How to Have Amazing Eyebrows: Transformation Options


Amazing Eyebrows – Five Eyebrow Transformation Options

Your eyes and your eyebrows are usually the first things that people notice about you. Being the first thing to catch someone’s eyes, it’s one of the more popular areas for facial rejuvenation surgery and feature enhancement using injectables. This article will help illuminate different options when it comes to your eyebrows, whether its make-up, hair transplant, or a more permanent result, (eyebrow lift, facelift etc).

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So how do you ensure they look better after a treatment, not worse?


Whether your brows appear to be ageing (sagging) or have changed in ways you’re not exactly thrilled with – or if you’ve always been unhappy with the eyebrows that nature gave you – there are several options for you to choose from.

Eyebrow Option 1 – Eyebrow Makeup  Options

Today’s favourite brows are natural-looking and generally on the slightly fuller, well-shaped side of eyebrow trends. Whilst brow appearance trends do change over time, just like makeup styles, this fuller eyebrow look seems to be holding steady in Australia. The fuller, shapely brow also gives a naturally pleasing definition to the upper face and eye areas.

Yet many people are plagued with eyebrows that are thin and would like to change how they look by filling them in. One option is to use the latest BROW makeup options to help make your eyebrows appear fuller.

There are some great new makeup options now – complete with eyebrow fill-in templates – to give you the brow look you crave.

Yet many people are looking for a more permanent brow enhancement option to help accentuate their eyes.

best eye brow shaping melbourne

Eyebrow Option 2 – Eyebrow Tattoos

The Brow Tattoo option may also be a solution for some patients, although tattooing has risks and removing a tattoo is painful, expensive and time-consuming. Plus, it won’t necessarily give you an elevated brow appearance where your eyebrows have started to age and have begun to sag. For ageing eyebrows (or drooping brows and drooping eyelids), you may need a Brow Lift Surgery with or without a Blepharoplasty.

Eyebrow Option 3 – Eyebrow Transplants or a Brow Lift

Eyebrow transplant surgery involves taking hair from another part of your body, usually the back of your head, and then transplanting these hairs to the eyebrow area.

What to Expect with an Eyebrow Transplant:

This procedure can be extremely difficult to perform and most people find makeup and other brow shaping options easier and more affordable.

If you opt for a brow transplant procedure, however, this is what generally occurs.

  • Hair is transplanted from your head to your brows
    • Healthy hair follicles are harvested from the back of your head
    • The Follicles are then transferred to your brow area.
  • Recovery can take from five to seven days or longer
  • Regrowth rates tend to be high
  • Because the hair will grow as it did from your donor site (perhaps more rapidly than your traditional eyebrow hair), you may need to trim your brows more regularly.

eyebrow shaping injectables and tattoos

What most patients don’t know about the Eye Brow Transplant process:

  • What you may not know is that the transplanted hairs actually FALL OUT at around 2 to 3 weeks after the procedure is performed.
  • The hairs then start to slowly regrow on their own.
  • Over the next several months, your eyebrows tend to fill in & maintain a bit of fullness from that stage forward.
  • There are few risks associated with an eyebrow transplant procedure, primarily because you are using your own hair, but it is still considered surgery and there are some risks involved that you’ll want to be aware of.
  • You may notice some soreness and mild swelling around the treated brow area, but this typically resolves relatively quickly.
  • The procedure can transplant from 50 to about 400 hairs.
  • The volume of hair implanted depends on how FULL you are wanting your eyebrows to be.
  • Your doctor will design your brows with your feedback while making sure that your look is natural and aesthetically appealing. Local anaesthetic is usually applied to the brow area and the transplant begins.
  • Everyone’s procedure time will vary but two to four hours is standard for most eyebrow transplants.

In terms of outcomes, the eyebrow ‘hair transplant’ procedure is intended to help give you the desired fullness that you are looking as well as the desired eyebrow shape.

For best brow results, it is critical to choose a great practitioner that has extensive experience in performing eyebrow transplants.

Whilst we do NOT offer this option at either Coco Ruby Skin & Anti-Ageing or our top Plastic Surgery locations in Melbourne, you can contact us for information about who performs these procedures in either Melbourne or Sydney.

Eyebrow Options in Melbourne

BEST EYEBROW shaping tips for different facial structures

You may have noticed that your eyebrows begin to sag as you age over time.

Sometimes it’s simply a process of natural ageing that leads your brows to sag. At other times, it’s attributed to lifestyle factors such as when you get too much sun exposure.

The great news is that there are many options to help restore your brows AND help improve your facial skin collagen levels.

If you are losing skin elasticity in the tissues above your eyes or suffering from a drooping brow, or if you find yourself constantly looking in the mirror and lifting your eyebrows with your fingers to see what your face might look like with elevated brows, it might be time to visit a Plastic Surgeon to learn about surgical options for restoring the look of your brows through either an eyebrow lift or other upper facelift procedures (including a Blepharoplasty).

Option 4 – Eyebrow Lift Procedures – Injectables or Surgery?

There are some non-surgical options you can choose from if you’re not yet ready for Surgery, but we hope you’ll be cautious with your delicate brow and eyelid area.  That’s because you can end up looking WORSE if you get too much filler – or filler in the wrong areas. Read more about Facial Fillers – Top 5 Injection Danger Zones for Dermal Filler Injections and Looking Natural and Avoiding Filler Fatigue.WRINKLES above your brow area

That noted, you can get some high-quality skin serums, injectable treatments or dermal fillers – even a laser procedure or a skin collagen booster treatment (such as skin booster injectables, DOT therapy, Fraxel or Microneedling).

