Is your ACNE worse in Summer? Top Tips to Keep Your Acne From Getting Worse in Summer

how to stop acne getting worse in summer

Acne worse in Summer?

Top Tips to Keep Your Acne in Check Over Summer

acne worse in summer

Summer can make your acne worse.  Here’s how to keep those pimples and acne at bay over the summer holidays.

Avoid your acne getting worse in Summery by following these 5 tips!

  1. Stay hydrated – drink plenty of clean, fresh water and AVOID soft drinks (which leave you forgetting to drink water)
  2. Be sure to use a FRESH, CLEAN face washer EVERY time you clean.  Buy a stack of them and swap them out with ever cleanse; and be sure they are washed and dried properly to avoid bacteria build up.
  3. Even if you’re travelling or in a hurry, DON’T use a baby wipe or disposable cosmetic makeup remover wipe. They have high alcohol content on them and can have the effect of drying out your skin, increasing your skin’s propensity to create even more sebum (oil) – making your acne worse.
  4. Cleanse TWO times a day, more frequently if you have to (such as if you are out and about in grime and dirt, or getting very sweaty).
  5. Make sure you moisturise after every cleansing of your face when you have acne  – if you dry out your skin, the sebum will be worse (the same reason you need to avoid high alcohol products and stick to a medicated line such as Obagi Cleansi-Derm, Medic8 Beta Range, PCA Clear Skin or similar products.


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