After Lip Injections: Caring for Lips

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Caring for Lips After Lip Injections with Dermal Filler (Lip Augmentation)

After Lip Injections, you’ll want to know how to care for your newly augmented lips. Read more about Lip Filler After Care and suggestions for improving your augmentation results.

  • This blog was produced by our highly respected team of Cosmetic Injecting professionals and their blogging team.
  • It’s still vital you check with your Cosmetic Injector for more details.
  • Your lip injecting scenario – and your Injector’s advice – COULD vary.
  • This LIP CARE AFTER LIP INJECTIONS TIPS blog is general in nature.
  • Results can vary, and this information does not replace lip care advice from your Senior Cosmetic Injecting Nurse or Cosmetic Injecting Doctor.

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Care After Lip Injections: Lip Augmentation After Care (Abbreviated version)

Are lips sore after lip filler/lip injections?

  • Yes, they can be.
  • Some clients find their lips are a bit tender or sore after getting injections; for others, not so much.
  • They can be sensitive to touch, so be gentle with them.
  • Some people find they are able to see tiny red spots where the dermal filler needle or lip filler cannula was inserted.

How long do soreness and redness last after lip augmentation injections?

  • You may experience lip tenderness or soreness after injections.
  • If you are prone to cold sores, you might ask your Clinician for preventative medications to prevent cold sores. This is commonly taken several days prior to your appointment, and possibly also after your injections.
  • Tenderness usually lasts for just a few days after getting injections.
  • Having tenderness in the lips that lasts longer than a week is uncommon.
  • However, everyone is different. So if your tenderness lasts longer than a few days, consult your Clinician for assessment.
  • Some patients get bruising and/or swelling after their filler is injected.
  • This depends a lot on the patient’s skin and will resolve itself.
  • Most bruising and swelling, if it does occur, will generally resolve in less than 2 weeks. But most patients do not get this and the skill of your injector can reduce your chances (that said, some people are just prone to ready bruising).

Many patients enjoy the look of the initially swollen lips after getting lip augmentation. However, don’t be tempted to go overboard, with too much filler in your lips.

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