All of these treatments might help improve your skin’s appearance and improve the collagen level, but you’ll want an expert Dermal Clinician’s opinion as to which ones will suit you best.

Dermal filler injections are non-surgical procedures that involve a Nurse Injector or Aesthetic Physician injecting a gel-type of DERMAL VOLUMISING solution under the skin.

Injections, dermal fillers, restalyn, Face lift or fat transfer to face

fillers for men's facial features, crows feet fillers

Some filler or anti-wrinkle injectables treatments won’t show their FULL effect until several weeks after you have the procedure, so if you have a special event you’re wanting to look your best for, be sure to plan ahead.


Option 5 – Eyebrow Lift Surgery with an Eyelid Lift – Is it time for a brow lift or combined eyelid lift/Eyebrow lift procedure?

There are some patients, however, where non-surgical solutions simply won’t help – this is when brow surgery may clearly be required to rejuvenate the upper face or improve the appearance of the eye and forehead area.

Surgery to lift the EYEBROW involves an upper brow lift procedure (or an eyebrow lift with eyelid rejuvenation surgery). This may also be combined with injectables to help reduce forehead wrinkled, brow furrows and eyelid area lines such as crow’s feet.

eye brow lift surgery melbourne

A brow lift procedure works to reverse the typical effects of gravity and time on your upper face.

This procedure can help tighten the soft tissues of your forehead and restore a more youthful contour to your upper eyelids and eyebrows.

So what can an  Eyebrow lift procedure accomplish in terms of feature enhancement or facial rejuvenation?

  • A brow lift can help to reduce the signs of ageing and help leave you looking rejuvenated in a natural-looking way.
  • It can also help give your eyelids a ‘less aged’ appearance
  • A brow lift can help you attain a more youthful, refreshed eye & brow appearance (a less ‘worried’ or ‘worn’ appearance to the upper face)

There are several Eyebrow lift or upper facelift methods available for you and your Plastic Surgeon to choose from. Different brow lifts involve varying incisions in different locations.  Most brow lift incisions are super fine, however, and any scarring is either hidden, minimal, or readily camouflaged so long as you choose an experienced, highly-skilled Surgeon for your procedure.

Discuss your Brow Lift options with your Plastic Surgeon.

You’ll want to have a thorough evaluation from one of our fully qualified Plastic Surgeons to:

  • find out if you would benefit from a brow lift or eyelid lift procedure
  • discover if you’re a good candidate for an eyebrow lift or combined upper facelift procedure
  • discuss different approaches to your brow lift surgery
  • evaluate the benefits of adding injectables as a temporary solution to wrinkles, lines or lost volume due to ageing

A Brow Lift is generally performed as a day surgery procedure by either a fully qualified FRACS Surgeon (Choose an Experienced Plastic Surgeon) or a Specialist Plastic Surgeon, in a fully accredited hospital.

Facelift brow lift surgery

The primary aim is usually rejuvenation of the brow area (or upper third of the face including your eyelids and brow area).

If you opt for a Brow Lift procedure in an accredited hospital facility, you will most likely receive general anaesthesia along with local anaesthesia to minimise post-operative discomfort.  With our associated leading Plastic Surgeons in Melbourne or Sydney, you’ll be looked after by a stellar Surgical Support Team.

You can find out more by sending an enquiry form or arranging a Surgical consultation with one of our leading Brow Lift Surgeons.

During the Brow Lift or Upper Face Lift Procedures, your Plastic Surgeon may combine various techniques to help ensure a natural end result is achieved.

Brow Lift Surgery Options

The two main types of brow lifts that are common:

Open (or ‘traditional’) brow lift – otherwise known as a Classic, Coronal or Trichophytic brow lift.

  • Your Plastic Surgeon or Oculoplastic Surgeon makes a long incision across your forehead – typically around the hairline or in one of the creases of your forehead.
  • Your Plastic Surgeon or Oculoplastic Surgeon then lifts the skin away from the underlying tissues, readjusts or tightens the underlying tissue structures and removes any excess fat where necessary.
  • Your Surgeon removes any excess skin, pulls the remaining skin down and stitches the brow into its new, improved position.

Endoscopic brow lift

  • Your Plastic Surgeon or Oculoplastic Surgeon makes several small incisions in the forehead area
  • An endoscope (a metal tube with a camera attached to the end) is then inserted
  • The operation is then performed similarly to that used for an open or classic brow lift procedure, but the Surgeon observes the tissues underneath the skin on a projection screen 0 rather than through an open wound

There are pros and cons to each method of a Brow Lift and your Surgeon can help assess what procedure(s) will be best for your particular brow concerns.

So be sure to ask your Brow Lift Surgeon to explain why they prefer one procedure over the other.

  • Whichever procedure your Surgeon performs, once your brow lift is completed, the treated area of the brow is then wrapped with sterile bandages to prevent bleeding and swelling, and to protect your sutures at the incision areas.
  • You will be closely monitored and you will be provided with pain medication assistance to help control your post-op discomfort.
  • You will need to attend a series of follow-up visits to monitor your healing processes over time
  • While some swelling and discomfort will continue for several days post-op, you should be able to return to most of your normal activities by four to six weeks, sometimes earlier (but full healing and swelling reduction can sometimes take longer).

If you are wondering whether a brow rejuvenation is right for you, just send an enquiry form for more information..

You can also call us during Clinic Hours on (03) 8849 1400 and ask about meeting with one of the Leading Plastic Surgeons at Coco Ruby Plastic Surgery.  And be sure to register to attend one of our regular FREE practice events (register here).


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