Beautiful Lips using Lip Filler Injections


Beautiful Lips – The Beauty of Lip Filler Injections

Everyone wants TIPS for looking their best without resorting to Plastic Surgery. One way to improve your facial balance and correct for lip asymmetry, thin lips or above lip lines, is through lip filler injections.

  • Lip injections create volume in the lips, known officially as lip augmentation, without surgery.
  • This can sometimes greatly enhance a face that needs a boost in terms of lip shape, lip balance or slightly reducing the vertical lines above the lips (known as smoker’s lines).
  • Lift Lip Surgery (the Bullhorn Lip Lift) can also have some benefit for clients whose upper teeth are hidden by an elongated philtrum, or who want to enhance their smile; but that procedure requires plastic surgery with a bit more downtime than cosmetic injections on their own.


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Lip Augmentation using Lip Fillers

Our Melbourne Clients are Finding a New Balance in Lip Proportions and Avoiding the Overfilled Lip Syndrome

Certainly, cosmetic injections are growing rapidly in popularity, especially lip augmentation, because they can enhance not just the lips, but the appearance of the entire face.  They do this by gently bringing a visual focus onto the lips, reducing fine lines above the lips (selected clients), and giving a more volumised appearance to the smile (known as luscious looking lips).  And statistically, it seems that luscious, fuller lips are the proportions that people find most attractive in both women and men.

Lip Balance and Reducing Thin Lips with Lip Filler

While cosmetic surgery, such as lip lift surgery or chin augmentation using implants can be a good solution for individuals who have an out of balance facial feature or lower face concern, cosmetic injections and lip filler can also do a lot.

  • Before we go into the non-surgical options for facial enhancement, it is true that for some facial appearance concerns, plastic surgery may be the best option for longer-lasting results for some patients.
  • But having surgery means you’ve got to be willing to undergo the preparation and downtime required to have a procedure and understand and accept the risks – including the variability of results between patients and the fact that you’ll need a bit of downtime.
  • Plus, healing from surgery can be emotional.

That noted, if you want your face to look its best by having slightly fuller lips – and to cull a few years off of your appearance or enhance a feature to arrange more aesthetically balanced facial contours – without resorting to a jawline procedure, facelift, eyelid reduction or brow lift – you can’t go past the possibility of cosmetic injections such as wrinkle relaxers or dermal fillers.



Lip Fillers are one of the most frequently requested dermal filler injection procedures.

Of the available dermal filler injection options – the increasingly popular lip filler injections – have a lot to offer patients with thin lips or a lopsided looking smile.

It is also popular to ease or soften the visibility of above-lip lines and mouth area wrinkles (the so-called smoker’s lines above the lips).

In this blog, we discuss How and why lip fillers can be effective for rejuvenating the look of the face – and the value of subtle lip changes versus going overboard with lip filler.  First published 31 Jan 2017; updated 1 July 2018.

Our gentle Cosmetic Injectors, Sandra Wallace (RN), or Jessie Anderson (RN) can help you get YOUR lips looking luscious and voluptuous – yet still natural.  We have a variety of top-quality filler solutions that you’ll love the look and feel of – so find out if injections are right for YOUR cosmetic concerns by booking a no-obligation injecting assessment consultation.

Our Melbourne Cosmetic Injections team uses long-lasting, natural-feeling lip filler solutions – and precision strategies – to get you the perfect looking pout for YOUR facial appearance concerns.

What reasons do women choose to invest in Lip Filler Injections as a facial enhancement procedure of the non-surgical variety?

Lips are a powerful part of our face.

  • Next to the eyes, they are often the centre of a person’s attention when we’re speaking.
  • Thin lips versus luscious lips can also give others an indication of our personality (wrong as it might be). As they say, first impressions count.
  • Subconsciously, rightly or wrongly, we tend to judge others based on subtle facial differences and overall appearances. Expressions count a lot, as well!

Wrinkles between our brows can make us appear stern, serious or angry, even when we’re not. Crow’s feet or puffy eyelids can make us look tired and aged, even when we’re not!

What your lip size or shape indicates about your personality – like it or not?!

Thin lips may also subconsciously be associated with:


But there’s another reason that people like more voluptuous lip profiles.

Full, luscious lips are not only associated with youth, vitality and generosity, they can reduce the appearance of your facial age (depending on your other features and your skin condition).

