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Beauty Clinics and Dermal Filler Injections: “Beauty’s New Normal” Episodes on ABC’s Four Corners

On 13 August 2018, ABC’s Four Corners covers a media story by Reporter Louise Milligan (@Milliganreports) on the risks of cosmetic injection treatments having gone mainstream across the world.  The segment, “beauty’s new normal,” focuses on concerns with cosmetic injections and other invasive procedures being performed by less trained doctors and non-monitored Beauty Clinicians who lack medical training. Additionally, the story covers the fact that many Surgeons in Australia offering cheap Cosmetic procedures may not actually be genuine, FRACS Qualified Plastic Surgeons, but instead – GPs, dentists or other doctors that have limited training in complex surgery they offer at a discount.

The August 2018 Beauty’s New Normal episode on ABC’s Four Corners may also contain expert commentary from several Australian Plastic Surgeons about dangers of ‘cowboy cosmetic practitioners’ or untrained injectors.

And if you were ever told twilight anaesthesia is a better option than general anaesthesia, watch the FOUR CORNERS ABC report on Cosmetic Surgery and Cosmetic Injections (at 18 minutes into the program, you’ll hear a Sydney patient’s description of being under twilight Anaesthesia while having breast augmentation surgery in the BACK ROOM of a cheap Cosmetic Surgery clinic run by a NON-plastic surgeon).

But the program on cosmetic injections and mainstream cosmetic surgery on ABC’s Four Corners also focused on cosmetic injections risks with inadequately-trained practitioners.

There is a risk in cosmetic injections given to vulnerable patients who are unaware of the risks of dermal fillers and of using less-trained doctors – or worse yet, beauticians and others without any medical training or medical qualifications who are injecting patients in clinics and in private homes, with no medical staff present to handle emergency situations.

What is likely to be covered in this NEWS UPDATE on the RISKS of Dermal Fillers and Less-Trained Injectors and Beauty Clinics offering ‘mainstream’ invasive cosmetic treatments such as prescription only “Schedule 4” medications delivered with needles or cannulas:

  • There are many people entering the cosmetic injecting and cosmetic surgery industry with very different skill sets and backgrounds.
  • Not all Cosmetic Injectors have the right training to offer cosmetic injections.
  • Some Clinicians who offer injections may have no medical qualifications and/or very limited training in facial anatomy and injecting techniques.
  • Some clinics who offer injections have NO DOCTORS on-hand and are not focused on sterility.

The Public is not yet aware enough of the differences in Cosmetic Injecting clinics and may shop on price, only to recognise – too late – they’ve chosen an untrained or unskilled clinician. Plus, not everyone really understands the risks of dermal fillers.

Cosmetic Injections – including dermal filler injections – are very popular. But popularity does not mean they are suitable for every patient, or that every clinician can learn to use them.

  • Although dermal filler is now considered by many to be a mainstream beautification treatment, they are INVASIVE and they DO have risks.
  • And this is one of the featured stories in the Four Corners report on ABC airing on 13th August 2018.


cosmetic injecting dangers - risks-of-dermal-fillers-cosmetic-cowbodys-abc-fourcorners

Some risks of dermal fillers are very serious. Patients need to be well informed of:

  • patient selection criteria and it’s importance in prescribing these medications
  • the differences in skill levels – 10 years experience compared to a few months (“learner injectors” or “new injectors”)
  • permanent dermal fillers vs temporary dermal filler solutions – risks and dangers
  • how to prepare for cosmetic injections
  • the dangers of flying too soon after facial injections/dermal filler injections
  • other risks and how to reduce the ones that can be reduced (not ALL injecting risks can be mitigated but sterility measures can help reduce some injecting infection risks)
  • injecting danger zones for dermal fillers/facial injections – areas of the face where complication risks may be elevated (that noted, every patient has unique anatomy and ANY and ALL injection treatments carry risks)
  • risk counter-measures and treatments should a complication occur
  • how to assess your Clinician or Medical Clinic before you consent to having these invasive treatments

And as seen in the news recently, dermal fillers or anti-wrinkle solutions injected into the wrong place, can lead to permanent blindness or other vision impairment.


  • So, whilst serious risks including blindness are rare in view of the large number of individuals having cosmetic injections by qualified practitioners, you DO need to consider these risk very carefully.
  • Do your research before you consent to one of these procedures – and choose your injecting clinician VERY carefully.
  • Even then, some complications – even serious or life threatening ones – may occur despite your Injectors knowledge of anatomy, their skill level and their focus on sterility.

Summary/take home message: Be an Informed Consumer of Cosmetic Injections and recognise they are a Schedule 4 Prescription Medication/Drug.

  • If you ARE having cosmetic injections, as hundreds of Australians do every day, a medical clinic or surgical clinic may offer a more sterility-focused and patient-safety minded environment than a beauty clinic or home-based ‘cosmetic injecting party’ environment.
  • But DO your homework before having injections and be sure you DO UNDERSTAND the risks of Dermal fillers.

Don’t increase your risks by choosing:

  • Unskilled practitioners
  • Doctors, Dentists or Pharmacists who are not highly trained or experienced
  • Places where cosmetic practitioners and beauticians offer dermal filler injections in clinics where there is NO doctor present and no medical assessment taken before the treatments.

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