Best Beauty Blogs and Videos – 8 top tips

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EIGHT TOP TIPS from Beauty Blogs and Videos

BEST Beauty Blogs and Best Videos on Makeup, Beauty or Cosmetic Surgery and Injectables Treatments. 

Want a quick tip guide to some useful beauty, makeup and anti-ageing skin care from the best beauty blogs or videos?

#1: Eyes & Eyelids:  Best Makeup Tips for Enhancing Your Eye Shape

You have two choices here – we loved the printed article as you could study the before and after images as well as learn how to make the most of your eyes.  As an example, the image below demonstrates an enhancement of the eye shape achieved ONLY through makeup!

best beauty blogs and videos - best-blog-vlog-eye-makeup-tricks

Read our top choice for best ways to enhance your eye shape.

This was a piece from Priceline, written by Laura House for the Daily Mail (Australia and UK),

#2: Eyes & Eyelids:  Creating the “Evening Brow” look – best blog about eyebrow shaping with makeup

Our next choice is from Loreal, showing a HOW TO session to create your “Evening Brow” look.  It features Danica Theobald showing us how to enhance an arch shape to achieve her glamorous “night brows” look,

best beauty blogs and videos - eyebrows night brow shaping by Loreal video

Watch this amazing VIDEO by Loreal about the Night Brow with Danica Theobald.

#3:  Eyes & Eyelids:  Tear Trough Filler Injections Experience Video

Most of us would complain about dark shadows under their eyes (‘under eye bags’). These can be genetic in nature, or related to ageing or even allergies.  So what can be done?  Under eye concealers are one option. The best colour is usually a yellow toned concealer (or any lighter coloured under eye concealer that helps bring that shadowed area forward, visually reducing the hallowed appearance.  Need good cover makeup? Ask Hayley about the Lycogel skin care range.

However, sometimes an injectables or surgical solution might be a patient’s best option for a longer term solution.  Some under-eye bags are best treated with a Lower Blepharoplasty or Canthoplasty such as available from a Specialist Plastic Surgeon.

Our next Beauty Video or Blog choice is: Under Eye Filler Experience & Footage (Before/After, Cost, Pain, Bruising & My Lip) by Senior Cosmetic Injector Sandra Wallace’s client, Amea May, a beauty blogger and post-Blepharoplasty surgery patient.


#4: Eye Brows – Can you grow back overplucked eyebrows?

by Krissy Turner,

#5: Neck Treatments:  25 ways to wear a Scarf in 4.5 minutes (Beauty/Fashion Video)

This was published a few years ago, So if you decide to get under chin injections or a procedure to reduce submental chin fat (that “double chin” look), this is the GO TO video for how to wear a scarf.  And if you find a better scarf video? Send us an enquiry and let us know!

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#6: “Third-Day” Hair Tutorials – Can’t wash your hair? – here are some hair tips

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