To find out more about why this non-surgical treatment is so popular at our Melbourne Skin & Anti-Ageing Clinic.

Why are lip filler injections good for enlarging or enhancing your lips?

What you must know about Lip Augmentation with Lip Filler Injections.

From temporary dermal fillers (based on substances that are naturally found in your cells) to anti-wrinkle injections that use muscle-relaxing medicines, you can help nature along these days – a LOT more than you ever could before.

In the non-surgical realm of facial rejuvenation, lip fillers and other dermal filler injections involve relatively little cost and minimal, if any, downtime.

And that’s exactly what makes lip filler injections and other facial augmentation injections – such as cheek augmentation injections – so popular for people across a wide range of ages.

With top-quality dermal filler injections including lip fillers, a talented cosmetic injector can:

A skilled cosmetic injector can devise an affordable injection strategy that helps YOU look your best – without facial surgery. And one of the best places to start with injections is your LIPS.

That noted, despite what injections can accomplish when administered carefully and strategically, sometimes the greatest overall improvements to your facial appearance will involve a combination of surgery and non-surgical treatments, such as lip augmentation or cheek augmentation.

Don’t get fillers just before a big event – make sure you leave at least 2 weeks, yet ideally, 3 weeks or longer, especially if you’re the bride or featured speaker.

But if you’re planning a big event, such as a wedding, graduation or public speaking engagement, be sure you get your injections strategy as far in advance as feasible to have a good result. Typically you’ll want to have at least 2 injecting sessions before a big event, with enough time between the treatment and the big event for the dermal fillers and anti-wrinkle injections to have their full effects.


From reducing forehead wrinkles to bringing your cheekbones a prominence they never had, modern cosmetic injecting treatments have come a long way over recent years.

Lip Filler Injection Results (Lip Augmentation)

What is a reasonable cosmetic injecting treatment result to expect when you get lip filler or other injections?

  • It really depends on what you’re starting with, what you’re wanting, what products are used, and the skills of your Injector.
  • There are many lip filling techniques that your injector can use, from emphasising the cupid’s bow or ‘flipping the lip’ to improving the lip symmetry or projection volume.
  • What happens to your lips can impact the appearance of the areas around your mouth and can have an impact on the entire face in terms of balance or feature harmonisation (good or bad).

What makes for a good cosmetic injecting treatment result, is when the cosmetic injecting results are natural-looking, long-lasting and – in generally – symmetrical.

  • In fact, it’s the ability of using dermal fillers to reduce noticeable facial asymmetry (lips, a gummy smile, uneven cheeks or brows, lopsided smiles, indented temples) that is one of it’s greatest benefits.
  • But these types of results require an artistic injecting clinician who knows facial anatomy very thoroughly, and has a good eye for balance.
  • The experience of your cosmetic injector is crucial to get a pleasing result.
  • Click here to read about some of the Lip Filler Techniques used by talented Cosmetic Injectors.
  • Know that in 2018, lip filler trends are for more moderate enhancements NOT THE “TROUT MOUTH” over-volumised look.

Be sure you choose only temporary filler solutions, never permanent, and that your Clinician uses only reputable brand names – or you might end up sorry.

Lip filler injections can also be combined with other facial enhancements such as forehead wrinkle relaxers or brow and temple area re-volumisation after facial bone atrophy.

Asymmetry is a natural part of facial anatomy – but the greater the symmetry, the more appealing the appearance according to studies of attractiveness.

It’s important to recognise that the sides of everyone’s faces are never perfectly symmetrical. This includes that most people have uneven lips (right to left). Plus, naturally, your upper lift is usually somewhat smaller than your lower lip.

(It’s also usually best to keep this upper/lower lip balance even if you augment your lips).

But some people have very thin lips and they simply look better when they have a bit more volume or shape.

Lip fillers can help shape and augment your lips, making them plumper or fuller and more shapely.

  • And some lip or facial asymmetry can be remedied temporarily with dermal fillers or muscle relaxing injections.
  • But the face, and body, are never perfectly symmetrical even after cosmetic procedures.
  • It’s just impossible to achieve perfect symmetry, naturally or not (although celebrities like Angelina Jolie and others come close, even they are not as symmetrical as you might presume).

