with Temporary Plumping Solutions using an approved filler solution Acid (HA) based solutions

Dermal lip fillers are the most common form of lip enhancements used today in many beauty-focused communities.

  • They can provide fantastic results for you if you are looking to create a fuller effect!
  • The gel used for lip enhancement procedures is made of an approved temporary-filler-solution solution which your body naturally produces.
  • The filler is injected – ideally by a conservative and aesthetically-minded Medical Professional (Aesthetic Physician, Senior Injecting Nurse or Plastic Surgeon) – right below the skin’s surface to help plump up your lips.


A quality, reputable Plastic Surgery or Anti-Ageing Skin Care center will only use high quality injectables and will walk you through everything you need to know about the procedure, including potential risks (which are minimised as much as possible by our Quality Injecting Staff).

In terms of duration of an Injectables Filler Treatment for Lips, a great Injector will also inform you that your lip filler effects will be temporary in nature.

While lip enhancements can be long lasting – for some people, as long as 12 to 15 months – their temporary effects will eventually reduce over time.  The temporary nature is a bonus, really, in terms of if you decide you want to leave your lips thinner again over time, OR get another lip-booster treatment – maybe even opting for a bit more volume (but not too much).

There are other permanent fillers that are still available for use but top professionals believe they really should be avoided because of potential side effects and long term complications, so be sure to discuss your options with your practitioner, and know that choosing temporary fillers is popular because they tend to have more predictable and/or more reversible effects.

What are the Positive Impacts of TEMPORARY an approved temporary-filler-solution Fillers on Lips?

  1. Better Control: the person who is injecting the filler into your lips has a lot of control over how much gel to inject so that they can create the perfect fullness for your overall facial anatomy (assuming you’ve chosen a well qualified injector with a thorough understanding of facial anatomy and injection danger zones)
  2. Keep Going Bigger: you can keep going back for additional filler injections until your desired results are achieved. You want to take your time and not get too much too soon or your lips will either look odd or unnatural or FEEL like they’re not your lips (ask our injectors what products they use to get you very natural feeling lip enhancements).
  3. Smooth Feeling: any lumps or bumps usually dissolve quickly over time. This filler we use is very soft and natural-feeling; so you will not feel like there is anything foreign inside of your lips (as is often the case with other methods such as lip implants)
  4. Less Side Effects than permanent fillers or other options: because your body already creates an approved temporary-filler-solution, your risk of allergic reaction are very low AND you won’t tend to have so much bruising or potential nerve damage or smile-damage
  5. Long Lasting: while not permanent, this filler does tend to last a long time – but you might want to buy a lot more lip gloss or lip colour because you love how it looks on fuller lips!
  6. Change of Mind: because the filler we inject is not permanent filler, if you decide you’re not fond of bigger lips (or if you come to us for a revisional or injection-reversal lip procedure), you can be injected with an eraser enzyme called hyaluronidase. This can help dissolve the filler while in the Clinic and help you get back to your pre-filler look (but most people love their lips if they have a great injecting experience with a high-quality strategy and an experienced Injecting Clinician who doesn’t go ‘too far too fast’ or over-fill or fill in the wrong areas).
  7. Fast Results: the procedure takes about 30 minutes and there is very little to zero down time. While you may have to come back for a couple visits to achieve your end result, they will be quick trips, and you can wear makeup to cover any interim redness or puffiness (which can occur just after your injections but lasts only a few hours to a few days for most patients).

Examples of natural looking lip enhancements – not too much filler, but looks fantastic with makeup on. Bonus: the added volume reduced the appearance of the upper-lip lines!

Here’s another lip enhancement example where the cupid’s bow was enhanced along with an overall volume increase of the lips; but with a natural-looking effect that gave the entire face a more-youthful boost!

pre and post treatment wedding lips

Why lip fillers and not fat transfers to lips?

Other options to Temporary Fillers for Lip Enhancement and Lip Shaping

Fat Injections

Lip enhancements using fat transfer involves removing fat from another area of the body and injecting it into the lips. Fat injections became popular because only the body’s natural tissue is used, so allergic reactions rarely occur. This method can be tricky, however, because fat can be unpredictable AND there are some additional complications to these methods.

Fat can move around a bit and a high percentage of what’s injected can be reabsorbed into the body. This means that you can risk getting too much injected or having not enough stay; or having it remain but a bit unevenly in different areas of your lips.

The other downfall with fat injections to lips is that you need to have another procedure to harvest the fat, which involves a liposuction-type of fat ‘harvesting’ procedure. As with any surgical procedure, there are always complications that can arise and many patients will complain about the ‘donor site’ as well as the lack of predictability with fat transfer to face methods (but sometimes, for some patients using highly adept Plastic Surgeons, it can work well on certain areas of the face). You can ask about fat transfer options, but you’ll find many Plastic Surgeons in Australia remain hesitant to fully recommend them as the best solution due to current limitations and potential complication rates. That noted, they may evolve a lot over the coming years.

What the insiders say: Wait and watch regarding fat transfers to lips; and in the interim, use temporary filler options.

Lip Implants

Another method of lip enhancement is with the use of lip implants.  This was initially popular about 15 years ago, before injections became the more dominant and popular, affordable option for long-lasting lip shape enhancements.

Lip implants can be made of saline or silicone (newer types use smooth silicone). They have the advantage of being permanent and without ongoing maintenance, but they involve a much higher cost than injectable options and can leave lips feeling numb or ‘unnatural’.

Preparing for Event and Wedding Season  – how much time do you need?

You may be thinking that fillers are the best option for you and they most likely are, if you’re wanting long-lasting but potentially reversible lip enhancements that will accentuate or help balance out your face and smile.

So if you’re getting ready for the Racing Carnival Season or for a wedding or holiday later in the year, you can get your lip injections done a few weeks to a few months before the event.

If you have a big event planned and want enhancements, we recommend trying a few months in advance, to allow enough time to add volume if you want a stronger enhancement (it’s easier to add volume than to remove it, so our Injectors are experts at not over-doing filler or leaving people with a fake-looking lip shape).  In the example below, you’ll notice a natural looking injectables effect that is subtle but effective.

Please be sure to discuss all of your options with your practitioner (Dr Tina Purdon or Sandra), including potential risks and how they will manage any potential unwanted outcomes – in other words, do adequate due diligence before your procedure so you know what to expect – and what makes for a quality injectables procedure.

If it’s your first time, read our blog on TIPS for FIRST TIME INJECTABLES PATIENTS.

It can help to ask to speak with other patients who’ve had the procedure – and look at photo examples to be sure you’re not choosing a ‘filler-happy’ injecting person who overdoes it.  It’s also important that you feel as though you are not rushed during your consultation, which means you should always have a thorough consultation, and get a good sense of whether or not you trust the injector with one of your most visible facial features – your lips!

TGA approved muscle relaxant solution Best lips and eyes

If you are interested in learning more about lip augmentation from one of our leading Melbourne Injecting Team members give us a call at (03) 8849 1400 to arrange your injectables consultation appointment.

Coco Ruby in Melbourne (Hawthorn East), you’ll benefit from the wisdom and aesthetically balanced approaches of highly-experienced Injectors who have ~ 20 years cosmetic injections experience.

Plus, our Senior Injecting Team uses only HIGH quality brands – not cheap brands of lip fillers that can leave you less than happy with your lips.


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