Benefits of a Quality Treatment Plan for your Injectables

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Benefits of a Quality Treatment Plan for your Injectables – What to expect from your Injector consultation

There are different types of injectables, including dermal volumisers (fillers) and wrinkle-reduction muscle-relaxant solutions. Different brands and types of Injectable solutions create effects that may last anywhere from 6 months to up to several years. To get the most from your injecting treatments, you’ll want to choose a quality injector who knows how to develop a quality plan for effective strategic injecting to improve the features you want to be enhanced and reduce the appearance of crow’s feet, lip lines, forehead wrinkles and other facial wrinkles.


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Here’s how to recognise a good plan for anti-wrinkle injectables and facial volumisers to help you keep your good looks for longer.

A quality injectable treatment plan is one that you and your Injecting clinician create together, based on your goals and what is actually achievable using the most current injecting techniques. An anti-wrinkle injectables treatment plan can work wonders as a temporary anti-ageing strategy on its own. Great injecting strategies often work best, however, when your Injectables Team combines wrinkle-reduction treatments with other technologies that help improve your skin’s health, texture and tone. These can include using cosmeceutical grade skincare regimes at home, getting regular Healite II treatments or skin peels, and only using quality mineral makeup such as GLO Mineral Makeup or Jane Iredale Makeup.


If you have ageing eyelid skin, for example, an eyelid lift along with anti-wrinkle injectables for crow’s feet (or a facelift PLUS injectables) may get you a more thorough facial rejuvenation effect. But if your skin is mostly in great condition and still has good collagen and resiliency, quality injectables and customised skincare regimes may be all that are needed to keep you looking your best. A highly experienced Injecting Clinician will be able to assess your specific needs and plan an injections treatment sequence that will give you excellent results So what can you expect from a quality Injectables Treatment plan by a top Injecting Clinician? Take a look at these four benefits that you should expect from a quality injectables treatment plan.

4 Benefits of a Quality Injectables Treatment plan

Benefit #1 – Balancing of your facial dimensions to improve your Beauty

Facial balancing may be accomplished with a quality injectables treatment plan. Anatomical Facial Balancing with Cosmetic Injections. What many cultures acknowledge as being ‘beautiful’ often relies on facial dimensions which exhibit certain mathematical proportions. Perceptions of beauty seem to depend highly on symmetry. When faces are balanced, that beauty emerges. Read the blog on what makes a face beautiful and the Golden Ratio 

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Benefit # 2 – Good facial injections can temporarily defy the appearance of ageing

You can defy ageing and reduction in tell-tale signs of ageing. With regular consultations, your face is analyzed by a true professional that knows exactly what ageing signs to look for – and treat – with anti-wrinkle injectables or dermal volumisers (such as lip fillers). A great injector will readily spot the early clues of ageing and can intervene to prevent them from worsening before more extensive surgical procedures are needed. Defying ageing – whilst temporarily – is a lot better than putting up with signs of ageing that you’d rather not see staring back at you in the mirror – and a quality injecting treatment plan can do just that!

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Benefit # 3 – Improved Self Confidence can help relationships

Your self-esteem and confidence can improve. You can feel more confident in front of cameras or in well-lit venues. It’s not just high school reunions where your self-esteem and confidence levels are evident. It’s everyday life – your digital profile and online photos, your interactions at your place of work, even having a coffee with friends or new outfits – as well as meeting new people. A good injecting plan can provide a Social confidence boost or more choices in partners. Potentially greater choices in career options or partners

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Benefit # 4 – You may have improved Career longevity and better digital profile photos

The length of time you have a career can be potentially extended when you’re on a quality injectables treatment plan that helps you look your best for longer. Why? Because despite our best efforts to curb discrimination relating to age, surveys still show that people who are more youthful-looking are more likely to be selected for job promotions and higher-income positions. Your employer may consider signs of ageing, unfortunately, as an indication that you and your skills are potentially declining.  With many younger applicants who will often work for lower starting salaries, it’s seemingly far too easy for an employer to choose a younger person rather than someone with experience, wisdom and skills – even though this isn’t always the best business decision.  Career longevity is also associated with greater flexibility in decisions such as where you live, what you eat, who you socialize with, and – in Melbourne – what footie team you barrack for. Are you into online dating? Looking at your best in photos and in person will often help you attract more choices in potential relationship prospects.  You’ll feel more confident posting recent photos of yourself when you look your best.

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For more on quality injecting plans to combat ageing and reduce wrinkles – or enhance your cheekbones, lips or jawline for a full-face rejuvenation effect, contact our Coco Ruby Skin & Anti-Ageing Team. Call (03) 8849 1400 for more information or send an enquiry form today.

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