Remember: Faces and bodies never will be perfectly symmetrical or even in shape or size, even after getting cosmetic injections or dermal fillers. But they can be made LESS uneven with the right injecting strategies, including uneven lips.

A top Cosmetic injector can do a LOT to balance out a lopsided smile, for example, or even out other noticeable asymmetry in the face, nose, lip or cheek area using dermal filler injections or fillers combined with anti-wrinkle injections.

Choose your Injectors and Clinics carefully – beware of the use of cheap, counterfeit injecting solutions in Australia

Not all injecting clinics use the quality products we insist on having available for our clients at Coco Ruby in Melbourne.

We are dedicated to quality solutions, and a wide range, so that we can help you enhance your face and reduce ageing with long-lasting, natural-looking and fully approved injection solutions.

The new dermal filler products on the market mean that not all dermal filler injections are alike, and a skilled injector can pick and choose from various consistencies and filler properties.

  • Some dermal fillers are best used for different parts of the face.
  • Different products injected into the lips for cosmetic lip plumping treatments will give a more natural feeling, natural-looking lip augmentation than other products.
  • Your Clinician should have an ‘artistic arsenal’ of dermal fillers to sculpt the features with, subtly, in a way that enhances but isn’t over-filled.

Click to read Lip Filler Disasters and Lip Augmentation Tips

A skilled injector will know what top product brands, and what product types within that quality injectables brand, are going to help you attain the best result for a particular facial area or facial feature enhancement, including lip injections.

Lip Augmentation Injections using Lip Filler/Dermal Fillers can help to:

  • balance out your lips
  • even out a lopsided smile
  • reduce an overly “gummy” smile
  • add volume to lips that are thin or ageing (reduces wrinkles above the lips)
  • bring your face into balance
  • restore a more youthful appearance
  • give you a more luxurious or sensual looking pout

Lip Filler Disasters with lip Augmentation - secrets-to-lip-augmentation-injections

But beware going overboard with lip injections!

Read our blog on Lip Filler Disasters and Lip Augmentation Tips

Can injections or a liquid facelift replace a surgical facelift or facial plastic surgery?

  • Sometimes, yes.
  • But it always depends on the individual including their facial rejuvenation goals and skin health, as well as the injecting strategy and Cosmetic Injecting Clinician’s skill levels.

A good dermal filler injection strategy, along with the right amounts of anti-wrinkle injections in the right places, can sometimes postpone rejuvenating Plastic Surgery of the face.

It’s not as long-lasting, perhaps, but this may mean:

  • a liquid rhinoplasty option to temporarily augment a nasal bridge to improve the nose profile – without nose surgery
  • plumping up thinning lips to reduce vertical lip lines (‘feathering lines’ above the lip area)
  • slightly increasing the chin dimensions or the jawline contours to help balance out a recessed chin and weak looking jawline
  • restoring lost facial volume around the cheek area, temples or eyes to restore (or enhance) the skeletal shape

ALL with minimal, if any, downtime or discomfort.

I heard lip injections hurt. Is getting lip filler painful?

Yes, injections can hurt a little. But with strong numbing cream, ice packs, or various anaesthetics, it can often be reduced.

The good news is that only micro-fine needles and micro-tipped cannulas are used.

There are other proprietary ways of helping to reduce the discomfort of getting a dermal filler injection treatment or lip augmentation filler injections.

Plus, it’s transient discomfort, meaning you might feel a bit tender in the lips for a few days, but any discomfort of having the injections passes very quickly.

The good news about any pain or discomfort involved in lip augmentation/lip filler injections is that MOST cosmetic injecting procedures taking mere minutes – rather than hours.

So you can be in and out of your Injector’s chair in under 30 minutes to 60 minutes with most LIQUID FACELIFT and LIP PLUMPING injection sessions. Then you’re often ready to face the rest of the day, with soreness that typically lasts less than a few days.  (Some patients CAN bruise, however, so ask your Injecting Clinician what to expect).

Caring for Lips After Lip Injections with Dermal Filler (Lip Augmentation)

After Lip Injections, you’ll want to know how to care for your newly augmented lips. Read more about Lip Filler After Care and suggestions for improving your augmentation results.

