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5 Makeup Tips when having Injectable Treatments

Ready to start turning back the clock on your facial appearance?  Or give your lips or cheeks a bit of ‘boost’? If you’re like many women, you probably don’t feel fully dressed until you have your “face” on. In fact, your makeup completes your outfit. So, when having cosmetic injectables to help you get your best look ever, it’s critically important to know how to manage makeup around these non-surgical cosmetic procedures.

For that reason, here are a few ideas around the use of makeup to help get the best results from your treatment.

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Five Top Tips for Injectables & Makeup

(1) Arrive for your appointment with a clean face – preferably without any makeup

First of all, we always start with a detailed facial assessment and skin analysis. Because of this, it is so important to have clean skin prior to your cosmetic injectables treatment. We need to see what your skin really looks like! Arriving without makeup will make your skin easier to analyze, prepare. So, it’s especially important to provide a blank canvas to create your bespoke facial aesthetic treatment plan.

(2) Plan to avoid wearing make-up for at least 12 hours after your injectable treatment

Yes, we know some people want to inject and party on!  But that’s definitely not ideal for the best results.

For that purpose, it’s important to plan ahead. A brief downtime after your treatment is highly recommended. The areas where the skin has been breached need time to heal and recover. Most importantly, you’ll want to minimize your risk of infection and let your skin settle completely. Therefore, we recommend 12 to 24 hours of using no products on your skin (water and gentle soap-free cleansers are ok).

Think of it as an excuse to stay at home and chillax for an evening. So, for that reason, give your skin a breather.

Whatever you do, do not try something new on your skin after your treatment. (Exception: Low light Therapy – Healite II).

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(3) Apply minimal amounts of makeup the next day: Mineral makeups are typically best

Indeed, makeup can be useful for concealing your spots — but makeup can also suffocate your skin, depending on its ingredients. So, critically aim to target just your problem areas. It’s also best to use a mineral powder to blend in with your natural skin tone.

We recommend using mineral-based products, like Glo Mineral Makeup. Certainly, ask your Clinician about other available brands. Importantly, treat yourself to some fresh, clean new makeup and make sure you clean your brushes to avoid any chance of bacterial cross-contamination after your injectables treatment.

(4) A treatment can improve your facial contours and change your standard makeup routine

After your treatment, you can make the most of your new facial contours by highlighting your higher cheeks, outline more prominent lips or use shadowing to emphasize wider eyes.

The best thing about getting injectables is that they emphasize the naturally beautiful dimensions of your face. In fact, injectables can bring out your best features, reduces your wrinkles and even improve your skin tone by hydration.

The expert use of certain makeups, such as highlighting, contouring, shading and blending, can definitely make the results of your injectables session ‘pop’ – you’ll be ready for the red carpet in no time!

Please ask our Cosmetic Physician about a referral to a talented make-up artist who can help you add to your bag of tricks.

(5) Think about going au naturel – not wearing any makeup at all!

Here at Coco Ruby Skin,  we want your best accessory to be your own face! Because no makeup looks as good as beautiful, natural skin if it’s at its best!

So, choose a team of Clinicians who know how to get your skin to where you can definitely go make-up free with confidence.

Some other options including Skin Resurfacing, Eyelid Rejuvenation, Scar Minimisation and Scar Revision

In fact, there exist reliable, evidence-based skin and facial treatments to improve your skin texture and tone, decrease pigmentation, rebuild collagen, as well as reduce scarring. As a result of improving the skin architecture and removing irregularities, you can reduce the need for makeup and let the natural you shine through.

Always Take Care and Be Cautious with Injectables 

Always remember that having cosmetic injectables, such as anti-wrinkle injections or dermal volumisers (“fillers”), is really a medical procedure. It should be noted that several factors are absolutely critical to a safe and successful outcome. Some of these include sterile injecting conditions, the use of high-quality products, and the competence of your injector.

In our practice, we take many precautions to reduce any potential downsides. These could include things like infections, skin reactions, potential bruising, or damage to tissues.


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