The Ageing Lip vs the Younger Lip: Best Lip Filler Techniques


Dermal filler injection treatments aim to reduce the effects of ageing or improve facial contours (or both). Certain dermal filler treatments are popular with women and men of a variety of ages. Lip plumping, for example, with dermal filler lip injections, are a perfect example. But getting good results from lip fillers means using the best available lip filler techniques to meet the needs of each individual client, not simply pushing in the latest dermal filler and hoping for the best. Fortunately, at Coco Ruby Skin & Anti-Ageing in Melbourne, one of our signature services is offering balanced, natural-looking and soft-feeling Lip Filler Injection Treatments.

Lip Filler Injections for the Ageing Lip VS Lip Filler Injections for the Younger Lip

Best Lip Filler Techniques for Cosmetic Injections for different types of lips

Lip filler injections are increasingly popular around Australia, and one of the most sought after cosmetic medical treatments around.

  • Plumper looking lips via lip filler can enhance your face and leave you looking sultry or with a come hither appearance, rather than a stressed, thin lipped or angry/pursed lip appearance.
  • Plumper looking lips can even reduce fine lines (or smoker’s lines) around the upper lips for some patients.
  • Plumper lips can help balance out the face or reduce an overly gummy smile (with some muscle-relaxing injections in the right locations).

But there’s a problem with Lip Filler Injections using Dermal Filler

Unfortunately, too much of a good thing is typically a very bad thing. Never has this been more evident in the cosmetic medical treatment world than in seeing those overly-filled, ‘freaky looking’ lips due to over-volumisation.

It’s true that injectable lip treatments are also THE most likely cosmetic procedure to result in ‘lip filler addiction’ or the ‘over-filled, too-large and freaky lips’ syndrome.

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And if you like a fuller smile, but don’t want to end up looking entirely unnatural, continue reading our top rated blogs to learn more about different techniques for younger, versus older, lips.

best-lip-filler-techniques - ageing lips vs younger lips

The trick to getting a good lip enhancement or lip augmentation using dermal filler injections is to treat the lip at hand – and younger lips need different enhancements than an aged lip.

Best Lip Filler Injection Techniques for Cosmetic Injections for the Younger Lip

Younger lips are naturally fuller than they will be when a person ages.

But some people are born with thin lips, or an asymmetrical (uneven) smile.

Lip filler comes in handy here; and most younger clients who want plumper looking lips prefer lips that have two aspects:

  • fuller lips
  • a distinguishable ‘cupid’s bow” at the top

Best Lip Filler Techniques, cosmetic-injections-gummy-smile-treatment

Sometimes they want their upper and lower lips to look pouty, but a more natural looking smile has a thinner upper lip than a lower lip. If they are identical in size, they can look ‘over filled’ or ‘over done.’ Whilst this look is increasingly the ‘go’ on social media savvy celebrities, it can end up looking strange.

Or worse yet, lip filler injections gone wrong can look like a ‘puffer fish’ or trout mouth.’  It’s known as the over-filled lip or “freaky looking lip.”

best lip filler injection techniques for older aged lips

How to avoid over-filled lip mishaps during lip augmentation

Avoid this mishap by making sure your injector is skilled with natural facial anatomy and facial balancing dermal filler injecting techniques as well as having experience in a variety of lip filler techniques.

Above all, watch out for the tendency to believe that more is more (rather than less is more) when it comes to dermal filler and lip augmentation injections.

Best Cosmetic Injecting Techniques for Younger Lips

Here are our lip injection commandments for enhancing the younger lip with dermal filler.

  • A good lip injector will tell you what to expect.
  • A good lip injector they will encourage you to go slowly so that you can augment your lips more, if needed, because they know it’s far easier to increase the lip size with a second injecting session than to reduce the lip size/remove lip filler after having it injected. lip-filler-best-lip-filler-injection-techniques-older-lips.j

Most of all, a good cosmetic injector will not just enhance your upper OR lower lip without first examining your entire face and coming up with a balanced injecting strategy.

Then they will explain to you their lip augmentation approach in a way that makes SENSE to you, including how their lip filler techniques MATCH what you’re aiming to accomplish.

Beware the vague injector who can’t explain their lip augmentation injecting strategies and the products they are using, including why they chose those specific products to be used as your lip filler solution.

  • A good injector knows the differences between different types of lip fillers.
  • A good injector will be aware of the need for differences between the size of the top lip and bottom lip.
  • Good lip augmentation is all about relative proportions, just as proportions are crucial in other facial beauty standards, for example, the golden ratio.
  • A good injector will also select the right brand and product type for your specific needs.
    • These days, there are numerous brands and product lines – an injector is a lot like a painter who has 100 different brushes from which they can choose to paint with.
    • An Injector MUST know his or her lip filler products inside out, as well as how they tend to feel or respond once injected, before they choose what to use.
  • A good injector will FIRST ask about your medical history and any previous cosmetic injection treatments you experienced, as well as other factors that could influence your injecting experience, such as your healing capacity (be sure you live a healthy lifestyle with good nutrition).
  • A good injector will also encourage you to aim for a modest enhancement and letting your first lip augmentation results settle a bit, before deciding it’s time for more.

Best Cosmetic Injecting Techniques for Ageing Lips or the Older Patient


Here are our lip injection commandments for enhancing the aged lip with dermal filler.

  • A good injector for an ageing lip knows to take a good medical history and to ask about prior cosmetic surgery and active at-home skin care regimes.
  • A good injector will assess the face for any pre-existing asymmetry resulting from a medical condition such as Bell’s Palsy or similar changes to the face and facial muscles, and when possible, will work to correct those asymmetries using best-practice cosmetic injection techniques and anti-wrinkle solutions
  • A good injector will assess the fine lines above the lip and work to reduce those by adding volume to both the upper and lower lip.
  • A good injector will also evaluate the marionette lines (between the edges of the nostrils and the corners of the mouth) and suggest a solution if there is a good solution and IF the patient seems interested in further rejuvenation


  • A good injector for the aged lip will understand that lip volume replacement and lip augmentation is more important than the bow; and that an overly enhancing aged lip with a cupid-type bow might not be as appealing as it might be on a younger face – with a few exceptions, of course.
  • A good injector for lip filler of an ageing lip on an older patient will also know what else to recommend to correct for asymmetry or smile deformities, such as when the corners of the lip turn downward even when the person is happy.
  • A good injector is likely to gently suggest additional treatments that may enhance facial rejuvenation and lip augmentation results for older patients; but they will be honest and respectful.
    • Most clients want to look younger and fresher and welcome suggestions.
    • However, few clients actually want to hear about the wrinkles and lines they haven’t yet noticed but which can be reduced using skin treatments or other best-practice cosmetic injecting techniques and rejuvenation strategies.
    • This might include skin lasers, skin peels or even a face lift or neck lift procedure).
  • A good injector will be able to answer questions about the latest injection treatments, including Skin Booster Injections and other collagen-revitalisers, the Mona Lisa Vaginal Touch Laser, and the Double-Chin Injection Treatments to reduce under-chin fat  to improve or restore a firmer jaw line appearance.
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