  • This blog was produced by our highly respected team of Cosmetic Injecting professionals and their blogging team.
  • It’s still vital you check with your Cosmetic Injector for more details.
  • Your lip injecting scenario – and your Injector’s advice – could vary.
  • This lip care after lip injections tips blog is general in nature.
  • Results can vary, and this information does not replace lip care advice from your Senior Cosmetic Injecting Nurse or Cosmetic Injecting Doctor.

close up view of a lip injection

Click here to read the full blog on Lip Injections & Facial Filler After Care Guide

Care After Lip Injections: Lip Augmentation After Care (Abbreviated version)

Are lips sore after lip filler/lip injections?

  • Yes, they can be.
  • Some clients find their lips are a bit tender or sore after getting injections; for others, not so much.
  • They can be sensitive to touch, so be gentle with them.
  • Some people find they are able to see tiny red spots where the dermal filler needle or lip filler cannula was inserted.

How long do soreness and redness last after lip augmentation injections?

  • You may experience lip tenderness or soreness after injections.
  • If you are prone to cold sores, you might ask your Clinician for preventative medications to prevent cold sores. This is commonly taken several days prior to your appointment, and possibly also after your injections.
  • Tenderness usually lasts for just a few days after getting injections.
  • Having tenderness in the lips that lasts longer than a week is uncommon.
  • However, everyone is different. So if your tenderness lasts longer than a few days, consult your Clinician for assessment.
  • Some patients get bruising and/or swelling after their filler is injected.
  • This depends a lot on the patient’s skin and will resolve itself.
  • Most bruising and swelling, if it does occur, will generally resolve in less than 2 weeks. But most patients do not get this and the skill of your injector can reduce your chances (that said, some people are just prone to ready bruising).

Many patients enjoy the look of the initially swollen lips after getting lip augmentation. However, don’t be tempted to go overboard, with too much filler in your lips.

Downtime after getting cosmetic injections or lip fillers

“The key thing you need to do after injections is to stay hydrated by drinking water, and looking after your skin as you normally do, using quality sunscreen brands.  It’s typically best NOT to try a new product just after you get injections,” notes our Cosmetic Injecting Team in Hawthorn East.

“There are different instructions for post-injecting care for the anti-wrinkle injections and dermal fillers, with flying NOT recommended for several weeks after dermal fillers. You want to typically massage the lips or where you’ve had filler, but your Clinician will guide you as to what’s appropriate.

“But don’t massage near the areas where you’ve had the anti-wrinkle injections.

“Also, exercise right after injections is a NO-NO.  If you can avoid strenuous exercising that might dehydrate you, over a few days, it’s usually best to do so.  Ask us if you’re not sure,” suggest our Coco Ruby Cosmetic Injecting Clinicians in Melbourne.

They also indicate you need to avoid heat and sun exposure.

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cosmetic lip filler injections, injections-cheeks-lips-get-rid-wrinkles

Surgery to reshape or rejuvenate your face might cost tens of thousands of dollars. But good plastic surgery isn’t something you’ll want to do on the cheaper side of things, mostly because you’ll be living with your face surgery results every day, and because some things are simply worth doing properly or not at all.

The same can be said of dermal fillers and anti-wrinkle injections. Quality facial injections and cosmetic skin care is worth the investment, for multiple reasons which may include:

  1. Patient-safety considerations: these products are generally well-tolerated but they DO carry risks.  Be sure you understand the risks of dermal fillers and anti-wrinkle injections before consenting.  Patient well-being when using dermal fillers or anti-wrinkle injections is often linked with the type of facility the procedures are being offered in, the products used, and the knowledge and skill of the Cosmetic Doctor or Cosmetic Injector. Medical clinics with dedicated doctors may be managed to a higher standard in terms of sterility protocols than so-called ‘backroom beauty rooms’ or ‘back of house’ clinics in Australia.
  2. Quality brand ingredients:  when you think of what’s being injected into your face, wouldn’t you rather trust a brand name product – one you recognise as a household name – than something you’re not exactly certain who manufactured it, who vetted it and where it came from? Don’t be fooled – fake cosmetic injections are a real concern across Australia, and permanent injections with unknown substances have resulted in many a disaster.  Choose a Clinic you can trust, that’s been in business for a long time, is in your home city or home state and is managed by Medical Professionals who are qualified according to Australian Medical Board Standards.
  3. Strategic injecting for an artistic enhancement of your best features and reduction of asymmetry or facial abnormalities including facial scars or acne scars

Fuller Lips – Flattering not fattening!

You’ve all seen the puffer-face look of someone who’s had just a bit too much enhancement with injectables, implants or fillers.

And despite the Kardashian’s loving a fuller pout, you’ve probably seen some celebrities getting harassed online about going ‘a bit too far’ (or a lot too far) with their lip augmentation — e.g., having “a duck face” look.

Puffer fish lips versus natural looking lips

Most BAD LOOKING “lip jobs” are the result of over-zealous injectors or clients who want a larger pout than suits their faces.

How can you avoid that?

According to Coco Ruby Skin & Anti-Ageing Injecting Nurses Sandra Wallace (RN) and Jessie Anderson (RN) (Hawthorn), it all comes down to selecting an experienced Injector who (a) only uses quality products and (b) insists on a custom yet slightly-conservative injection strategy.

“You can always add more, to a point,” says Sandra Wallace, “but it’s difficult to go backwards.”

In our Senior Injecting Nurse’s recent blog on using a “light touch for natural-looking results,” she states the same. “Injections can end up making younger people look older than they are,” she said. “Most patients really just want a natural-looking enhancement, maybe just a bit of balance added. But every patient’s different. But if someone gets a pleasing result, they can think ‘oh a bit more next time’ – sometimes that’s appropriate, but other times it can leave them looking ‘over-enhanced’.

Senior Injector Nurse Sandra also agrees.

“Some people might look great with fuller lips,” she notes, “but it’s definitely not for everyone. I always aim to get my patient the best result for what they’re wanting; and find that often, a slightly-conservative approach, means they’ll get subtle yet pleasing result.”

So Subtle You’ll Look Twice, but Noticeable enough that You’ll Notice You Look Better

A good lip augmentation or shaping treatment can even be enhanced by makeup, but it should look nice make-up-less as well. It can really help boost the facial appearance or create more balance between the upper and lower lips (some patients have great variance or very thin lips).

If you look at this image of a patient who wanted — and came away with — a natural-looking enhancement result, at first glance, an untrained eye will have to look twice to notice the enhancement.

It’s subtle (as it should be) but will look even better with makeup on. And in the whole-face view, which we’ve not published here as she prefers we keep her identity private, the overall effect is very pleasing. (Note that individual patient results vary and that lip augmentation is not a permanent result.)

What lip fillers do we use?

Dermal fillers used to plump the lips are usually the same fillers that are used in other areas of the face to increase volume or fill in deep lines and creases.

We are not permitted to name actual brands, but we only use high-quality fillers as well as trusted quality brand muscle-relaxant injectables.

Fillers (“dermal volumisers”) consist of a thick hydrating fluid that is naturally found in our connective tissues of the body. This is a non-animal, scientifically stabilised product, which also contains a local anaesthetic to reduce discomfort and inflammation during the injecting process.

PLUS, we apply a numbing cream to your lips approximately one hour before your treatment.

What can lip fillers do for your appearance?*

Thin lips can leave a person looking angry, terse or tired.

Lip fillers, used properly, can slightly plump your lips. This increases them in size or helps slightly adjust their shape.

Slightly fuller lips often give a more youthful and pleasing result to the overall facial appearance. *But this always depends on the individual, and plumper lips may not suit every single client. One size (one injecting strategy) does not fit all.

Lip fillers are often used to correct lip asymmetry, or to help define the lip border — or differentiate the size and shape of the top and bottom lips.

Existing lip contours MUST be taken into account by our Injector to get a natural-looking facial enhancement.

Lip plumping isn’t permanent – but how long do lip fillers last?

*Every patient is different, but in general, the results from lip plumping using fillers usually lasts between 9-12 months.

If a high-quality product is used in the right way (by a highly trained practitioner), then typically you should only need your lips injected once a year.

Muscle Relaxants for Lips are also sometimes used

Some people have a smile that they simply don’t like – it might be lopsided, or slightly turned down or showing a lot of upper gum. Injection treatments can sometimes help.

If your UPPER lip curls under when you smile:

A small injection of a muscle relaxant injectable along your upper lip can help stop your upper lip from curling under when you smile. This is an alternative to lip fillers for patients who have substantial lip volume and shape in a non-smiling expression, but who’s top lip disappears whenever they smile.

Insider secrets to using Lip Fillers for Lovely Lips

People look at your eyes when you’re speaking, but how often do they also notice your lips? More than you think!

We can’t help but focus on the mouth when someone is speaking or making a facial expression.

So if you were born with lips that are on the thin side, or are notably uneven – or if time has made your lips turn down or grow thinner and less voluptuous and you want a prettier pout – lip injections may be your answer.

You may be looking for a way to plump up your lips.

If you were born with thin lips or your lips are thinning due to age, there are ways to readily enhance them. With one to two injection sessions (it’s best to go cautiously to not look ‘overdone’ than to risk too much filler at once) – you’ll have beautiful lips!

Cosmetic Lip Injections with Medical-Quality Filler Solutions using a temporary-filler-solution: Great Value over time, Low Downtime.

cosmetic lip injections beauty

Remember the products that surfaced about a decade ago, that promised to plump up your lips?

Even more recently, new makeup lines that promised improved lip volume have sold out in rapid time frames!

But some products – especially the early ones that promised to plump your lips for up to 12 hours – felt gunky or left you with numb-feeling lips. Others had short term effects that didn’t always work in your appearance favour.

Lip liner was also once popular to extend the size of the lips, at least visually – but it often looked fake and awkward – plus it didn’t always stay where you placed it on your face!

lip liner makeup gone wrong

Just for fun, for some great “lip liner fail” photos, visit:!

Facial Rejuvenation Guide Download

Lip Conscious? Lip Filler Injections to the Rescue

But fortunately, temporary dermal volumisers (known as “fillers”) are a great option for people who are wanting to enhance their lip lines or reduce around-lip wrinkles and lines. They can even correct an overly-gummy smile!

But most of all, they help give you a pleasingly plumper lip volume that gives your overall face a boost, so long as it’s done properly and not over-filled.

Injections for Luscious but Natural-Looking Lips

The most common method to enhance lips these days is through dermal filler injections (lip fillers), which is a procedure that helps to plump up lips and provide a fuller appearance.

It uses micro-fine needles or cannulas to deliver extra volume to the lip area.  It can correct uneven lips or fill thinning lips in a way that reduces above-lip lines and wrinkles, but getting a great injector who knows what they’re doing – as well as what products to use on your lips – is de rigueur for ending up loving your lip enhancements.


Types of Lip Enhancements and Lip Filler Injection Methods

There are a few different types of enhancements available to achieve fuller lips or correct uneven lips (asymmetry from one side of your smile to the other, or to enhance upper lip volume if it is hardly visible), but injections with fillers are the most common.

Fillers with Temporary Plumping Solutions using an approved filler solution Acid (HA) based solutions

Dermal lip fillers are the most common form of lip enhancements used today in many beauty-focused communities.

  • They can provide fantastic results for you if you are looking to create a fuller effect!
  • The gel used for lip enhancement procedures is made of an approved temporary-filler-solution solution which your body naturally produces.
  • The filler is injected – ideally by a conservative and aesthetically-minded Medical Professional (Aesthetic Physician, Senior Injecting Nurse or Plastic Surgeon) – right below the skin’s surface to help plump up your lips.


A quality, reputable Plastic Surgery or Anti-Ageing Skin Care centre will only use high-quality injectables and will walk you through everything you need to know about the procedure, including potential risks (which are minimised as much as possible by our Quality Injecting Staff).

In terms of duration of an Injectables Filler Treatment for Lips, a great Injector will also inform you that your lip filler effects will be temporary in nature.

While lip enhancements can be long lasting – for some people, as long as 12 to 15 months – their temporary effects will eventually reduce over time.  The temporary nature is a bonus, really, in terms of if you decide you want to leave your lips thinner again over time, or get another lip-booster treatment – maybe even opting for a bit more volume (but not too much).

There are other permanent fillers that are still available for use but top professionals believe they really should be avoided because of potential side effects and long term complications, so be sure to discuss your options with your practitioner, and know that choosing temporary fillers is popular because they tend to have more predictable and/or more reversible effects.

What are the Positive Impacts of an approved temporary-filler-solution Fillers on Lips?

  1. Better Control: the person who is injecting the filler into your lips has a lot of control over how much gel to inject so that they can create the perfect fullness for your overall facial anatomy (assuming you’ve chosen a well-qualified injector with a thorough understanding of facial anatomy and injection danger zones)
  2. Keep Going Bigger: you can keep going back for additional filler injections until your desired results are achieved. You want to take your time and not get too much too soon or your lips will either look odd or unnatural or FEEL like they’re not your lips (ask our injectors what products they use to get you very natural feeling lip enhancements).
  3. Smooth Feeling: any lumps or bumps usually dissolve quickly over time. This filler we use is very soft and natural-feeling; so you will not feel like there is anything foreign inside of your lips (as is often the case with other methods such as lip implants)
  4. Less Side Effects than permanent fillers or other options: because your body already creates an approved temporary-filler-solution, your risk of allergic reaction are very low AND you won’t tend to have so much bruising or potential nerve damage or smile-damage
  5. Long-Lasting: while not permanent, this filler does tend to last a long time – but you might want to buy a lot more lip gloss or lip colour because you love how it looks on fuller lips!
  6. Change of Mind: because the filler we inject is not a permanent filler, if you decide you’re not fond of bigger lips (or if you come to us for a revisional or injection-reversal lip procedure), you can be injected with an eraser enzyme called hyaluronidase (we only dissolve filler on our own patients). This can help dissolve the filler while in the Clinic and help you get back to your pre-filler look (but most people love their lips if they have a great injecting experience with a high-quality strategy and an experienced Injecting Clinician who doesn’t go ‘too far too fast’ or over-fill or fill in the wrong areas).
  7. Fast Results: The procedure takes about 30 minutes and there is very little to zero downtime. While you may have to come back for a couple of visits to achieve your end result, they will be quick trips, and you can wear makeup to cover any interim redness or puffiness (which can occur just after your injections but lasts only a few hours to a few days for most patients).

Examples of natural-looking lip enhancements – not too much filler, but looks fantastic with makeup on. Bonus: the added volume reduced the appearance of the upper-lip lines!

Here’s another lip enhancement example where the cupid’s bow was enhanced along with an overall volume increase of the lips; but with a natural-looking effect that gave the entire face a more-youthful boost!

pre and post treatment wedding lips

Why lip fillers and not fat transfers to lips?

Other options to Temporary Fillers for Lip Enhancement and Lip Shaping

Fat Injections

Lip enhancements using fat transfer involves removing fat from another area of the body and injecting it into the lips. Fat injections became popular because only the body’s natural tissue is used, so allergic reactions rarely occur. This method can be tricky, however, because fat can be unpredictable AND there are some additional complications to these methods.

Fat can move around a bit and a high percentage of what’s injected can be reabsorbed into the body. This means that you can risk getting too much injected or having not enough stay, or having it remain but a bit unevenly in different areas of your lips.

The other downfall with fat injections to lips is that you need to have another procedure to harvest the fat, which involves a liposuction-type of fat ‘harvesting’ procedure. As with any surgical procedure, there are always complications that can arise and many patients will complain about the ‘donor site’ as well as the lack of predictability with fat transfer to face methods (but sometimes, for some patients using highly adept Plastic Surgeons, it can work well on certain areas of the face). You can ask about fat transfer options, but you’ll find many Plastic Surgeons in Australia remain hesitant to fully recommend them as the best solution due to current limitations and potential complication rates. That noted, they may evolve a lot over the coming years.

What the insiders say: Wait and watch regarding fat transfers to lips; and in the interim, use temporary filler options.

Lip Implants

Another method of lip enhancement is with the use of lip implants.  This was initially popular about 15 years ago, before injections became the more dominant and popular, affordable option for long-lasting lip shape enhancements.

Lip implants can be made of saline or silicone (newer types use smooth silicone). They have the advantage of being permanent and without ongoing maintenance, but they involve a much higher cost than injectable options and can leave lips feeling numb or ‘unnatural’.

Lip Injections can Give Your Lips a Lift

Lip injections and lip surgery are increasingly popular ways to help balance the face, even out a smile or plump up a thin top lip.

Injections: with hardly any downtime and minimal risks when performed by one of our Top Injectors such as Sandra and Jessie Anderson (RN), you can be on your way to a better-looking lip proportion in very little time.

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Can you shape the upper lip with fillers or injectable treatments?

There are several procedures available to change the shape or volume of the upper lip.

A lip lift can permanently change and enhance the size and shape of the lips without the need for repeating lip fillers.

lip fillers best lipstick and plump lip injections

How do lip treatments help reduce the appearance of facial ageing?

As we age, our lips lose their plumpness and begin to descend or droop, typically around the corners – similarly losing firmness and fullness just as the skin on our face does.

The lighter portion of our lips (or along the edges) can begin to get larger as the tinted area of our lips becomes thinner and even down-turned.

Some people notice their upper lip begins to hang lower over the front teeth (or as the lips thin, more gum begins to show).

Fuller lips in better proportion to the overall face will not only tend to help you look a bit younger, but it can give you a more “subtly-pouty” lip or more appealing smile. Both of these changes can help rejuvenate the facial appearance, especially when your improved lip shape is highlighted by power lipstick or lip gloss colours that complement your skin tone.

Some of these lip enhancements can be done with lip injections alone, but others may require surgery to improve the lip and smile.

What other types of lip lifts are there?

Lip enhancements and plumping using Injectables

If you want a fuller lip or to balance out a lopsided or gummy smile, lip injectable treatments alone – consisting of an approved temporary-filler-solution solution – may get you the lip shape, size and smile improvements that you’re wanting. But sometimes you want a bit of a different lip or lower face look and might explore lip surgery or lower facial surgery, such as a chin augmentation, a facelift or a Upper Lip Lift.

You can also have a lip flip with botox instead of lip fillers.

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Preparing for Event and Wedding Season  – how much time do you need?

You may be thinking that fillers are the best option for you and they most likely are, if you’re wanting long-lasting but potentially reversible lip enhancements that will accentuate or help balance out your face and smile.

So if you’re getting ready for the Racing Carnival Season or for a wedding or holiday later in the year, you can get your lip injections done a few weeks to a few months before the event.

If you have a big event planned and want enhancements, we recommend trying a few months in advance, to allow enough time to add volume if you want a stronger enhancement (it’s easier to add volume than to remove it, so our Injectors are experts at not over-doing filler or leaving people with a fake-looking lip shape).  In the example below, you’ll notice a natural-looking injectables effect that is subtle but effective.

Please be sure to discuss all of your options with your practitioner (Sandra Wallace (RN) and Jessie Anderson (RN), including potential risks and how they will manage any potential unwanted outcomes – in other words, do adequate due diligence before your procedure so you know what to expect – and what makes for a quality injectables procedure.

If it’s your first time, read our blog on Tips for First Time Lip Fillers or Injections.

It can help to ask to speak with other patients who’ve had the procedure – and look at photo examples to be sure you’re not choosing a ‘filler-happy’ injecting person who overdoes it.  It’s also important that you feel as though you are not rushed during your consultation, which means you should always have a thorough consultation and get a good sense of whether or not you trust the injector with one of your most visible facial features – your lips!

TGA approved muscle relaxant solution Best lips and eyes

If you are interested in learning more about lip augmentation from one of our leading Melbourne Injecting Team members give us a call at (03) 8849 1400 to arrange your injectables consultation appointment.

Coco Ruby in Melbourne (Hawthorn East), you’ll benefit from the wisdom and aesthetically balanced approaches of highly-experienced Injectors who have ~ 20 years of cosmetic injection experience.

Plus, our Senior Injecting Team uses only high-quality brands – not cheap brands of lip fillers that can leave you less than happy with your lips.

What makes for a quality injectable experience and a natural-looking outcome?

Read our blogs including our Senior Injectors blog on “Looking Natural and Avoiding Filler Fatigue” and “Five Things to Know about Injectables and Makeup

Plus, find out about potential bruising after getting lip filler, and how to avoid it by being prepared before you get cosmetic injections.

For more information, read our other blogs about “The Dangers of Flying After Facial Fillers” and “How to Get the Most Out of Your Dermal Fillers or Anti-Wrinkle Injections.”  And send an enquiry today to hear more via our newsletters or monthly FREE events at our Hawthorn East location.

Or schedule an injecting assessment with one of our Senior Injecting Clinicians to find out what injections can do for your face, lips, temples, cheeks, forehead or skin smoothness appearance.

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